Thursday, September 12, 2013

Beauty is in the small things...Sunsets, flowers, bark, a book and then some...

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"
there is an abundance of beauty...
surprisingly at every turn, if one has the time and inclination to stop and look.

It might be the simple bloom of a mauve colchium popping up in the most unexpected place, the sandy shoreline at Willows Beach on a foggy morning walk with my BFF and her terrier, Cooper.
It could be the bark of the Arbutus tree as it sheds the outer layer exposing the lime toned new layer beneath...

There seems to be plenty of beauty in nature.
None of it seems overly contrived.
Mother Nature seems to get it right every time.

I am so impressed by the gorgeous play of light on the clouds and the ocean at sunset.

Pender Island 
on a calm evening in September.

This was the scene just hours before we left our marina.
I thought that we would be staying onboard snug and safe in the slip.
 I don't like navigating in the fog...
it's rather like driving with ones eyes closed!

The fog lifted a few hours later and we scooted across the water.

There was a celebratory cocktail after we tied up and awaited our dinner in the pub at Poets Cove.

Bark can be beautiful...

This deer was munching on the foliage near the outdoor hot tub of the Poets Cove Spa.

It did not mind me in the least.

 Michelle from The Bungalow on Estevan leant me this delicious book.
I read it in two days...
she sells this book and many others in the shop that she and Graham run in Oak Bay.
It's my favourite spot to shop for cards and gifts.

Do pop by and if you are not shy mention that "The Hostess" sent me...
and while you are there check out Michelle's sale table out front.
She has some great bargains!

Azure blue skies...

soft puffy white clouds

calm seas

What's in a name you may ask...

I may never get to Paris
 because I am so happy on the ocean.
I am delighted to read about Paris
it sounds like a dreamy city
 I do not feel the need to travel far to foreign ports.

~ ~ ~

A good book
someone to love
something rewarding to do
a creative outlet 
~ knitting ~ gardening ~ painting ~ cooking ~
connections with people 
something of beauty to admire
a roof over head
nourishing food
simple things
and yet we may tend to overlook the obvious.

Are you embracing gratitude every day?

Thank you for taking the time to visit me here where I share my thoughts
why not share your thoughts too?

If you have a blog please tell me about it.

Be Well


  1. Leslie, it's so clear that you have been missing being on the water. You sound so happy to be back out there!

  2. Are those sunset photos real? That is beyond words beautiful, I can't get over it. You are one very fortunate human being. :)

    1. They are real and I snapped them with my IPhone...nature put on the show, I simply captured it.

  3. There's nothing like being out on the water, is there? Your sunset pictures are stunning, amazing, gorgeous. I love these posts that remind us to stop and notice the little things, the beauty all around us.

  4. Leslie, you blog is a delight. And, I join the happy chorus applauding your new boat! I can just imagine myself on that boat (with the cats) and the fun to be had.

  5. It should have said YOUR blog is a delight!

    I also want to add that I chuckle when you mention your age ---as I am several years older!

  6. I looked up that book and decided that I have to read it! Thank you so much for writing about it! I happen to have a blog:

  7. There's nothing like the water around here. So beautiful. We bought a boat this summer but haven't taken it out yet. A 25 foot Albin cabin cruiser. We had a sailboat a couple of years ago, but this boat is trailerable and more versatile. I'm so looking forward to getting out next summer. Poet's Cove is a lovely place to visit.

    We are enjoying such beautiful foggy mornings that turn into warm afternoons and gorgeous sunsets - Summer is ending with such loveliness.

    1. Oh how exciting!
      Hope we will see you out on the ocean next summer.
      Perhaps we can arrange a meet up?

  8. Hello Hostess, those sunsets are truly breathtaking! I forgot to comment a few posts back, do you remember what brand that vest you passed on was? I have been looking for a gray stripy one just like that for ages!

    1. That image is the vest that I have in my winter storage, not the one I saw when we were out shopping.
      It is by Gelco and is faux fur.

  9. This link should take you back to the original post....

  10. Good Lord, you live in Paradise, Paris isn't a patch on this.

  11. What a beautiful post Leslie,so very true.

  12. Your new boat is making ME happy. Thankful every moment is the key.

  13. Your photos are breathtaking! You are really enjoying the new boat and the extended good weather. It is good to remember our blessings.

  14. What a lovely weekend you must have had - so good to view life from another viewpoint, even one just a day sail away. Gorgeous photos!

  15. The sunset pictures are amazing, so beautiful. I went immediately to the library and found this book, I am looking forward to reading it ~ thanks for the recommendation.

  16. I read once that happiness as we age depends on our ability to enjoy the simple, natural things. If so, you must be ecstatic! Breathtaking photos and the martini looks so tempting.


  17. Lovely times you captured.. Favorite time of the year in MN also.

  18. Yes, it's the little things that make us happy. Thanks for sharing those your blessings with us!

  19. Beautiful sunsets and boats always conjure up wonderful memories.
    We now have a Kazulin Adriatic. Eau Donna is it's name.