Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Make up and Mother.

Lisa Eldridge is a well known talented make up artist from the UK.
She has a blog and a newsletter which I subscribe to and enjoy.
You might know and like her too...

This week she showed us a make up tutorial for women over 50.
Step~by~step details and information and links to the products and colours she used.

It's worth watching and runs about 12 minutes so sit back and relax...
Lisa's tutorial here.

A trip to Sephora is on my radar so I can check out some of the shades and products that she suggests.
I am particularly curious about the Bobbi Brown moisturizing balm and the Max Factor blush. I do not use blush but think it might be something worth experimenting with...

I have been wearing my pearls how about you?
Have you noticed how many beautiful scarves the retailers are showing for Spring?
I am smitten with so many of them...

I took Mother a bouquet of yellow roses
and dinner...
she has bronchitis and is on antibiotics.

When she is ill I cannot help but worry.
Normally she is a healthy vibrant 85 year old 
so when she is ill it is very disconcerting.

She was dressed up despite feeling poorly.
That's just what Mother does...
and who she is
she dresses up all the time.
Pearls, a cream silk blouse and a sensible A line navy skirt.

I hope that she gets over this bug quickly.
I hope the cheery roses help her feel better soon.

Mother wears no make up
just a great moisturizer, some lipstick and blush.
It works and suits her.

I like the sound of simple...
what about you?


  1. I hope she bounces back quickly, it's such a worry at their age, my mum is the same, she dresses up everyday in full pearl regalia.

  2. Your mothers (including Tabitha's) are a great example of ladies of an older age group,nothing like pearls to make skin glow.Hope your mother feels better soon.

    I am bundle up in sweaters against this bitter cold wind + snow still around,even my daffodils refuse to flower! Ida

  3. I worry about my mother because she has so few interactions outside of family. Since she retired, my mother has stopped wearing jewellery and skirts. I think that moisturizer, lipstick and a little powder to offset extra rosiness will be in my future.

  4. I watched that tutorial, which evidently has gone viral, a few days ago. Lots of great tips. I did go out and "refresh" some of my makeup arsenal, with "dewier" products. So sorry about your mom. I had bronchitis as you know, which did turn to mild pneumonia. I know you had it too. Not fun, and more worrisome at your mother's age. Make sure you watch her temperature as sometimes (my mother for sure) elderly people aren't as conscious of it. I admire her for getting dressed - I was in flannel PJs for 2 weeks! No pearls either.

  5. What lovely roses for your mum! I hope she feels better soon.

  6. You are so considerate with your mother. She has a lovely, caring daughter in you.
    Hopefully she will recover soon, so you can go on your tours again : )!

  7. I like the sound of "simple", too.
    I will go over and check out the tutorial as soon as I have 12 uninterrupted minutes! Sounds interesting.

  8. How lovely your white shirt looks with the long string of pearls. I hope your Mother gets better soon, she sounds a wonderful lady and I'm sure the lovely yellow roses you gave her cheered her up. I think I'll be taking a look at Lisas make-up tutorial to see if I can pick up some new tricks for a dewy look after the long winter.

  9. Your mother sounds remarkable! I hope she makes a full recovery; I have bronchitis too and can't seem to shake it.

  10. I watched a bit of the tutorial and was amazed at the beautiful neck and shoulders of the 64 year old model. I like to know how she kept those areas so smooth and wrinkle-free, while it appears she neglected her face.

    1. I noticed the same thing, but sort of assumed since she was from the UK, that those areas were often covered with clothing and didn't have the same exposure to the elements?

    2. I'd like to add that maybe using sunscreen and being sun safe was not regarded as being important from tht era....both my mom and mother-in-law have alot of sun damage to their faces too. I like how Lisa was very gracious toward her model and made her naturally beautiful. Lovely post Hostess.

    3. oops *that*
      sorry :)

  11. She is a vibrant looking woman despite her wrinkles.
    I like how Lisa added a youthful glow and used soft shades to bring focus to her eyes.