Thursday, September 5, 2013

Rainy day post...

Yikes we are having a storm!
Thunder and lightning are not that common in these parts...
the cats were freaked out by the noise and the forked white lighting quite unhinged me.

Now the skies have opened up and we are getting buckets of rain.

It's a great day to stay inside our Humble Bungalow
hunker down and cocoon,
just keep warm and dry.

The LG machines are swishing through their cycles as I conquer the laundry.
Not that I am a domestic warrior but I do feel powerful when it comes to getting the job done...
especially with these sturdy and reliable workhorses.

My new morning routine seems to be falling into place...
I tidy up as I move from room to room.

Last night I washed the Le Creuset frying pan and left it to dry with a few other utensils on the mat beside the sink, this is a new habit for me leaving dishes to air dry overnight. It used to really annoy me when I was working to wake up and see things that I needed to do before I left for work...
as a retiree spending more time in our Humble Bungalow as this is my domain.
I work here!

Making lists of things that I need to do helps to keep me organized. My lists are short as I try to get them done in a timely fashion.
Do you use lists to keep you on top of things?

Achieving a rhytmn and balance on my daily round is a work in process.
One that I am figuring out as I go along.

Yesterday I spent the morning playing with our lovely grand-daughter Isla and I held wee Henry while his mom did some laundry. He is a very calm and content baby. I loved looking at his small fingers as they curled around mine.
He is such a gift...and I cannot tell you how beautiful and sweet he is! I can try but words seem to fail me.
I promised not to show pictures of my grandchildren here on the blog so you'll have to trust me!

It is so heartwarming holding a newborn child,
it is rather overwhelming gazing down at the wee man in my arms knowing that he is our grandson.

Do you remember this felted bag?
I made it several years ago when I was on a knitting/felting binge!

I'm knitting a baby hat.

I love this yarn as it is so bright and cheerful.

Adriafil superwash Italian virgin wool
(~ virgin wool ~ ?)

You can find great patterns at Churchmouse Yarns.
This one is easy peasy
a perfect little project to have on hand for a rainy day.

Thanks to my friend Claire at Boutique de Laine in the Estevan Village,
she is super friendly and very knowledgeable when it comes to knitting.

Do you knit?
Where do you like to shop for yarns and patterns?
Online or in person?

Must close for now and put the kettle on for some tea...
and pick up my knitting.



  1. I recently subscribed to a new blog, only to read today that she is closing her blog because she feels no one is out there listening. It opened my eyes to the fact, that if we only read and give no feedback, it could be disheartening to those that take the time to create these lovely blogs. So...I'm writing to say that I read all your posts and enjoy each one. You have an uplifting spirit and I think it touches many. Please know that your efforts are appreciated.

    1. Maybe she will reconsider of people support her efforts. Thank you for taking the time to leave me comments too Kathy I do appreciate the dialogue.

  2. Oh, please send some of that rain down our way! Seriously though, your days sound delightful. I'd love the luxury of having the day to do some household chores.

    1. I'd gladly send the rain if only I had the power to do so!

  3. The thunder and lightning are so unusual for our area. Isn't it nice to be able to take the time to enjoy family?
    With the approach of the dark days, my mum and I went to buy her a new reading lamp. I like to a have a few accomplishments each day because time management and routine are important to me after working 25 years in education.

    1. Having time to spend with our grandchildren and Mother is one of the reasons that I decided to retire early. I like routine but feel that I might invite a little more spontaneous "play time" into the day where I can follow my heart, paint or stroll around some thrift shops.
      Did you have that storm overhead last night?

  4. I love to knit - right now I'm making hats, scarves etc. for a sale in support of our local humane society. And a sweater for me from some dark blue hand-dyed wool. Always several projects on the go at once ;)

    That hat is going to be so colourful! Perfect for a little one. Italian yarns are very good quality in my experience. I haven't tried Adriafil yet. Is it lovely and soft?

    1. The wool is super soft and lovely to work with...perhaps you'll post some of your finished project on your blog. I 'd love to see your sweater when it is's been years since I knit a sweater for myself.

  5. I love storms--and lightning is a special treat. Sometimes we open the shutters on the triple windows in our bedroom to watch the lightning shows.

    I understand the marvel at a new grandchild. We have two grandsons and both are precious. New people to love--what a wonderful thing.

    I am interested in how newly retired women structure their day. I have been "retired" for so many years now as most of my career has been as a homemaker. I keep to a list and some structure some days--on other days I falter and don't have much to show for my day--and I feel guilty.

    I read each one of your posts--and I am sure there are scores who read and do not comment. As another poster said, you have a lovely and uplifting spirit. I look forward to your posts!

    1. Oh we must get rid of that word guilt...I know what you mean though.
      I think we need to be gentle with ourselves and give ourselves permission to just be in the moment, everyone needs to relax, there is so much stress in society that being able to unwind is healthy.

  6. Wasn't that forked lightening something? I was ready to walk from Fairfield Plaza when the thunder started, so I abandoned my walk, sat down for a cup of coffee and then headed out again.
    You paint a picture of retirement that is very seductive. I so look forward to being able to make my home a priority again.

    1. I watched the reflection of the lightning flashes on our neighbour's second story window last night as I watched was over the San Juan Islands and it was very intense. I hope no fires were sparked by the lightning.
      I know you will savour retirement are so creative that you will wonder when you ever had time to fit work into your life!

