Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Simply White, a Wednesday in March...

White Wednesdays have all but disappeared, have you noticed?
Bloggers seems to have moved on to other themes.

I do so love white stoneware, plates and the soft glow of all white rooms.

Filtered light cast shadows on this simple jug.

Atlanta Bartlett's lovely book
At Home With White has some seriously beautiful images
I keep opening this book and dreaming in white.
I never tire of white rooms
they ooze with elegance
 a breath of calm relaxation.

I love when whites are massed together
the effect is amplified
especially when there are variations of shapes and texture.

Oh be still my beating heart,
 look at this all white kitchen!
Simple, elegant and stunning in it's beauty.

Our heritage Bungalow has dark Douglas Fir wood panelling and wainscoting and beams.
We would not dream of changing this element as that would be tampering with the original architects' design.
Milo S. Farwell worked in Victoria, Seattle and San Francisco.
I wonder how many of his homes still exist.

We are stewards of this home and do our best to keep it as original as possible.

Loving white as I do
 I add it where I can...
~ dishes and crockery ~
~ towels ~

The Meissen platter is a favourite of mine.
I love the grand scale of it and the gentle scalloped edge.
Maxwell Williams china is widely available and is quite reasonably priced.
Open stock makes it easy to pick up more pieces.

When you choose white china it is easy to mix and match different styles and designs 
it all works
trust me!
Say you are hosting a dinner party or a buffet for 20 and you own a set of 12 
you can borrow white china from your friends
and put it all together so it looks fabulous.

Apples even look prettier against the white bowl
this bowl was found at a local thrift shop
I think it was originally a wash basin.

For some inspiration pop on over to Country Living and have a browse...

I'll be back in a few days with some highlights from our Seattle and Vancouver trip.
There was lots of sightseeing and shopping...
and yes there were shoes!


  1. As I replace things in my home, such as towels and linens, I am trading colorful for white. It is part of my simplifying project. White is simple, elegant and versatile. And it allows me to keep things minimal.

  2. I love the look of your white ceramics against the dark woods. Like Kristien, I'm also looking to trade colored towels and linens for white as they need replacement. More upkeep, but the look is so fresh.

  3. I have always loved an all white kitchen!! But with little ones still running all over this house, it will have to wait a little longer!

    1. I have a black hand towel in the bathroom and all the rest are white :-))

  4. White is excellent. We have white dinner plates we bought in Paris, I love them. I must collect more white, you've inspired me.

  5. My brothers shook a can of red pop and started to open it. Just a tiny hole was in the can lid so it sprayed all over the kitchen ceiling. They started to drop it so it hit the upper cabinets. The can fell upright on the floor and spun around hitting the lower cabinets. Then it fell over and spun around on the floor taking out the rest. Good thing they were in the kitchen.

    I have a lot of white, too.

    1. Sounds a bit like your brothers are full of mischief!
      Not unlike our kitten Chester who did something similar with a can of tonic water!
      Still a huge clean up was needed...who cleaned up after your brothers Sheree?

    2. That is so funny Chester did that!

      Mom did it. They would have just made it worse.

  6. I love white rooms not the ice white which is too clinical &cold,the softer chalky ones.
    White crockery is the best,makes even the most ordinary meal a delight.Your
    crockery is superb.Ida

  7. Thank you ida...I used to have coloured china and it does make a difference in how the food looks. I am happier with white.

  8. I like white walls and colourful accent pieces - probably a leftover from my days in military housing, where we couldn't paint or paper walls and had to depend on art, china and soft goods to bring colour into the house. I can see the appeal of white towels, but since we can't use bleach they wouldn't stay white very long!

  9. I love white linens, and lots of other white in a home, but couldn't live in an all white home. I think the dark wainscoting in your home is a really lovely backdrop for the white.

  10. There must be white in a house. So many shades of it even available.
    Loving your white bowl with apples : ).