Wednesday, September 4, 2013

OOTD ~ Double Denim and cheap jeans!

Double denim...
still not too sure about this trend.

I tried it my way this morning.
Opting for a new pair of dark wash skinny jeans that I found at Walmart.
Red ballet flats by Nine West.

I am not too sure how you readers will feel when you read that I have started shopping at Walmart.
It's true! Let me explain...

I drink gallons of Perrier and they have cases for under $20 and I have been paying $6.99 for 6 at Thrifty Foods so it's a no brainer for me now that I am on a pension. Mr. HB's Gatorade that he sips when working outside on the home and garden projects is also a substantial saving...$4.97 vs. $7.99 at Thrifty Foods.
The cat food is currently on sale at $.57 each vs. $.99 and their fruit and produce is lovely and much less expensive so I think it's worth the drive.
Meat and dairy is purchased at another market as I prefer free range organics.

Lands End navy and white Polka dot top
(so old we might call it vintage!)

Blue Willis denim jacket
years old and still going strong.

vintage pin ~ a gift from darling daughter
I love this pin
a big baroque pearl in the centre surrounded by channel set crystals
I think the black detail is ebony....

I weighed in at WW and have lost another 1.3 pounds this week for a grand total of 23 pounds.
Still have to lose a few more pounds before I hit the re-adjusted goal that I have set for myself.
If I lose just a couple more than my original 25 I can be a lifetime WW member and attend the meetings and weigh in for free...that is good incentive for me so I am trying to get there in the next few weeks.

When I hit that goal I plan to go out and buy a pair of black dress pants,
(I have no black pants and I find that they are such a versatile classic)
  a nice quilted vest to keep me warm when I pop out to run errands,
maybe a black and white plaid Burberry wool scarf.
 (because I've earned it!)
That's it, 
that's all I have on my wish list...
(well maybe a cashmere sweater as my others are all very large but I can belt them or just wear them a bit big!)

Hope that you are having a great week!

What's on your fall wardrobe wish/shopping list?

Be Well


  1. It's great to have the time to comparison shop. I drink gallons of Perrier or San Pellegrino so it's worth finding the bargains. You have been so successful with WW that you deserve the Burberry scarf. How are your first 2 days of retirement?

  2. We tend to get our mineral water (San Pellegrino) by the case at Trader Joe's...usually the best price except for Costco. It's such a project going to Costco that we only shop there every few months, though it's a company I do like to support. I still get a bit twitchy doing double denim.

  3. Way to go in losing all that weight - it sure takes persistence. I love the polka-dot top with the denim.

  4. Well done with the slimming! I'm right behind you and feeling lighter in body and heart. I have been shrinking my jeans in an effort to hang on to them without having to buy new now and then again in six weeks. I've had varies degrees of success with that and can't wait to let's self loose in the shops!

  5. Of course the trouble with writing with one's thumbs is that typos are so common! Please forgive mine!

  6. You asked about fall shopping. I've purchased several things--spurred on by a trip we are taking later this month. My main purchases have been a black leather handbag that securely zips, an Eileen Fisher black jacket (in an interesting knit), and a lovely silk chiffon scarf (also from EF) that has a tied dyed effect in black and shades of gray.

    Congratulations on your weight loss.

  7. You are looking spectacular! You definitely deserve a treat.

  8. In the money-saving department: my husband makes his own sports drink. Just google it--you'll get lots of recipes.

  9. You are just so chipper, and stylish, and slender! I hope you are enjoying this!

  10. You look great and congratulations on your weight loss. Love the pin your daughter gave you, she really does have excellent taste!

  11. You certainly have earned a black/white Burberry scarf plus being an excellent buy as it will go with so many of your clothes.

  12. Congratulations on your weight loss. You are doing wonderfully well. As a fellow Perrier addict, I understand the need to look at prices. We are now living in a small town where Wal-Mart is (sadly) pretty much the only place where to shop. A Kroger is a whopping 50 miles away. And when you do the math with gas prices, time, and environment, I often just sigh and do the Wal-Mart thing.
    I bought a cashmere Burberry scarf the year our oldest son was born, and it is still a beauty 25 years later.

  13. It is difficult to capture what part is you, as the background is so dark in the picture, but 23 pounds off is super!!!
    I drink tap water ( we have excellent tap water ) and some light soda, when I´m thirsty.
    But, as you have the time, I see nothing wrong buying stuff from a store, which has it cheaper. Especially so, if the stores are near you.
    Fall must haves? I don´t n e e d anything, but I m i g h t buy something.

  14. Burberry makes a number of different kinds of scarves riffing on their iconic plaid. Do you have a particular one in mind?

    When we are at our farm, Walmart is one of the possibilities for shopping. While we prefer to buy our vegetables from a local mom and pop store, we do buy certain staples at Walmart. If only they would see the light and treat their employees like Costco treats theirs. What a different world this could be if they did this!

  15. Congratulations on your weight loss. You look great!

    I bought one plum cashmere sweater this year and will probably wear it in heavy rotation with my other three. They are black, navy and hot pink. The edges are starting to go on my hot pink one and I will really miss it when it is gone.

    Black pants are the best! It's an instant wardrobe because all the tops match.

  16. Hostess,
    Do check out, Gina has such a wonderful array of WW worthy recipes AND she gives points!

    NO to double dipping in denim, at least for me! NO to shopping at Walmart, their employees are not treated well at all.

    San Pellegrino for us! Congrats on your weight loss. You look superb!

  17. Well done on the weight loss, you are inspiring me to get on the plan too.
    The jeans look good on you Hostess, and are about 1/4 cheaper than we can buy them here in NZ. Clothes are costly here, but with careful budgeting I can afford a few new outfits for the new season.

    Lucky for us our tap water is drinkable. I only buy bottled water once or twice a year when out and about.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Julie Q