  7. First, congratulations on your lovely new grandson. I do envy you. Also, congratulations on your "real" retirement now that school has begun and you are at home, purring like a cat. I have loved my time at home in the seven years since I retired a bit early...and never looked back. As to arranging my days, at first I kept making priority lists as I did for my job at the university. Then one day I realized that I didn't need lists except at complicated times and that the lists felt too much like "must do...asap!" So I allowed an organic process to begin and daily life just flows along. I accomplish as much or more and I am very relaxed. I work hard in the house and garden, I volunteer, I have tea with friends, I work with my husband on his book. This is right...for me.

    1. I like the sounds of your days...gentle and flowing.
      I have signed up for a volunteer program Roots Of Empathy an anti bullying program in the school that i retired from and hope that I will be accepted.
      Tea/lunch with friends, grandchildren, home keeping, gardening, cooking, domestics, time with Mother and taking care of Mr. HB with a little play time spent painting or knitting, reading and walking is how I see my days unfolding...

  8. I learned to knit years ago and picked it up again when my son started various sports practices. Now it is my companions as I sit on conference calls since I work from home or visit my mother. I LOVE it.

    I get my patterns off the internet from reading various blogs and from Ravelry. There are some great blogs out there on knitting! I haven't purchased yarn from the internet yet. I really like to feel it first. There are lovely local yarn stores out there and I like to support them whenever I can. The shop owners really know there stuff and have introduced me to some great yarns.

    I have been a scarf and cowl person just because it is relatively quick to knit and easy to carry around. I have finally figured out socks and mittens! Just finishing my first mitten and I am super excited. What a quick/easy knit and lots of bang for the buck. I have a my first sock almost done too. I just finished a cowl with an easy cable in it and out of alpaca. It was incredible to work with.

    For anyone wanting to knit, please don't be scared. It is just practice and everything can be fixed. Your local yarn store will be more than glad to help you. Or come to Texas and I'll teach you. ;) It's a lovely addiction.

    1. We have fabulous wool shops here and they offer courses on knitting basics and advanced courses.
      I love to feel and see the yarns I use, patterns are easy to find on the net and some are free. I must get onto Ravelry now that I have more time.
      The gals in the wool shop were mentioning that texting gloves are all the rage for gifts...
      I wondered what they were talking about...fingerless gloves!

  9. We had a horrible storm the night before last. Of course, in Florida it is very common and frequent. It was so hard, it reminded me of when the hurricanes hit. And silly me had ordered a pizza right before the bottom fell out and I left in the middle of the storm to go get it!! Won't do THAT again!! I have been retired for 3 years now. It took me a while to get my routine down but I did. I deep clean one room a day Mon-Fri. Then I take the weekends off and don't do any cleaning except for dishes. Of course I keep things picked up during the week so everything is nice for the weekend. It works for me because I hate spending one day a week to do the whole condo. It takes only a short amount of time out of my day. BTW. . .I have always admired people who could knit, but I never could get the hang of it. Someone finally told me that it was because I am left-handed and everyone teaching me was right-handed. Don't know for sure if it makes a difference or not, but that was what I was told. Have a wonderful weekend!!

    1. Sounds like you have a nice balance...time off is super important and good for you for managing that...there is a joke here that retired people never get a day "off!"
      I am sure that you can learn to knit there must be a wool shop with people trained to teach left handed people to knit. Perhaps there is an online tutorial? I hope you can learn as I think you will really enjoy it.

  10. Glad you are back knitting, especially for the little ones. Have been knitting since 5 years old and now 70+ years later am still knitting. I have two lovely granddaughters, Allison 5, Isla 4. It's such a joy to watch them grow. Happy you are enjoying retirement, it's just what you make it.

    1. It's a very relaxing hobby isn't it? I am impressed that you learned so young, I think I was in my teens when I started and have been at it on and off for years. I knit a lot for my children when they were young.
      I see that you have an Isla's a lovely name.

  11. I knitted sweaters and hats for my daughters when they were small and then later hats and scarves for different charities in my city. One of my favorite yarns was a blue denim colored wool my mom bought in the early 1940's. My husband and I had matching seed stitch scarves in it.

    I think I will join you for a cup of tea. :)

  12. That's a great story about your Mother's yarn...
    enjoy your tea break!

  13. I am happy to have my routines, so no lists needed.
    Depending on my mood, I might start doing something extra, home-related and can´t stop till I have finished it.
    No knitting for years, maybe later again, maybe not.
    The only dull time over here is winter time. But, I just have to accept it.
    I´m happy to read that you have more grandmother time now. So great.

  14. A sweet little hat for a sweet little boy... so much joy, lucky you!

  15. I love to knit, but I'm not very good at it. I can only make scarves. I find knitting very zen and soothing. I began making a "Dr. Who" scarf for my son's birthday last March, but never finished. Perhaps I should get back on task and finish it for his 40th birthday.

    So nice that you are enjoying retirement and your grandchildren. Isn't it just a lovely time?

  16. Hostess, I live in Courtenay and there are two lovely yarn shops in our area (one in Comox and another in Campbell River). I also visit yarn shops when we travel. My favorite is Knit Purl in Portland and I visited Churchmouse Yarns on Bainbridge Island earlier this week. I think Churchmouse might just be the most lovely yarn shop in the west. Cheers, Kris

  17. What a lovely day to spend with the grandchildren!
    We are in the middle of our regular daily afternoon thunderstorms here in Florida. I did enjoy crochet for a couple of years, but living in Florida wool items aren't useful,
    I look forward to retiring in a few years. So many of my friends are already enjoying theirs. From what I have seen the first six months to a year are a bit of an adjustment for them, and then all of them seems to enjoy it so much. I hope to be able to join them soon.

  18. How wonderful for you Leslie; to be blessed with two healthy grandchildren.
    Now that you've retired you will get to spend much more time enjoying them. What a gift!