Monday, March 25, 2013

Springing forth with colour...OOTD and a health report.

Spring is showing off in the yellow daffodils, purple crocus, red tulips and the blue hyacinths...
everywhere I look I see VIBRANT BRILLIANT COLOUR.
It is so startling after the grey skies of winter that my head turns to notice every bud and bloom.

This store's display
 caught my attention
and I stopped to look closer
to examine the details of each piece.
How cheerful and energetic it makes me feel.

As seen on the street in Seattle
mette might recognize some of the Marimekko prints.

Color or "Colour"
 is getting lots of press this season.
~ ~ ~
(Colour is how well spell it here in Canada)

Who knew there were blue trees in Seattle?

I'd call this cobalt blue...
it certainly makes a statement.

~ ~ ~

 Silly I know...

"Walking outfit"
I have two of these hoodies one in Glacier Blue and this Chartreuse Green
and I have been living in these "performance" active wear pants from Lands End!
They are so comfy...

I have been side lined with Vertigo all weekend and it continues 
my doctor thinks is Benign Postural Vertigo...
 I am taking some medicine, the same one that astronauts take for their trips to outer space!

So for now it's slow mo days in The Humble Bungalow
no walks allowed until it passes.
"Too risky"
 the hazards of falling are not worth it.

(I reluctantly have to agree)

I have lots of new magazines to browse

 a funny book to start
this really does sound entertaining!

What colours are you wearing this season and are you feeling bold in your choice of colour?


  1. Your picture made me giggle. You look absolutely sassy! Good for you. Hope the vertigo passes quickly, I know how miserable it is.

    I am seeing coral and aqua everywhere and they are two of my favorites. I bought a cream cardigan down south that has coral and medium blue splashes of color and I love it. Can't wait for our weather to straighten out so I can wear it. Heard birdsong today so good weather cannot be far away.

  2. Thanks for the lovely burst of color. So welcome on the cold and dreary first days of spring. Hope that your vertigo heals quickly.

  3. I hope your vertigo leaves quickly, that's dreadful. Best to rest and stay put and stay safe.
    Love those blue trees!

  4. Be careful with the vertigo. You don't want to fall. Coral, beige and aqua are in all the windows in Paris. Do you remember all the bright Finnish fabric of the 70's? It is so happy looking.

    1. I do remember all those vivid prints! I also had a large floppy brimmed felt hat from a local boutique Carnaby Street and thought I was pretty hip when I wore it...ah those silly teenage years!

  5. I hope the vertigo leaves you soon!
    I love the corals and cobalt blues I'm seeing this spring. I think I need cobalt blue ballet flats!
    I had a look in that shop when I was in Seattle last month - the perfect antidote for a dull day!

  6. I have a friend back east who's suffering a lot with vertigo all of a sudden. Can't drive or anything. I hope you get over yours fast. I love you in your workout outfit - even if you're not walking, I think it looks stupendous.
    BTW - I'm not a good sleeper but for some reason, it's like the crime novels get it all out of me before I fall asleep and I don't dream about weird things at all.

    1. Yes it must be so disconcerting, a friend had it for years and it caused so many other problems in his life, hope your bout passes soon hostess.

    2. Seriously years?
      This is not what I want to think about, I want this gone now!
      Not sounding like a good patient am i?

  7. Seems like coral & aqua is the colour to be wearing. Haven't had time yet to go shopping for clothes, I'm too busy in the garden after the winter and painting to spruce up the inside, but in the publicity we get with our post it's showing the spring outfits in coral & aqua, so I'd better find some time to get to the city - Limoges to get my spring outfit before they sell out. Hope the vertigo, clears up quickly, it's not nice I've had it, but the medicine seemed to help. Enjoy your rest reading the magazines.

  8. I'm not much into color until it gets far warmer than the weather we have these days...once we get into the 60s and 70sF, I will add bright green, light pink, and more white. Meanwhile, grey, navy, black are my staples. Dull, but comforting when it isn't very warm. Color in cold weather is too jarring for me - I can take light blue but that's about it. Good luck with the vertigo. That's nothing to play around with.

  9. I like the blue tree! I am still in my strong winter colors for the most part.

  10. Interesting, the name- Pirkko, the one selling Marimekko, as it ( P ) is a woman´s name here in Finland..
    Yes, the clothes are colorful, but sadly the quality of the clothes is not nearly as good as Marimekko used to have in it´s earlier years (;
    What bad luck to have vertigo out of a sudden. Wishing you health real soon.

  11. Still in winter darks over here in the freezing UK. Looking for cobalt blue for Spring and waitig to see if Summer ever arrives before deciding on more colour.

    Sorry about the vertigo, hope it clears up soon. Have you had your ears checked?

    1. I have been to the doctor and he looked in my eyes, ears and throat and ordered a full panel of blood should pass in a few days.

    2. I love your walking outfit. I too have had episodes of vertigo but mine has been loosely diagnosed as menieres syndrome (or labyrinthitis -they arent sure which). It takes a couple weeks for mine to pass - not fun, i have to move very slowly when it strikes. But havent had a major episode for about 10yrs. Get well soon!

  12. Oh Leslie, I have the same problem: benign positional vertigo. It hits me every now and then. I really understand what you are going through. I will keep my fingers crossed that yours passes soon.
    xx Sunday

  13. Oh dear, hostess! Vertigo really gets in the way of enjoying life, especially moving. But you look terrific and I hope this resolves soon.

    Like colour but get tired of bright clothes, love it on others. As I like a small wardrobe I usually buy neutrals and add colour via scarf or jewelry.

  14. I hope your Vertigo disappears. I suffered from it for a few months, and seriously wondered if I would fall down, especially in brightly lit spaces. It left as suddenly as it appeared.

    I wear peppermint pink, aqua, coral, and neutrals; black, brown, camel, white, navy and red in summer. Come to think of it, I wear these colours year round.