Sunday, September 29, 2013

Signs of Fall....

Ruby Red Rose Hips signal that Fall has arrived...
the birds feed upon these juicy tidbits all winter long.

I've never made rose hip jelly myself but have tasted it and can highly recommend it for it's unique flavour.

I made 6 dozen chocolate cookies...
and honest I only ate one bite.

Mr. HB and family will be the recipients of these.
I don't have a sweet tooth.
(I have NEVER met a potato that I didn't fall hard for!)
~ ~ ~
The weekend weather is cold and damp.
It's positively WET outside!
After a drenching walk Saturday morning where we got soaked through to the skin, 
we changed out of our wet gear and Mr. HB built a fire in the fireplace.
   I picked up my knitting...
the cats snoozed close by ~ snug and safe and dry.

Baby Blanket in progress...
suitable for a boy or a girl.

There is a pot of salmon chowder simmering on the stove...
Fall is serious soup weather.

What have you been up to this weekend?
Keep Warm and Dry!


  1. It's gotten very hot again in LA, but we're stocked up on firewood awaiting some cozy weather. What yarn are you using? I love it.

  2. Hostess, our weekend has been very much like yours. We are at our farm and got drenched in a rainstorm while walking over to our log house yesterday afternoon. And, I was awakened at 4am by a really hard rain. We've spent the weekend nesting at the farm with our dachshund puppy. My husband is working on legal work and I've enjoyed making us some simple, but health meals--things like roast chicken, baked sweet potatoes, yellow squash sauteed with onions. Following a fast paced trip to London, I'm taking a little time to relax and unwind. Next week I'll be emptying our library getting ready for painters.

    I once made a lovely bouquet using rose hips gathered together (along with Queen Anne's Lace) in a large white pitcher.

    I hope the rest of your weekend is lovely.

  3. Love your new profile photo. You look very intellectual!!! Are you channeling your inner academic? Your hair colour looks great and congrats on your fabulous weightloss

  4. I love your new photo, your hair looks great! I'm not sure when you posted it, I'm not very observant, but it's lovely. And your chowder sounds delish. :)

  5. The rosehips are so pretty! I've had rosehip tea, but never the jelly. Nice blanket, and there's nothing so cozy as a fire on a cold, wet day.

  6. I love your new photo, your hair looks great! I'm not sure when you posted it, I'm not very observant, but it's lovely. And your chowder sounds delish. :)

  7. I love your new photo! I bought some Warby Parker glasses in May that are almost the same. Love them!!!! Carolyn

  8. We've had our first fires of the season on this wet and blustery weekend. So cozy in the evening. I did some handwork while watching Midsomer Murders. These are the delights of fall. Your salmon chowder sounds delicious. We're have soup for supper, too.

  9. The weather here has been brilliant-sunny, 70 and dry. I usually go south for a few weeks each fall, but I am seriously happy that we remained in New York. Today, I attended my lovely granddaughter's Nutcracker rehearsal which will take place in December. I must say that she is an adorable cherub and so serious about her little role. All in all, a perfect day.

  10. Hi Hostess, I use rosehip seed oil on my face, but I'd never seen the actual plant before. I remember as a child my mum used to give us a spoonful of a rosehip syrup each day, for vitamins I guess.

    Love your new photo and hair!

  11. Such a lovely fall post, Hostess. I am enjoying the sound of rain on the roof - fall is really here!

  12. We've been having great weather here....hopefully the rain is needed in your area. I'd never be able to leave those cookies alone! And I agree, it's soup season....saw another good recipe on facebook.

  13. I used to make rose hip syrup when the children were small as it is supposed to be packed with vitamin c. There were plenty of wild rose hips to pick in the lanes and around the field edges then but these days I think it would be a bit of a struggle to find enough.
    Cool, autumnal weather here, but dry. We were out in the garden clearing and cutting back. There's lots of tidying up to do. (But it's better than housework!)

  14. Bonjour. I really like you new photo. Your hair looks lovely and soft and your weight loss makes you look younger. I am so happy not to have a sweet tooth either but salmon chowder would be a hit. We spent Saturday celebrating Maman's 82 birthday and yesterday I travelled to Boston where I will begin my fall foliage tour. Have a happy week full of knitting, reading and homemaking.

  15. Finished celebrating our anniversary,HB has pulled all the stops out this time,I was low key.Here we have an Indian summer some days without the sun,we are well stocked up with logs from our own wood mainly Larch,have a fire most evenings when it turns chilly.
    Have never had rose hip jelly must find one to try......those choc biscuits would devour the lot with a you know why greedy guts NEVER has cakes/biscuits in the house!!
    Wishing you a pleasant week.

  16. Great photo Hostess! Glad to hear you are well and enjoying autumn.

  17. A very good new picture of you !
    Yes, indeed it is fall and soon winter over here.
    I´m going to pick my old down coat on Wednesday ( needed a bit new stitching ). Hopefully I will survive till the date.
    Wore my tights under my jeans first time this fall yesterday at the dressage competition, and they were needed ; ).
    Not liking the change of the weather AT ALL !
    Pasture time is about over and the fields are mowed. Feeling sorry for the horses too.
    We have to store a lot of firewood for the winter.
    The yard is in a pretty good condition oddly, I´ll leave the raking to next spring, as there are still much leaves on the trees.
    Wishing you a good start for the month of October.

  18. Oh those cookies look so good! Lots of cooking right now and baking as well. I love this time of the year. And I want to take knitting lessons. What a cute blanket!

  19. Love the haircut, it is very flattering on you.

  20. How's your Weight Watchers going? I hope well. I hope ALL goes well:)

    1. I am struggling a bit at WW as I have hit a plateau...the last 5 pounds are proving to be hard work!

  21. Adjusting to gray days in the Northwest is always challenging. The colors in the baby blanket are cheering me up. May I ask what yarn are you using?

  22. Hi Anon,
    It's Bernat 100% cotton Handcrafters yarn. They come in a variety of solid colours and blends of colours. I bought the largest skein and I think one will make the entire baby blanket!


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