Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cleaning house and our beloved Chris Craft.

My heart rejoices when I see a blue sky and the sun shining.
The rays of sunshine streaming through the windows shine a different light on things inside.
For one they show up all the dust that has settled on the dark wood which is not so exciting because it shows my lack of domestic ability and is a reminder that I need to dust more frequently.

A sweep of the areas that are dusty is remedied quite quickly with the long handled wooly duster.
Then next are the windows clouded and splattered with salt spray from gale force winds...
simple solutions are water, a micro fiber cloth, and a squeegee.

No one would ever dare say that I led a glamourous life.
It's honestly a very humble and ordinary life.

When I sit and chat with friends over coffee I realize how different my life is from theirs
the grass often looks greener from the other side...

I'm not a complainer and am a better listener than a speaker.

We all have our crosses to bear and mine are held close to my heart.
Mother frowns upon airing ones "dirty laundry" in public and this lesson I learned at a very early age.

No one has a perfect life.
Don't waste precious energy and time thinking otherwise.

My friends are seasoned travellers and Mr. HB and I are content to stay close to home.
Neither of us have the urge to venture too far afield.

I think it is our years of boating that have kept us soothed and content.
Our summers living on the ocean and moving with it's tides may be a thing of the past as we have our classic Chris Craft Constellation for sale.

Classic boats require a lot of maintenance and Mr. HB has been kept very busy for the past 20 years tending her. It is time for us to move in a different direction and hopefully our beloved boat will find a new owner to keep her looking sharp.

My BFF and her husband recently sold their classic Monk as a live aboard and it has already been moved to a permanent slip in the inner harbour. 
We drove by to see her safely nestled in her new spot 
it's great to know that she has passed into capable hands  that the new owner is as passionate and excited about her as my BFF and her husband were when they took her on.

There is a whole new chapter of life unfolding ahead of us...
while we have not sold the boat just yet
I am thinking that I will miss our summers afloat
though most certainly I will keep those many wonderful boating memories close to my heart.

1957 Chris Craft Constellation
Driftwood II

She's been a big part of our lives 
let's just hope that she finds an owner with an eye for the beauty of a vintage classic.
She is a beauty and gets lots of attention when we are at the dock
 but she is a high maintenance gal
and not one for the faint of heart.

I wonder if there will be a brave soul out there who will take her on.
She'd make a great floating B&B...

~ ~ ~

The cure for anything is saltwater – sweat, tears, or the sea.
~ Isak Dinesen ~


  1. Change can be so hard, especially when it's about giving something up. I have a feeling that this may be one of those cases of 'one door opening as one door closes'........perhaps there will be new adventure!

  2. I think that selling the boat is a very good, yet a bit sad decision.
    The maintenance of it is time consuming & expensive, not even to mention the worry you have about it.

    Yes, the sun really reveals every bit of dust in the house.
    The window washing is front of me too, not looking forward to it at all. We will just have to keep in mind, that not everything must be done at once, although when I start, I find it difficult to stop before everything is done; ).

  3. Sunshine always lets us see the dust on the furniture and the streaks on the windows. But I love to see the brightness after the grey. My dark wood furniture shows it all but I enjoy its warmth and substance. I wonder what your new summers will be like without your boat and when you retire.

  4. You do have the loveliest cleaning implements!
    Dust is driving me crazy just now, has no one invented an anti dust spray yet?

  5. A transition, absolutely- which will be eased, I hope, by passing her on to an enthusiastic new owner. We felt that way about our house, and our sons were relieved to see an infant and his toddler sister running excitedly to the rooms that were once theirs. Not an ending, but a new beginning.

  6. She's a lovely boat; I know what a lot of work these are, and sounds like you're up for a change. Hard, though. MLane varnishes the wood on our Whaler a zillion times before it goes back in the water, but ChrisCrafts have SO much wood. We are working on the next phase of our lives, too; if you are reasonably on the same page, it is a great blessing.

  7. Having married into a family of boaters/sailors, I can understand what a big decision and change this is. But yes, boats are demanding mistresses, and I'm sure you'll start new summer traditions that allow you the relaxation without the upkeep. She's a gorgeous boat, and I'm sure you'll find a buyer who appreciates her.

  8. I have just been strutting around flicking the dust hither and thither to Gerschwin's 'Walking the Dog' my favourite piece of music.No sun here to show up my dirty windows with daily ashes from the wood burner not worth the effort!

    Believe when one door closes,another one opens to new projects,adventures.Happy days Hostess.Ida

  9. I have wonderful memories of my parents early 1960's Chris Craft that they had when I was growing up. It is sad to let her go but you will always have those memories.

  10. So many changes for you this summer. I know you will miss her but hope that you begin many new traditions this summer that will bring you joy.

  11. I love that Isak Dinesen quote. I hope someone buys your boat soon, I know the anticipation of selling is often worse than the actual sale, which sometimes brings relief.

  12. I have noticed the same thing with sunshine and dust. We are having quite an extended sun break today - I should take a good look around the house! :) Best of luck with the sale of your boat. xx

  13. Oh, your boat! Do you think of replacing it with something requiring less work?

  14. oh i love that boat leslie. and if i were younger and richer i'd buy it. it is a beauty. but they say for every door that closes another opens. can't wait to see what that will be! xo

  15. We really have to jump into cleaning before we get buried in dust. That being said, I hope you find a wonderful owner for your boat, one who will be able to clean and maintain her as you have before.

    Bo Tolbert

  16. Hello,

    I was just doing some research on Chris-Craft Constellations when I came across a picture on your blog post. What a surprise to find the very boat my wife and I just bought and are in the process of completely restoring. Thank you SO much for having taken such incredible care of her. If you'd like we'll send you some pictures of her when she's done - or even better, have you out for a cruise. I thought you'd like to hear that she's in good hands and in a boat house getting the attention she demands. We intend to keep her the beauty that she is for many many more years to come.

    Den and Cala

    1. Hi Dennis and Nicola,
      Congratulations on your new Chris Craft it actually our former boat The DriftwoodII ?
      We are in Victoria and wondered if you live here too?
      I would be very interested in sharing information etc via email...