Monday, September 16, 2013

ABC ~ apples, books, and a coat!

Our Humble Bungalow Garden needs a lot of TLC at this time of year.
Deadheading, cutting back, dividing and yanking out all the plants that are spent.

It's a messy time of year...
I get dirtier as the garden gets tidier!

These alliums are a lucky couple of blooms that survived being blown over by the recent wind and rain.
The rest sadly are in the compost bins.
I love to pop these into arrangements as fillers.
The bees love these too.

The recent rainy day knitting project went much faster than I thought it would...
and the rain did not last all that long!

Sunny days followed and I spent quite a bit of time out in the garden.
How do the weeds grow overnight?

I have more yarn and will make another hat in the next few weeks.
With the weather so warm and sunny I like to be outdoors.

One thing you notice is that it's definitely cheerful.

Have started and am enjoying a new book that I picked up on my walk to the Village.

Speaking of walks, 
I bought a new walking coat when Mother and I were out last week.
It's by Chillox and has some great features,
perfect for our climate.

Arm pocket and side pockets
a hood
warm lining
a front zipper that can be zipped from the top or from the bottom
water repellant


This purchase was on the need list not the want/lust list!

I found this book at Value Village for $4.99

I haven't had a Waldorf Salad for years!

There are lots of local apples available right now.
Windfalls are plentiful.
Neighbours put their fruit out in front of their homes and passers by can help themself to a few.
I took advantage of this and made a salad.

There are so many great recipes for salads in this book.
I am not sure which one to try next.
 I love the inspiration and ideas here as I tend to use the same ingredients and welcome a change.

I am reminded that I need to cull my cookbook collection...
so many books get ignored.

How many cookbooks do you own?
Do you use them all or hang onto to them for sentimental reasons?


  1. Hardly any cookbooks, I don't really cook very much at all, we eat really simply but we're both happy with that, neither of us could ever be considered gourmets. Aliums are such lovely flowers, I like the architectural interest they bring to gardens.
    I haven't had a Waldorf salad for years either, I loved them and used to eat them all the time when I lived in the US.

  2. I love food but I hardly cook but I collect them. I have really old ones and weird ones like the elvis presley cookbook that teaches how to make peanut butter banana deep fried sandwiches!

  3. Not too many cook books here as I am not in love with cooking. The ones I have are quite old and serve as trusted advisers- Joy of Cooking, especially. I do have a few cookie books because I do enjoy baking. The hat is darling! I may get brave and attempt to make some for my grandchildren. So far, I haven't progressed beyond scarves.

  4. good morning from Toronto - in the process of culling my cookbooks - been collecting them for over 50 years! Now down to around 50. Must keep the Joy of Cooking and my signed copy of Joan Wolfenden's book Hate to let them go but space is at a premium and will soon be right-sizing to a smaller home. Value Village now has most of my collection!

    Love the hat pattern

  5. My garden is "under construction" at the moment. All the four beds of perennials are being removed and the whole design is simplified. More grass (for bocce!), more structure, new brick paths to make sense of the whole. Accents will be in pots and borders. I'll be able to care for this new garden for years to come.

    Cookbooks: All sentimental and practical favorites, such as my old Julia Child, James Beard (dating myself here), some from travels abroad to Portugal/Spain, France, North Africa, and Switzerland. I love to keep my old friends in the kitchen for inspiration and memories.

    I love Waldorf salad!

  6. That cookbook is a great idea! I can never think of different salads to make and always do a basic and it is boring. I need more variety with my fruits and veggies so I will search for a cookbook. Thanks!

  7. Good morning, Hostess. We are on the same wavelength - with walking jackets in black and in cabbage and apple slaw. I JUST saw this recipe and went back to copy the URL for it
    Cookbooks? I go through them every year in the fall and winnow out. I am a bit of a cookbook addict!

  8. This is a busy time of year in the garden. Like you, I'm eyeing what needs to be divided or pulled out and I'm trying to do a little at a time. But I'm going to have to devote some serious time soon.
    Cookbooks are a weakness of mine. I recently weeded out a few and try to keep the number down to about 40. I've been enjoying Laura Calder's cookbooks lately - French with a twist. Your Waldorf salad sounds like a good idea for fall.

  9. Hello, hostess ! I love the coat, such a clever purchase. As for cookbooks, I have tons although .. I don't cook ! I just read them like ordinary books, not even deluding myself nowadays that I will actually try most of the recipes. I have just one question about them; how do you clean them? I recently noticed that they were gathering dust and a slight greasy film in my kitchen. Any bright ideas from you or your readers ?X

    1. I have no idea! Maybe our dear readers will have some suggestions!

    2. I keep my cookbooks on a shelf in a kitchen cupboard. The limited space means I have to cull if I buy any new ones, and it keeps them clean being behind a closed door.

  10. I have decluttered the cookbooks too. I saved two, as they were a delight for the eye, but then I have one thick serious one, which covers the basic cooking, measurements, calories..
    But when I do cook, I don´t use the cookbook at all.
    Following the recipes is too restrictive, too boring and yet I seem to forget something very important.
    No work needed to be done on our yard right now!!

  11. I love cookbooks and I love to cook. That being said i don't often use tham unless there is a specific dish that want to make or if I want to check on the cooking time for a specific cut of meat. I usaually make it up as I go along. Culling the cookbooks is a great idea. I finally had to "just say no" to new cookbook purchases.

  12. Oh! The hat turned out so cute. I have far too many cookbooks but each one seems to hold a recipe that I refer too, although in recent years I get most of my cooking inspiration on line.

    I am totally enjoying The Perfume Collector, I am going see if the library has more of her books. Thanks again for the recommendation.

    1. Oh I am happy to hear that you are enjoying the book. I have read a couple of her other ones.
      I think this is her best yet, but the others are equally entertaining.

  13. I also have far too many cookbooks. Now, you can find so many recipes on the internet. Your new coat is great for walking. I was just looking to buy Maman a new hooded coat as I hope that she will be walking in the fall/winter. I love fall apples and waldorf salad.

  14. I get seduced by cookbooks when I wander in a bookstore, but truthfully, rarely use them. I sort of make up my own recipes, although recently have been collecting some good sounding ones on Pinterest. But I like to browse and sometimes I'll sort of combine two recipes into one. It seems I'm always cooking just for two or for 20 - nothing in between! And the 20 is generally family, and they don't like any variations on their favorites for the holidays! Love the hat - was that a special yarn?

    1. Adriafil Italian wool....Knit Col Yarn. KN
      Very soft and it comes in a variety of colour blends.
      Tha pattern is from Churchmouse Yarns on Bainbridge Island in Washington state. They have a great website.

  15. I've made that same hat pattern! And you've reminded me that I have enough yarn in my stash to whip up another one -- a cute baby gift, but yours will stay right in the family on your new little guy, I'm sure.

  16. I have started another one as they knit up so fast that I think it might be wise to have a few on hand for the baby boom that seems to be many of my friends are becoming grandparents!