Friday, March 8, 2013

My latest crushes...

Teas are probably my favourite beverage of all time...
martini's are a close second!

I wanted to share with you an unusual new tea from the UK that is dazzling my taste buds.

It sounds like it might be hot and spicy but it is extremely well balanced.
The cocoa is the top note and there is no caffeine to keep you awake at night.

I brewed a mug and went to bed early and read a few chapters in my book.
Summer at Tiffany
which I am enjoying as it is a perfect light read to ease into slumber.

In order for me to maintain my sanity I need to go to bed earlier rather than later.
I have always needed lots of sleep.
My greatest luxury is 
waking up in the morning refreshed and rested and taking my time getting out of bed
I am very very fortunate that Mr. HB brings me a cup of tea every morning before I get out of bed.
(thank you honey!)

My dear father did that for my Mother every morning too 
I often think how hard it must be for her 
since he has gone 
to have to get up all by herself and brew her own pot of tea...
she has many more important reasons to miss him 
 it is just that at the start of her day now 
everyday since he passed away 
is the sad reminder that she is a widow.

Last Friday when we went to the Marina for my birthday sushi dinner 
my BFF and I both had a Grey Goose martini
the bartenders there mix a wonderful martini
so good in fact, that we had two!

Mr. HB bought a bottle and I was more than surprised to discover it is made in France of all places!
I had no idea!!

Mr. HB mixed me one on the following Saturday evening which I sipped ever so slowly...
a girl can get into trouble if she isn't careful
do you remember that classic Dorothy Parker quote?

"I like to have a martini,
Two at the very most.
After three I’m under the table,
after four I’m under my host."
~ Dorothy Parker ~

Always have some food when imbibing in a martini or they can sneak up on you!

"Men seldom make passes
At girls who wear glasses."

~ Dorothy Parker ~

Have some FUN this weekend!

Thank you for stopping by my humble little blog.
I do love all your comments and I read each and every one of them.



  1. Ah..and as a wearer of glasses, we certainly know that's not true don't we : ) !!

    Have a good weekend Hostess!

  2. Lots of rest and a peaceful home setting seem important to one's sanity at a certain age. M. brings me a café au lait in bed each morning. It is an easy way to start the day. On my days off from morning walks, sometimes I just lay in bed and read blogs for a bit. This is one of the joys of being retired. Bonne week-end !

  3. Hostess, I adore Dorothy Parker! I've put Summer at Tiffany on my wish list, it sounds like a wonderful read. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. The old saying 'Early to bed, early to rise. makes a man/woman healthy and wise' As I got older I felt I didn't need as much sleep, but during the winter months to go to bed early with a good book is always a good option. however for me I've never wanted tea in bed.

  5. That tea looks great - can you tell me where you bought it? Always looking for something nice to sip in the evening without caffeine. The book looks good, easy to read which I could use right now as I'd love something light and relaxing. Finally back to about 95% after pneumonia - it takes a long time doesn't it to fully recover!
    Have a great weekend.

    1. The company is Higher Living Teas and I bought mine at a local grocery store. It might be something that Trader Joes has on their shelf as they seem to stock many interesting products. I hope that helps you Kathy and if you cannot find some please email me.

  6. I'm an early to bed/early to rise gal myself. I have to be careful with the martini's...more than one and I'm likely to get an upset stomach later in the night. But I do enjoy a good vodka martini with lots of olives!

  7. Sounds like an interesting beverage, but I wouldn't call it tea! Of course I have a hard time including Earl Grey as tea with it's flower flavour, so I'm a bit of a purist. :) My Grandmother always started her day with a cup of tea in bed too, I don't know if my Grandfather used to make it for her before he died. Lovely to have someone to spoil you like that.

  8. Great manicure, hostess! I enjoy martinis too; Le Duc makes them for me, but not, alas, morning coffee as I'm the early riser.

  9. Love the Dorothy Parker quote...made me smile. Thanks!

  10. Love your photo your expression says it all.Ida

  11. Heh, D.P.´s first quote was a funny one, sadly so true.
    I prefer coffee to tea, but one tea I especially like to have in the evening is Yogi Tea : Classic Cinnamon Spice Organic. The scent of it is heavenly too.

  12. Hostess - mine too - £750, that's about $1300, lenses are so so expensive.
    You look so good in yours, your new hairdo, is so so flattering.

    1. Love the new 'do with your glasses!!
      My glasses are coming in around $1,900. It's obscene.

    2. Mine were about $1500.00 can you believe it?
      Sadly we really don't have a lot of options...although I have heard that Costco is doing glasses but have not heard of anyone who bought their prescription lenses there, except Lisa from Privilege who bought prescription sunglasses.

  13. I have recently discovered the joys and hazards of a good Martini. Is Grey Goose your favourite Vodka?
    Hubs brings me Darjeeling tea in bed each morning. It is delightful!!

  14. It's my latest crush! I used to drink gin martini's but this brand of vodka has changed my taste.
    We are lucky gals to have such sweet husbands :-)

  15. Grey Goose...yum! Has been my favorite since it was introduced in the late 1990s and it makes a delicious Martini.