Saturday, September 21, 2013

OOTD....what I wore to the market.

Today I am off to the Market as we have company coming for dinner.
I plan to serve steak, sauteed mushrooms, baby potatoes dressed with butter and freshly chopped mint, steamed asparagus, and a homemade rhubarb pie for dessert.
Fall is on the horizon...
there's a chill in the air and some of the leaves are already turning their autumnal shades of orange and sienna.

Skinny dark denim jeans Walmart
striped Breton top Banana Republic
loafers Franco Sarto
scarf Lanvin Paris
from The Bungalow on Estevan in Oak Bay
(thank you Michelle and Graham!)
~ ~ ~
assorted sterling bangles
Tiffany, artisan and vintage

I adore my Hermes scarves but every so often I like to mix it up.

Love the dab of orange.

Janice over at The Vivienne Files posted on the colour Koi for Fall.
Pop over and say hi...
she writes a fabulous fashion blog.

Hope that you are well and enjoying your weekend.

Back soon...


  1. I really like your navy and orange. It's one of my accent combos for travelling. Navy, orange and brown go well together. Your dinner sounds delicious. I made ratatouille tonight as this is squash season.

  2. You always look so chic! Love the touch of orange and that tote is fab!

  3. Once again - perfect dinner ( one can always skip the meat ). Two portions of dessert for compensation ( this time only ).
    Did you go to a special store to do the shopping ; I mean - dressing up and all ?
    You should see me buzzing around here locally dressed in my regulars. If I " must " go to the store, I wear my riding pants and it is totally ok over here.
    I´m sure you had a wonderful evening!

    1. No special store. I shop mostly on Oak Bay Avenue, a neighbourhood close to where we live.

  4. I love your outfit and your menu.

    I went to a black and white party the other night. Wouldn't that be right up your alley? Hostess, it was so funny. Everyone complied except for one lady. The guests of honor were wearing true red so they would stand out. It was a surprise for them. The one lady had on all black with a brilliant blue jacket. Boy did she stand out!

    It surprises me when people say they can't wear black or white because everyone looked fantastic. My girlfriend's red dress was AMAZING. There was lots of dancing.

    I know your friends will love your dinner party.

    1. I'd be right at home at a black and white party!
      Sounds like a great event Sheree...

  5. You are one of the fabbest marketers I know!

    And dinner sounds delicious - I'm only surprised by the asparagus as I am in the habit of saving that for spring. I suppose why not eat it as we approach fall?:)

  6. Walmart and Lanvin! I love it! Hostess, you are so real! Always enjoy your blog.

  7. Rhubarb pie one of my favourite puddings,was the rhubarb from your garden?First day of Autumn here so your Lanvin scarf adds the right vibe.

    1. I harvested the rhubarb from our back garden. It is a hardy plant and seems to go forever. I love it with coconut bliss ice cream too, just a wee dollop though.

  8. Amanda (Golden Bay NZ)September 22, 2013 at 5:10 PM

    Hello Hostess, I just love your blog always a very good read no matter what the topic & so inspiring!! I can never wait for the next one to magically appear!! your menu sounds lovely makes me wish I lived a wee bit closer, but I think New Zealand is abit too far to come for dinner!! Keep you lovely blogs coming. Love & Best Wishes Amanda... From Golden Bay New Zealand.

    1. Hi Amanda from NZL..welcome and I am happy to hear from you so far away!
      We are watching the America's Cup sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to see who the winner will be.
      I have it on good authority that NZL is a beautiful country and hope to hear from you again soon.

  9. You look so chic, hostess! I love the anticipation of autumn, even if the weather hasn't quite turned yet.

  10. Absolutely fabulous outfit! Very Parisian and tres chic! Don't you love autumn!
    xx Sunday

  11. Very nice... and perhaps a suggestion: the logo front and centre would not be so chic for a Parisienne as tucked to the side or back, Someting to try if you wish.

  12. The Lanvin scarf looks fabulous! Hermes is not the be all, and end all in scarves; although I have more than my fair share of them. lol.