Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Beauty upon closer inspection...

Flowers are quite delightful and often we may merely glance at their beauty.
They are flowers so isn't that their job?
To be beautiful and to be admired.
We may take them for granted.

Upon reflection I think that
beauty goes much deeper...

I am thinking of a few of the older women that I know who are, in my opinion and in a word, fabulous.
They know how to dress to make the most of their figures and they have perfected the art of applying make up.
They smile often, have oodles of energy and are a positive influence on those who have the good fortune to be around them. They have something magnetic about their demeanour.

On a recent visit to an Avenue Shop that I regularly patronize I spoke with the owner/manager who told me that she was turning 65!
I would have never guessed! I though perhaps that she was closer to my age.
She dresses casually, pays attention to her grooming,  focusing on a flattering hairstyle and she keeps her figure in check by walking daily.
I looked closely at her face as we chatted and for the first time I noticed that she had quite a few wrinkles...
I never really saw them before.
They did not diminish her good looks and obvious well cared for and healthy skin, in fact, they looked natural and quite friendly.
We got into a discussion about bathing suits of all things, as she is off to Maui for 2 weeks.
She is traveling with a long time girlfriend...
who has apparently gained quite a bit of weight.
Who by all accounts says that she is happy with her body and has just invested in a couple of splashy new bathing suits...one of which is a two piece.
Isn't that wonderful?

How refreshing and delightful...
Women who accept themselves and are comfortable in their own skin.
Women who don't take themselves too seriously and have a great sense of humour.
Women who are not afraid of adventure and set an shining example of what we can look forward to as we advance in age.

After our conversation I realized how long it takes some women to come to terms with aging...myself included.
We are not hardwired for acceptance, nor do we dwell on it for long as we generally have far too much going on in our lives to be able to spend hours "gazing at our navels."

Do you listen to and appreciate the wisdom that older women have to offer?
I savour time spent with these remarkable ladies and feel that I breathe easier and have a sense of calm
not unlike that felt after an hour of restorative Yoga.
I am walking behind them trying to catch up
wanting to absorb the lessons that they have learned and are willing to share.

The sun danced in The Humble Bungalow as I was sitting down to type this post a few days ago ~
it is raining cats and dogs here today!
I grabbed my camera and captured some images of the lovely tulip bouquet that I was given by a lovely friend.

Looking though the lens I discovered an intricate beauty that deserved closer inspection...

My hands are as dry as can be despite the lotion that I slather on them.
I blame it on all the domestics that I do without the protection of gloves.
The gloves are handy I just keep forgetting to put them on...

The best lotion I have found is Pure Shea Butter from L'Occitane which is made in France
what do you use to keep your hands in top form?

My hands are those of an older woman, my neck too.
Here's the thing
I am that older woman!

Are you willing to walk with me on my journey to wisdom and acceptance?
One wrinkle at a time...


  1. I'm definitely on that journey, 50 next year and for the first time, I am seeing all sorts of changes in my skin and face, I look quite different from the 21 year old me. I think acceptance will be a challenge at times but it has to be done, it's that or die young and have a good looking corpse.

  2. I'm walking that path with you Hostess! As hard as I work I always end up looking good for my age. No fighting it and I would rather have smiling acceptance lines on my 56 year old face than stress lines.

  3. What beautiful photos! I loved this post. Though I am 27 I do wonder about those aging gracefully - how they do so etc.
    Thank you for sharing - you write so beautifully xo

  4. In general, tulips are not my favorites, but you managed to capture very pretty pictures of your´s.
    Yes, there are lovely looking older women, as there are lovely looking middle aged ones and lovely looking younger women, not forgetting young girls.
    Once again, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder..
    Some are beautiful by nature, some with the help of making right choices with the clothes, hairstyle, makeup.
    The route to wisdom and acceptance is not an easy nor a fast one.'
    One day at a time, is my mottto.

  5. I really love tulips. They have an interesting past in the world economy. One year I had 60 purple tulips in one clump. I think one tulip makes a nice "bow" for brown paper wrapping on a present.

    One year I planted some bulbs and decided not to tell my husband about them so he would be surprised in the spring. I was so excited I told him that very evening. And wine was not involved. :)

  6. It is not so much the beauty that we are born with nor the freshness of youth but grace and acceptance that make an older woman beautiful. There may be styling tricks but the loveliness comes with peace. Yeah restorative yoga.

  7. I think that the process of accepting aging is more complicated than we all admit, and I think a lot of it has to do with the reality of mortality, a subject which isn't easily discussed in our culture. There are lots of other cultures where the subject is not taboo and it seems that being elderly is also more easily accepted and in fact revered.

  8. I will be 65 in July, did not realize I was so much older than you!

  9. Hostess,
    I love your blog and am commenting for maybe the first time! This is a lovely post on a very fraught area for women. I have always said I prefer getting older than the alternative! However, as I reach mid 40's it seems a little bit harder....