Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Salad Daze....or post number 896.

One thing that this weight loss journey has taught me is to embrace salads.
I try to have a salad main course for lunch everyday.
This means that I need to have a variety of salad recipes to keep my taste buds happy.

I made the second winning recipe from this wonderful book.

This assembles very quickly and I put it in the fridge to allow the flavours to meld before serving.
I used low fat mayonnaise.

This is the picture from the actual cookbook.
Looks delicious!

The Hostess's version served from Gran Gran's antique stoneware pudding bowl.
Tastes delicious!

A great pot luck salad as it can be made ahead and easily doubled for a crowd.

~ ~ ~

I weighed in today at WW and lost another 1.3 pounds.
But I have a confession to make...
last week I was up .7 pounds on the scale and I couldn't really figure out why.

I gave myself a stern talking to...
and moved on.
Despite indulging in appetizers and cocktails on the boat,  
AND a grilled cheese sandwich!

I held my breath while I stood on the scale and was so relieved that I was down!

I enjoyed a really long walk today and met some girlfriends for coffee.
I love spending time with long time close friends.

We are all Grandmothers and show pictures of our sweet little ones...
we share what's new and support each other as we help out our families and assist our elderly parents.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting my Humble Bungalow Blog.
Please come back again...


  1. I enjoy a salad at lunch every day even when I eat in a restaurant. I love slaw broccoli or coleslaw. Are you enjoying your first weeks of retirement?

    1. Madame La-Bas I am really savouring and enjoying a relaxed schedule and the gift of time...such a luxury! Walking time is more flexible and it is so much easier to pop in and check on Mother. Daytime visits with Isla and Henry are such a bonus!
      I am happy with my decision....
      You keep busy and I see that you are preparing for another trip.
      Bon voyage!

  2. I have a lovely bowl of slaw in the fridge right now - lunch tomorrow. Congratulations on sticking to the plan - I weigh in tomorrow and will see what damage a walk and seafood meal did today!

    1. Seafood is delicious!
      I wish you luck with your weigh in :-))

  3. I prefer coffee after the meal and dinner. It buns the calories of food.

    Kopi Luwak

  4. That recipe looks so good!! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  5. I love both cole slaw and Waldorf salad. I modify packaged broccoli slaw by adding apple slices (matchstick) and walnuts to the slaw. I use either a sweet-and-sour "German style" dressing or non-fat Greek yogurt for dressing (I don't like mayonnaise). It's sort of a Waldorf slaw!!

    1. I never thought of using yogurt. I dislike both mayonnaise and vinegar, making dressing a salad very difficult. Thus, I rarely eat salad because it is, for me, dull and unsatisfying. I will try the Greek yogurt. Thanks.

    2. Sounds like a great combination...I love Greek yogurt and have been enjoying it with fruit for breakfast most of the summer.

  6. I tend to eat the same foods with the addition of vegetables/fruit in season.Am on a tomato high at the present from our over abundant crop.
    Your salad looks yummie.

  7. Hostess congrats on your weight loss! I love the salad however a little confused by the recipe. Ihave never seen broccoli slaw at the market. So do you prepare a cold slaw with cabbage and carrots,then add broccoli or do you eliminate cabbage and just use broccoli you steam the broccoli a bit first. Sorry so many questions. I love broccoli so gonna give it a try. Thanks

    1. I live in Toronto Canada, and we can buy the broccoli slaw already shredded in a cellophane or plastic package.


    2. The broccoli slaw comes pre cut in packages and is so convenient. It is match stick thin broccoli and you eat it raw.

    3. Thanks hostess,just went to our local market and they don't sell broccoli slaw.Next time I'm out I will check Whole Foods. In the mean time I will chop my own.Thanks and looking forward to try this recipe!

  8. Hmmmm, that does look yummy, but I'm surprised that you can have that much bacon in a salad and count it a weight-conscious one. How many servings does it make up? If quite a few, I suppose the bacon ends up being a reasonable amount per serving.
    Have you found a low-fat mayonnaise that tastes really good? I find the taste difference is so significant that I'd rather do without if I can't splurge on the real thing. I like the comments about yogurt as a substitute. . . or low/non-fat sour cream, perhaps. . .

    1. Two pieces of crisp bacon are 2 points.
      This salad makes 6 portions and is very satisfying. Lots of crunch and chewing are involved!!
      The low fat may I use is from Costco...plain yogurt would work well in this recipe and for fewer points.

  9. I love bacon. I'm having cafe au lait in a white bowl right now. So cozy.

    I had crudities yesterday for lunch with blue cheese dressing, champagne and hot milk. Weird huh? I really wanted a latte but didn't want to walk down to Starbucks, my nearest coffee house. All my coffee has caffeine right now.

    I wish your mom much joy. And you and all yours, too.

    1. Champagne and hot milk is something I have never considered trying!

    2. lol at me, Hostess! I do this when speaking, also. Sometimes I even say the wrong word but luckily people let me know. I had the champagne with lunch and the fake latte after. I can't recommend it.

  10. I love salads. But I like them with mostly lettuce.

    Sometimes I even eat lettuce right out of the pre-washed package:). I think it's a California thing.

    I applaud you staying focused despite the brief setback!

    1. I like using lettuce leaves instead of bread or buns for a burger or sandwich...
      prewashed lettuce is so convenient I can see why you'd just grab a handful.

  11. Hi Hostess
    For any vegetarians or non bacon eaters out there, my sister in law makes a very similar salad, except that it has broccoli florets(cut small). The dressing has mostly lowfat yogurt with a bit of mayo.
    Thanks for sharing and hope you enjoy the last few weeks of the garden.
    wendy from white rock

    1. I've been on a bit of a blitz in the front I need to tackle the back.
      The grass has grown fast and it is too wet to mow just yet....needs a day of sunshine and none are in the forecast.
      Hope you are well and still on cloud nine from your recent trip!

  12. hostess, .7 is not a significant gain and it is normal to have fluctuations. As you approach your goal, you body basically says, "Hey, I like it here." The real task of managing one's weight is to achieve a level you can maintain, and there will be fluctuations.

  13. I appreciate your comment and I do agree that it is wise not to be overly concerned with a small gain.
    I am trying very hard to be mindful and keep tabs on what I eat, drink and the amount of activity that I manage to pack into my day.
    This new lifestyle is so important to me.
    My doctor was the one who really is responsible for this journey and I have a lot of respect for his expertise and knew in my heart of hearts that I was being foolish carrying around so much extra weight. It is not healthy.
    You have been a positive role model for me and I applaud your success.

  14. The salad looks delicious. Broccoli is so healthy and adapts to so many preparations; I like it both raw and cooked, of course a little bacon helps anything!