Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend round up...

It was a busy weekend here in The Humble Bungalow.
We had a great evening with our friends on Friday, sharing a cocktail and a simple dinner.

Now that I am retired I want to focus more on entertaining at home.
I have more time to plan ahead.
Hosting friends and family in our Humble Bungalow is one of my favourite things.

Aren't sunflowers at their most spectacular this time of year?
They make me smile.

Appies and one martini before dinner...
this gin is far and beyond my favourite for a martini.

I set an understated table...
I focus much more on the food preparation.

These pretty vintage napkins were a gift from a friend.
She made them from fabric that she found in her travels...
I love to use them as they are so cheerful.

I finished knitting a hat for Henry...

I hope it fits!

Our family popped over for afternoon tea on Sunday so I made Nigella Lawson's chocolate cake.

Mr. HB harvested the last of the tomatoes and cucumbers.

I am impressed by the rich colours that are produced from such a simple beginning...

The sun came out and surprised us after we heard the dreary weekend forecast.

Pillows galore!
This is my blogging bench...
I sit at this rustic arts and crafts dinette and type my thoughts.

I picked up my copy of Country Living UK...
I will find a quiet moment this week to brew a pot of tea and read it cover to cover.

Hope you are well and enjoying the simple things that life has to offer...



  1. I love sunflowers! I had them for my wedding bouquet when I married Monsieur. They are such happy flowers as they nod their heads in the fields. Do you know the song Le Tournesol by Nana Mouskouri? The week-end rain changed to a quite pleasant afternoon yesterday. I like the colour of Henry's hat. Isn't it nice to have time to enjoy tomatoes and sunflowers and unexpected sunshine?

    1. I am not too savvy when it comes to Nana's songs...the weather was a lovely surprise!
      Madame....I feel that every day there are gifts waiting for us to discover. You have observed them too.

  2. Your cake looks scrumptious! And the table is very inviting, it isn't understated to me... it makes a resounding statement of "come sit down and enjoy!" It's just lovely.

  3. What a darling little hat for your grandson!
    Sunflowers are so cheery and they last a long time, too.
    Is that gin herbal? I tasted some gin a couple of weeks ago while doing a distilled spirits tasting and it was so interesting - pine-y and very herbal.

    1. I have replied to this comment several times only to make typo's!
      I do not know if it is a herbal is very tasty and one that I savour!
      We have a local Victoria Gin that is quite wonderful too.

  4. I want some of that cake! I love the vase of sunflowers. Retirement sounds like fun for you!

  5. Retirement is a gift...of time!]
    I will need to adjust my expectations and expenditures so that I can live comfortably within my pension. I think it will be a learning curve.

  6. I'm finally just catching up with you blog. Your napkins are fantastic; such a vibrant fabric.
    I now want some custom made napkins for myself!


  7. I love the green hydrangeas with your napkins on your table - they go together so well. You're the second blog I have read today that likes the UK Country Living. I'm not sure I've ever focused on it but I take it it good. I'll have to have a look.

  8. The retirement phase is new to me, too! Many ideas, projects, trips...will I do it or am I just building air-castles? Your photo is reminiscent of van Gogh's sunflowers... Just lovely... All of it! Enjoy, entertain, relax! Smiles..Susan