Friday, March 22, 2013

Seattle and Vancouver Loot Shoot...

I bought very little on our recent trip as we focused on seeing the sights and walking ~ walking ~ walking!

I needed a new case for my IPhone 4 and the selection was quite thin on the ground.
Seems like the IPhone 5 is the new kid in town so I hunted high and low for a case for mine and was fortunate enough to find one of two Kate Spade dotty ones left at Holt Renfrew in Vancouver.
Kate Spade does do some fun designs...
I browsed her shop in Seattle and could have gotten into a LOT of trouble had I not been focused on what I need and not what tempts!

An Eileen Fisher top
found at Nordstrom's Rack
the main store's clearance centre.

metal beading makes this simple style more interesting

Leather Ballet flats to replace my worn ones
Mee Too 
comfy ~ like walking on pillows!

New walking shoes in a brushed gold shade
Born ~ comfort and a little dazzle.

Classic striped French inspired top from Banana Republic.

H and M 
tank tops white and one black and white in a very discreet pattern
perfect for layering with all my other pieces.
 I think H and M is for the young and young at heart.
Good value on these basics that's why I scooped them up...
I actually bought two white ones.
Stains happen, 
well they do to me 
and sadly often I cannot remove them.

I have one more post on my loot and that will follow shortly as I am having a bit of fun with it.
Be back soon...
enjoy your weekend!


  1. All so Hostess! I think you own the silver sparkle:).

  2. I like the Born walking shoes. Metallic goes with everything.

  3. I agree with Lisa. Plus the ballet flats look nice and comfortable.
    Seems that you are already quite ready for the next season : ).

  4. Wow. You really bought some lovely things. I just got an IPhone 4 (I'm a little behind) and my friend suggested I get a harder case. I love the me too ballerins. I have a pair I bought for Ireland and I love them. Love your loot and looking forward to seeing the rest.

  5. Nice haul - love the walking shoes in particular.

  6. You are leading in the fashion stakes,metallic shoes are the latest 'in' thing for this year according to the fashion pundits over here! Yours look glam + comfortable.Ida

  7. It sounds like you had a great time! I always enjoy a good 'loot shoot' and find that I get ideas from, thank you!