Thursday, September 26, 2013

OOTD ~ The Barbour Vest ~ a wardrobe staple.

With minimalism and frugality in mind and a new lifestyle wardobe to hone I have found another great contender.
The Barbour vest...
it is a great layering piece as it is not too bulky and has great lines.
The price point is not too dear and the quality is superior.
The fit divine.
It will be one of the new "workhorses" in my casual retirement wardrobe.

The only give away that this is a Barbour vest is the logo shown here on the pocket.
One could certainly buy a less expensive brand.
Lands' End for example.
They have a few vests online this season which I had considered.
 I did not find one that I liked as much as this one.

It's lines are quite shapely and very feminine.
Great to pop over a long sleeved Tee shirt or a merino sweater.

I purchased a wonderful basic grey Merino Tee at Costco.
It's a thinner layering weight and so very cozy.
It will be another staple for Fall and Winter and it was under $20!

So far I have purchased 3 things...
the walking coat by Chillox, 
the Barbour vest and the Merino Tee.

I'm keeping track of my clothing purchases for the first time in many years.

Today I am wearing my cheap skinny dark wash dg21 denim jeans - Walmart
Grey merino wool Tee - Costco
Black vest ~ Barbour
Loafers ~ Franco Sarto

The hunt is over for the black pants! 
Mother and I were out trolling the consignment shops when I found a fabulous pair 
which are in near new condition by Bellissima.
They are a heavy weight pointe knit and in a 10 petite so no hemming is involved!
I think you'll be as surprised as I was when I found out what they cost...
Talk about a frugal and fortuitous find!

~ ~ ~
Accessories are going to be my best friends from now on.
The scarves that I have been collecting are going to get a lot of wear.

What have you bought for Fall and Winter?
Are you keeping your wardrobe to a minimum or do you like to stuff your closet chock full?

I share a teeny tiny closet with Mr. HB,
 so I do not have the luxury nor the inclination to buy scads of clothes.
Now I have more time to shop ~ I am embracing thrift.

I saw a cute tote bag on my travels...
"Keep Calm and Shop On"
so opposite from
 "Make Do and Mend"

Hope that you are having a Joy filled week.



  1. Hostess, My plan is to embrace minimalism, but I have a ways to go. I don't think I need anything for this fall/winter. I have plenty of coats/jackets for our warm climate and plenty of options for tops/pants to be worn with accessories. I am embracing your plan of good quality, but fewer items. I hope special events do not trip me up!

  2. I am eyeing vests too. A great waistline strategy, if you ask me.

  3. I love Barbour too. I was instantly attracted when I was in Europe as a university student and saw my German friends all sporting the English country look. I love the look and the feel of thorn-proof. I might even be coaxed outdoors in miserable weather if I could be thus attired!

    1. Beastly weather requires proper attire...
      it's pouring rain here and I just got back from a really soggy walk...coat now hanging in the shower and the rest of my gear in the wash as it was soaking! Should have taken my brolly!

  4. Love the vest, Barbour's such a classic. Did you find it online or locally? - I haven't seen any on the east side of the mountains.

  5. I found it in a local shop Citizen that stocks a variety of Barbour items. Coats, scarves, sweaters and vests. There are several shops in town that carry their line.

    1. Thanks, I'll check further - or maybe plan on a trip to the coast!

  6. Aren't those Costco merino Tees great? I bought a teal and a black one for layering. Did you know that the Queen wears Barbour at Balmoral? You are clever to embrace thrift. Retirement is a good time to choose a life of voluntary simplicity.

    1. I was tempted to buy several but I am embracing minimalism so the classic grey was the one. If a Barbour is good enough for HRH...I am in good company!!

  7. I love Barbour and the logo doesn't bother me at all. I have a few jackets and have been thinking about a vest as it's a perfect layer for California weather. And like Lisa said, a good waistline strategy.

    1. Logo's usually bug me...I feel like I am advertising for a company but this I can handle.
      I think you'd find this would be a great piece for your climate...
      I wonder if they make things for our grand babies!

  8. Hostess, I am reading Miss Minimalist. It is available on Amazon for kindle at 99 cents.

    My short black quilted jacket is a real favorite of mine. It is so useful and looks nice.

    My plan right now is $100 a month. If I don't buy anything I can spend $200 the next month. I love my clothes but they wear out. My really pink small cable cashmere sweater finally died. I want to machine wash it and see how small it gets. lol Oh, the cables are small not me. Medium. :)

    1. $1200 as an annual clothing budget seems like a good exercise. I've never heard of that book but will investigate,
      thank you.

  9. I am focusing on accessories too ~ I still need a couple of things but after that I am done!

    1. Good luck in your search...accessories are so much easier to find than the basics.

  10. The Barbour, Eurostar, Piquer brands are widely used amongst equestrians.
    Lots of similar ( less expensive ) vests too to be found as well.
    I have been wearing one for ages, but mostly at the stable and running/ driving on/to small errands.
    Fall/winter shopping done for now. Nothing shocking. The usual.
    They are a necessity in our climate, to be worn under a coat in really freezing temperatures.

    1. Pikeur is the brand, I must be tired, sorry.

    2. My sister used to have a Barbour oil skin jacket but she found the hay stuck to it like a magnet. She has some very smart equestrian attire that is functional and smart. I must ask her who makes them.
      I hope you share what you've bought with us mette.
      Also hope that you are rested up :-)

  11. Your gilet (our word for your vest!) is a timeless classic they never seem to wear out,have a couple yonks old, easy to pull on for estate work/dog walking.Like the Barbour International belted jackets,even the children round here wear Barbours!
    Have treated myself to a Nili Lotan grey cashmere cardigan with pockets for my wedding anniversary, light ply useful for our Indian summer.

    1. Wedding Anniversary!
      Sending my greetings, congratulations and best wishes to you and your husband : )!!

    2. Happy Anniversary!
      Gilet is a term that is new to me...I wonder if it has anything to do with the estate game keepers known as gillies.

  12. Just a friendly jab . . . your bungalow cannot be so humble if you can afford to buy Hermes scarves! :-) Happy for you!

    1. We honestly live in a Humble Bungalow!
      I only have a handful of Hermes scarves...not too sure that there will be any more in my future now that I have retired.
      I am eyeing a cashmere Burberry and maybe will ask Santa this year!

  13. You sound very disciplined! That's a great vest, and I suspect you'll wear it often. . . and it will look great with your scarves.

  14. This is a new me Mater!
    There seem to be quite a few changes afoot...I am as surprised as the rest of us!


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