Sunday, September 8, 2013

OOTD for a day with Mother.

Mother and I are heading out for some retail therapy...
she has chosen where we are going and I am happy to chauffeur her to our destination. It's a pleasant 30 minute drive along a scenic ocean route.

I'm looking for a great pair of black pants, Mother is looking for a black skirt. Both basic classics that are very much in demand and the sizes get picked over quite fast so we are shopping early rather than later to avoid disappointment.

I have ample room in my Burberry jacket.
Which is great 
I can add a cashmere sweater underneath for warmth this season.
It was rather tight the past few years and I had trouble doing it up
and I do love this jacket.

Franco Sarto loafers
purchased on sale at Nordstroms last spring.

I bought these a few years ago
when I was lusting after Hunter boots.
These are going to get some serious wear this Fall and Winter...
after all we live in the Pacific Northwest and get buckets of rain.

They are not too tall for my short legs!
Hunter now make several heights and they come in such delicious colours...
but do I really NEED a pair?

Shopping with a list of what one NEEDS helps to keep focused.
I find it is so easly to get distracted with all the new clothes that are filling up the shops.
Sumptuous soft wool coats caught my eye and I was tempted to buy a new coat today.
Love the simple styles that we saw in camel, navy and black....
however they were "investment prices!" 

The black pants eluded me...
I really want to get a petite line as hemming the regular ones means you lose some of the features of the silhouette.

I saw a fun faux fur vest and tried it on...Mother loved it on me.

Then it occured to me that I have a perfectly good vest in my winter wardrobe storage at home.
 I should have perused what I own that fits me from last season before even leaving the house.

I put on my two cashmere cardigans to find that they look quite acceptable.
The two cashmere 'tees" from Lands' End look good too.

I'm trying to hold onto summer by wearing lighter clothes but the weather is dictating change
which will require some action on my part soon!

I plan to switch over my summer clothes to winter in the next few weeks.

Do you go shopping with a list?
Are you swayed and tempted by garments that you have no real need for?

I did buy something and I will tell you more about that purchase in an upcoming post...
until then...
Be Well.



  1. I'm a terrible impulse shopper - but you know, I rarely regret an impulse. I know I should be organised and shop with a list because that would be the responsible thing to do!

  2. I do plan my purchases, but also yield to the impulse when something really jumps out at me. My mistakes have grown fewer over the years, thank heavens, but when I do recognize one I donate the item or give it to someone who would really like it. I am also making a summer to fall transition, putting cardigans over summer shirts, etc. My budget is tight this year due to our new addition and small barn, but I have what I really need and Christmas is coming!

  3. I only go shopping if I have an exact purchase in mind and I do prefer online shopping unless it's for jeans - that requires trying on 6 pairs to get the right one. Is it easy for your mum to find clothes? My mum is down to rags and I can't find anything for her age group here, she is also very petite which makes it extra hard.

  4. I don't shop with a list and I am always tempted to buy things I don't need.

    Yesterday I polished my black ballet flats with kiwi polish so I am good to go. :)

    Last summer I lived in three pairs of skinny jeans and three tank tops. I wore a few other things but always ended up back with the tanks. I usually drag around a sweater because of air conditioning and August nights.

    So I have my cashmere sweaters for winter and I don't need a thing.

    I have managed to make shopping very very boring! LOL

  5. I covet your Burberry jacket. I have been wanting one for a long time. I don't shop with a list and I have too many clothes. Now that I am entering my third year of retirement, I have a good idea of what I wear regularly and what needs replacing. Some items have not been worn in two years. It is difficult to find well-cut petite pants so you are wise to start early.

  6. I have been looking for a nice pair of black pants too and I can't seem to find ones that fit. Like you, I wear petite sizes and they have proved very illusive. Good luck.

  7. I usually have a pretty good idea of what I want when I go out to shop and stay focused. I am difficult to fit so I don't shop that often but when I see a good sale or a good piece, I tend to get it. I have also learned that unless I have something that already goes with it, look for something that will make the outfit then. Otherwise it is another orphan in the closet.

    Good for you for having lost some inches to make that beautiful jacket look fabulous! What a great jacket. I tried on a Burberry trench boat one and felt like a million bucks. It fit better than anything I have ever owned but the price tag had me putting it back to start saving for that one. I can't seem to get these few pounds (~10) off and I have lovely clothes that just won't fit!

    Now I want specific things. Not lots of stuff but items I will really enjoy and show who I really am. I'll be 49 in a few weeks and realize that my style is changing. In many ways I am ready to be more adventurous!

  8. I usually have a list in mind, but sometimes still succumb to temptation. However I've improved with regard to not buying more of the same things I already have! Do try the Eileen Fisher "rock star" ponte jeans. They come in petite sizes (Nordstrom has, I think) and have become my favorite non-jean pants.

    1. OK I am off to browse Nordstroms online...see what I can find!

  9. As I never " go shopping " ( ! ), no lists are needed. However, to be said once more, I just happen to buy something.
    I actually don´t own specific winter / summer clothes, the same ones get worn 12/12.
    In winter I add tights and a warm coat and boots = all that is needed.

  10. I have always had a list but that is the trouble. I am so picky I have a hard time finding the perfect item (and I make sure I stick to a budget), therefore my list is never emptied! I feel like I am always shopping but 90% of the time I leave empty handed. It feels like such a waste of time. I always hear or read about waiting for the perfect item, but I am really wondering if that is such a good idea. If you does this I find you will never be satisfied. Not a good way to live... I'm actually trying to move away from paying too much attention to my wardrobe now.

    1. * Sorry, I meant "If you do this... (not 'does')."

  11. I never take a list fall shopping. I should though. I always ask myself do I already have one of these? or How many of these do I have? then I decide. But sometimes you find that piece that you fall in love with and 'must have'. I edit my wardrobe every season though and donate to thrift and also take some things to consignment. I love the vest on you and I bet you don't have a faux fur vest lurking in your closet. You should get it. :)