Thursday, November 15, 2012

~ Second Hand Rose ~ and a cougar sighting!

Shopping second hand, consignment and thrift shops is a greener option.
Adrienne author of The Rich Life on a Budget recently reminded her readers.

It's something I have done for many years but I admit to being a bit of a snob.
I look for the best quality items and often leave with nothing rather than settle for something of lesser quality or something that is a quick mood lifter.

This week I found a new~to~me wool jacket/coat and two books.

Saint James France makes lovely garments and I swoon when I see them in the high end shop in Sidney.
I very nearly faint at the prices though....
imagine how thrilled I was to actually find a piece in my size, colour preference and at a price that I can live with!

Sturdy fabric which hangs well
yet is soft warm and comfortable to wear

I love how they construct these garments
they feel so good on
 maybe it's the sturdiness of the fabrics they use

pocket detail

This can be worn zip open as a coat or closed as a tunic with leggings and boots.
Very versatile and will get lots of wear.

a hardcover book 
home decor ~ natural theme
less costly than a glossy magazine

A novel by an English author new to me 
who has penned quite a few books
view them here.

I've started into it and am already engaged and captivated by the characters...
looks like I'll be visiting Yorkshire vicariously in the next couple of chapters!

Don't you just love finding a great book
or a super bargain at a shop?

What has been your best and most recent find?

~ ~ ~
BTW we had a cougar sighted a few blocks from The Humble Bungalow today.
Students were not allowed outside at recess and had to be picked up by an adult after school.
I hope that no one gets hurt.
It makes me a wee bit paranoid walking the streets.

I think I'll take my umbrella with me when I go out
it has a pointed end and I can open it up
and hide behind it!
Meanwhile I'd be dialing 911 and screaming.

Hope that your day went well.


  1. Beautiful coat! I would recommend "Over-Dressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Fast Fashion" for an eye-opening read about today's "disposable" fashion industry. I am nearly always shopping second hand these days (will be at the Vintage Fair over in your 'hood on Saturday), or buying locally-made items. They cost more, but I'd rather put that money back into my community.

    My great deal this past weekend: a REAL Andre Courreges vintage 80s wool/cashmere pencil skirt in a glorious cobalt blue...for $5.00. Swoon-worthy!

    I read about that cougar! Stay safe!

  2. Congrats on your great finds! I am always scouting 2nd hand shops for mid century modern furniture and objects. I feel bad for the cougars since there is so little territory left for them to roam but I wouldn't want to accidentally meet up with one on the street either.

  3. What a lovely jacket! That's a great find. I have very good luck with thrifting and finding very well made pieces and name brands! I found a gorgeous Italian leather jacket and I felt like I hit the jackpot!

  4. Oh, thank you, thank you for the mention! My intention is to inspire as many people as possible to visit their local thrift or consignment shop. It's so good for the planet, and it's good for our souls!

    That coat is such high quality. I can tell from the photos. That is one thing among many that I love about secondhand: we get to see what real quality looks and feels like in a world overflowing with "fast fashion". Finding a treasure like the one you found reminds us that well-made clothes really do exist, we just have to look for them.

    My latest finds are a faux snow leopard jacket and a brocade coat - am in love with both of them.

    The threat of seeing a cougar in our nearby hills scares the living daylights out of me. They are such beautiful creatures but I never want to encounter one on a hike.
    Please be careful!
    xo, Adrienne

  5. I have a few St. James pieces that I've had for years. They last forever and ever. So well made. How lucky to find them in a thrift store. And to show you how my vocabulary has changed, I thought when I read the "cougar" headline, that you had seen Demi Moore shopping!

  6. what a gorgeous coat!

    yikes a cougar sighting would scare me and i don't think an umbrella will help you! be careful. xo

  7. I am shocked by the cougar around your whereabouts! WoW.
    In the forest nearby us, there are bears. Having heard about it, I avoid going there alone.

  8. I can't think of a better person to find that St James piece than you! Yikes to the cougar sighting -- we get them here occasionally as well. Recently, with all the deer on our little island, I've been wondering if the cougars will hear about the free meals and wander over . . . that wouldn't be good!

  9. You have a great find! It looks as though that will fit perfectly into your wardrobe. And you'll have it for years. I'll like to see how you pair it with other things.

  10. It better be a big umbrella!!
    I'm not a vintage shopper usually, but what a great find you've made!!
    I do love vintage books though...and of course antiques!

  11. Lovely to catch up with you now that I'm home. I heard about the cougar sighting - life on the Island is full of quirks, isn't it?