Sunday, March 10, 2013

Coffee, daffodils, aprons and meatballs ~ a mish mash!

I fancy a great cup of tea but I rarely comment on a good cup of coffee.
A good night's sleep is very important to me and I am sensitive to caffeine so it is a decaf blend that I opt to buy.
The Drum Roaster Coffee Shop at Cobble Hill, BC is my favourite spot to buy coffee.
 Coffee is roasted on site and the pastries are very delicious if you have a wee bit of a sweet tooth!
Seats are often in short supply as there is a crowd of loyal regulars, they do take out so all is not lost.
It's also a great stop to stretch your legs if you are driving up or down island.

This day has found me reading blogs that I follow and am on my second cup of coffee...
It's such fun reading blogs from around the world, so many great writers out there in the blog-a-sphere.
Inspiring me to try new recipes, revamp my closet, lose weight and travel.

The daffodils are blooming in The Humble Bungalow Garden.
I'm excited!

Emma Bridgewater's pottery is such fun.
This mug brings a little bit of spring cheer all year round.

If you look closely you can see the droplets of rain on this bloom
 trying very hard to be a sunny spot in a grey day

the weight of water has almost collapsed this daffodil's petals
still it is a pretty sight 
rain drops are very photogenic don't you think?

~ ~ ~

I'm going to pop on my trusty apron and get into action 
for Mr. HB's supper tonight.

What are you cooking up for supper?

I must look for a new apron as mine is looking rather tattered...
 something with a bib style as I am a very messy cook!
any suggestions?

Hope your weekend had some delights.
Mine was so relaxing...

Take care,


  1. All of my aprons are an embarrassment. I really do need to buy a couple of new ones soon.

    I look forward to coffee each night before I go to sleep. My husband and I share a pot in bed each morning.

    Tonight, we had green beans, mashed fauxtatoes, grilled pork tenderloin, and a nice big salad. I am trying to go easy on carbs! I hope your meatballs turned out to be tasty.

  2. Winter lingers on in Central New York, but I found a green shoot in a bare, sunny garden spot. Spring and daffodils are only weeks away. It was a dreary, snowy February and I crave sunshine and warmth. Last year, illness kept me from doing my window boxes. This year, I am already mentally designing this year's creations. I never do them the same way twice.

    Mr. K. and I have been talking about future adventures since Ireland is now behind us. We both decided that Seattle and Vancouver are on the life list and your pictures of BC inspire me.

    I love the aprons at Williams-Sonoma. If I were more of a cook, I would own several. This evening we will be dining on crock-pot Chicken Cacciatore. I love my crock pot since it allows me to prepare a meal when my energy level and enthusiasm are high. And it smells great all day.

  3. The winter is still dragging on and on here....BUT the days are getting longer, thankfully. Finally starting to see some sun!

    Mini-pizzas tonight for dinner!

  4. I'm very careful with caffeine too, and in fact cut it out completely a few years ago, so I'm always on the lookout for good decaffeinated teas and coffees. That place you go to sounds lovely; it must make each cup taste extra special.

    I love daffodils too - although currently ours have a few snowflakes on them rather than rain drops! I can't wait for proper spring weather to arrive.

    Re aprons: have you looked at the ones in Cath Kidston (if her designs are your kind of thing)? There's also the ones produced by the Ulster Weavers; I have lots of their linen teatowels and they wear very well. They have some lovely V&A prints, which are tempting.

    I had a mushroom risotto for dinner tonight - perfect for cold evenings!

  5. I love Emma Bridgewater's pottery as well. My mom has all the bird mugs, they're so sweet. I love daffodils, and they were my father's favorite flower, so they're a bit bittersweet now. I never have them at home, but I do bring them when I visit his grave (hope this isn't morbid?)
    I've been making a lot of meatballs too, but very low cal/low carb versions. I'm sort of addicted to them.

  6. Beautiful daffodils. Please let us know how the meatballs turn out. Sounds delicious!