Friday, September 20, 2013

Salt Spring Island Fall Fair

We attended the Salt Spring Island Fall Fair last weekend and it was like taking a step back in time...
On this large BC Gulf Island community members meet up and compete for ribbons and trophies.
We saw displays of home baking, flowers, vegetables, animals, livestock and pets.
There were vendors selling crafts, Tupperware, collectibles, hats, clothing, toys, jewelry and many food stalls.
It was entertaining and my favourite event, without a doubt were the sheep dog trials.
We missed the zucchini race...
I wondered how a squash race would be staged and later we saw a young girl clutching her large zucchini that was strapped to a small skateboard and we saw the ramp that the racers would speed down to the finish line...
it looked like a slippery slope!

We rode the free shuttle from Ganges Harbour to the venue.
Hundreds came to this event and cars were parked on the narrow streets for miles.

These were so large I wondered how they would have been transported...
VERY carefully, I'd imagine!

Every garden needs a scarecrow!


about the size of a basketball.

A lovely display of colourful squashes and an interesting array of shapes.

The Fall Fair theme was PIRATES!
Check out this cake.

A beautiful parlour show.

Dahlia's galore.

Roses too

This spray of roses was very fragrant.
I leant in and sniffed every one of the blooms.

The most unusual houseplant.
~ a clivia ~
 I thought it was an orchid!

~ Pirate boots ~
the vessels for the 
floral arrangements.

Treasure chests played a big role...

I loved all the colours.
Oodles of displays to admire with so many creative and talented participants.

If this had been for sale I'd have been tempted...
children's art just makes me smile.

There was even a Pirate Pony!

Red onions glistening like jumbo rubies.

Veggies galore...

This cabbage was grown by RAFFI, a children's entertainer who was also a singer.
We had quite a few of his cassettes  back when the children were wee.

Children had lots of opportunity to participate.

This zucchini was obviously not going into the downhill race!

I wonder if the grower of this winner would be eating it before too long!

Look at those tomatoes!

The most unusual looking vegetable...a carrot like no other!

It was a wonderful Fair.

Tell me does your community have these events?
Have you ever entered into a competition like this one?
Did you win a ribbon or a trophy?

Fall is definitely on the horizon.
The mornings are chilly and there has been a heavy dew on the grass.

It won't be long until we turn the furnace on and I'll need to swap out my wardrobe.
I have a few sweaters tucked away from previous years.
 I'll need to shop as I still have to find a pair of black pants.

Hope that you have a great weekend!


  1. I always enjoy the SSI fair. The food kiosks are wonderful too! Did you get to any of the galleries in Ganges? We missed the fair this year, sadly, but it was lovely to see it through your photos.

    1. We went to the Saturday Market but no galleries this time. I did manage to stroll through Mouats and eye up all the wonderful clothing. No purchases though as I am on a frugal minimalist wardrobe plan from now on!

  2. Yes, our town's fair was last weekend. We have much the same categories of competition as the your fair. I entered a Victoria sandwich cake and some scones in the home baking section. My son entered a flower arrangement in a teacup in one of the children's categories. It's such fun, we look forward to it all year.

    1. Your post reminds me of the Tombola that I have been reading about in The Hidden Cottage!

  3. Your photos are lovely. I love fall fairs and harvest time. Vegetables can be so beautiful. We have a South Arm Fall Fair in Richmond. It's a church and harvest fair but not as big as the Saltspring Fair. I used to love Raffi when my daughter was little. Bonne week-end!

    1. I love how these fairs and events unite a community.
      It's so refreshing to see something simple like this in our age of technology.

  4. I've not attended the Salt Spring fair, but we went to the Saturday market several times. So fun to wander around the various stalls.

  5. Our island's fall fair happened last weekend -- sadly, we were away in Vanc'r. . .

  6. My brother and I entered dozens of categories in the Juniors' competitions in the Saanich Fair (at the old Fairgrounds, of course) as a kid, up till I was about 16. We spent the summer doing crafts to match up to nearly every category, as well as doing things like sewing, needlecraft and baking. I still have my rosette for my green tomatoes! You won money for placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd, and my brother and I would always clear about $10-15 each from our winnings. Great memories.

  7. I went to the Saanich Fall Fair this year for the first time in ages. It was fabulous! I petted every one of the animals and looked at every display. It reminded me of the PNE back in the 50s and 60s, before it got huge.

  8. Our Fall Fair is very, very small compared to the one you have in Victoria-region.
    But yet it is something many are waiting for.
    To be honest, I have never been to one. My information comes from my local hairdresser ; ).
    In fact, I get all the local news from her.

  9. We have many little local fairs, village and county, here in New England. Your fair sounds and looks great fun. I love the cows and chickens and pigs. And apple butter. I'm in full fall mode now, but it took me a while to realize that summer was over. I need more sweaters!

  10. This post makes me anxious for The Royal Winter Fair.


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