Friday, March 15, 2013

A lick and a polish....

My nails have never been a top priority for me...
gardeners are a no nonsense breed and other than wearing garden gloves and slathering our hands with emollient lotions and creams we rarely wear polish as it chips so quickly when we are weeding and pruning.

Lately my nails have felt weaker and softer more prone to breakage and I do take a multi vitamin and several supplements daily so I thought I'd better do some research and see what I could do to improve the strength of my nails.

Hangnails are beastly and I am prone to them.
I have been faithfully applying the Badger Cuticle Cream daily and it has helped.

Complete Care from Sally Hansen claims to be the answer to weak nails.
Having recently tested this out I can endorse it and am happy to say that it does work.
It can be used as a base and a top coat with coloured polish in between too if you prefer wearing colour.

I like the shine too.

Look who helped me with my manicure!
Chester is such a curious kitten that he follows me everywhere and insists on being in on the action.
He wakes me up very early every morning with his purring and a few licks just to make sure that I notice him!

He's great company...
Pepper our other cat was snoozing on the bed.
She gets tuckered out after Chester chases her around the house.
They play well together with the occasional cat spat when Pepper shows him whose the boss!

He does have some annoying habits like jumping on Pepper when she is drinking water
or grabbing her by her neck when she is looking out the window.
But they do look so cozy when they are snuggled up together on the bed or the sofa.

 Pepper looking out the window
the house across the street reflected in the glass.

Spring is just around the corner and it cannot come too soon.
I have noticed that there are many more birds in the Humble Bungalow Garden.
We have lots of trees and greenery so there are lots of spots for them to perch
and hide from the hungry hawks.

The closet has had a thorough going over with an eye to edit the tired, ugly and unbecoming.
There is room now for a couple of new purchases...
I am thinking of some new pants and shoes.
A colourful scarf might be fun...
Our Seattle trip should provide an opportunity to find some new pieces.

Do you have any thoughts on dressing for Spring?
Janet at the Gardener's Cottage inspired me with her Spring Fever post.

What kind of weather are you having where you live?
I'm going to go out and jump in a few puddles!

Oh and Mother sounds so much better.
Thank goodness for medicine that works!

I can breathe a little easier now.

Hope your weekend is filled good things...


  1. So glad to hear that mum's on the mend. I really like your nails, that's as far as I could go polish wise, I like the natural sheen.

  2. It's raining here but I love it. I've already been out walking for a couple of miles. I have Boeuf Bourguignon on the stove simmering. It should be good; it has a whole bottle of red wine in it! :)

  3. I remember your trip when your mother fell ill; here's hoping you both have a happy and healthy jaunt.

  4. Glad she's on the mend. Don't do a thing with my nails other than clip them. Painting with oils just ruins them totally.

  5. So happy that Mother is feeling better. Going to Albany to visit my mother today for St. Patrick's Day (a day early.) The weather here is maddening. Snow fell all day yesterday, but didn't really stick. The week is predicted to bring temps in the 30's, some sloppy precipitation and a smattering of chilly sunshine. We long for real spring days. Looking forward to some new sandals and ballerinas this spring. I just found a new consignment shop in a nearby town where I will unload some ill-conceived shoe choices.

  6. I'm happy to read that your mother is doing better. Nails... oh, mine are a mess. I am writing these down, and will try ANYTHING that might work!!! Thanks for the tips! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. I'm going to look out for puddle jumping hostesses' with pretty nails when I come into town! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  8. My nails need some attention at this time of year too. I'll have to look for that cuticle cream.
    A trip to Seattle will be just the thing - all that colour in the flower stalls, and all the colour in the shops. I bought two new scarves last month and they are boosting me through this rainy period. We have to do whatever it takes!

  9. Your fingernails look perfect ! Good to hear, that your mother is getting well.
    But the shopping thing.. I thought you´d ease on that one ; )?

  10. The Sally Hanson products have never worked for me,I would be happy if I had nails like yours.Good to hear your mother is feeling better.Ida

  11. Our weather is warming up, though it is very overcast. Still, it does feel like spring is right around the corner with the wisteria blooming! Spring clothing for me usually includes floral patterns and white pants. Very bright and cheerful!