Thursday, November 8, 2012

Vancouver weekend highlights part 2.

Vancouver is a great place to walk.
There are so many scenic spots in which one can exercise...

Kits Beach in Kitsilano is one such place.
On the Sunday we were meeting friends for brunch and were early enough to enjoy a refreshing walk in the rain.

Autumnal shades 
a carpet of leaves

wet puddly paths littered with fallen leaves

variations of colour 

Nature is a talented artist 
painting scenes with a dapple hand.

a different artist had a hand in creating these fish

when we lived in Vancouver in the mid 70's 
there were only a smattering of houses at Kits Beach
now there are million dollar properties dotting the seafront

We enjoyed a healthy and delicious brunch at The Boathouse.
With the rain and fog outdoors
 we were snug and cozy inside
and able to view the beach and boats beyond.
~ ~ ~
 this restaurant has walls that open and a vast deck for outdoor seating.
We plan to go back in the summer and sit in the sun.

For the time being we are preparing for winter
the mushrooms have sprouted
the rain has set in
and I have been shopping online for some weather friendly clothing.

I'm only buying what I actually need to replace.
What about you?
Are you prepared for winter's arrival?

Take care,


  1. i have always wanted to go to vancouver and now i really want to go. thanks for sharing all your lovely photos and experiences leslie. i'm ready for winter but we've barely even had fall yet.:(

  2. It's here, there isn't a leaf left on the trees. I love from now till New year's day then I'm usually miserable till April/May when the leaves are back and the sun is out.

  3. If I´m honest, I say that I have a l l I need for winter.
    It is surprising, that despite our 4 seasons, I actually need very little.
    Want is a totally different thing. Sure, I want something. I´d want to replace my leather gloves, I´d want to get rid of one clutch.
    I´m bored with studs.
    I´d want to get yet one more warm sweater ( I now have 4 ).
    I never knew you once lived in Vancouver!!

    1. I ordered a new down coat for winter as I am feeling the cold so much more these days and a dress to replace the one that Chester shredded.
      I am donating my old coat to a women's shelter shop and hope that it will keep someone in need warm and cozy.
      We were in Vancouver for 2 years while my husband went to school.
      I understand getting bored with diamond studs are still my favourite earrings.
      (Mr. HB gave them to me to mark one of our anniversaries!)

    2. Sorry Leslie, I meant, that I am bored with studs on bags, gloves, etc. That´s why I wish to get rid of this one clutch and the gloves; they have some studs.
      I wear my diamond studs on my ears 365. Not tired of those.
      Sorry for the mix-up (;

    3. And here I thought you were talking about horse studs! Just joking... ;)

    4. Thank you for clearing that up mette!
      Studs on bags never excited me very much. They snag things like knit scarves and cashmere :-(

  4. Vancouver is my favorite west coast city, after San Francisco. Such beauty there this time of year! I almost moved there in the late '90's to be with my Canadian boyfriend...and then I met my California-native husband and the rest is history.

    I don't really need anything for winter this year. I know you like Lululemon...I bought a rain jacket from them last year around this time that I adore. Maybe they have some weather-proof duds you could take a look at.

  5. Your photos are lovely, hostess! Nature is indeed an artist, and your photos show that you are too.

  6. The photo of the leaves on the wet pavement looks very Monet-esque. I had to go back and look at it again.
    It's getting chillier and chillier - definitely time to think of winter clothes. I've purchased a couple of sweaters recently, one cashmere pullover, another cotton/cashmere cardigan. I'm sewing a skirt and dress, so that should take me through the season.

  7. Vancouver looks lovely! That fish artwork is really cool.
    It is going to be near 80 here tomorrow. It is so hard to dress for such odd weather. This weekend it is supposed to be really cold. I am sure I will long for an 80 degree day once it gets really cold.

  8. I have always wanted to visit the west coast of the US and Canada and am contemplating a trip to Seattle and then Vancouver. Your photos are very enticing.

    Winter comes quickly and unexpectedly to Central NY. One day it is 60 degrees and the next, a nor'easter blows in and dumps a foot of snow. We were missed by this one, but I'm ready when the first lake-effect storm is upon us. Boots are waterproofed, coats are out of the attic and I've been wearing scarves every day.

  9. Great photos! I'm barely ready for autumn...winter is going to come as a shock!

  10. The trees are still green here,but the Larches are a lovely honey red.
    I enjoyed sharing your trip to Vancouver.Ida

  11. As Janet said, we've barely had autumn in southern California. But today is cool and drizzly and I'm loving it.
    I really want to visit Vancouver one of these days. My mother loves it there, and always threatens to move if the presidential elections don't go her way. I guess she's staying put for 4 years :) She thinks Vancouver is a perfect city.
    Beautiful photos too. BTW, I did plant my David Austin rose garden, and it's doing well. It should be really gorgeous next spring, and I thank you for introducing me to these fantastic roses!

  12. Beautiful pictures which I can see for myself here this week. The weather is perfect. I don't need anything for my winter wardrobe but I did splurge on 2 cashmere sweaters that will be workhorses for years to come.

    1. Where did you pick them up from, Jennifer? Did you find a shop you'd recommend? Enquiring minds want to know, right Lesley?

    2. Yes we cashmere lovers are hanging in the wings share!

  13. Did you write the phrase "a refreshing walk in the rain" with tongue in cheek? If there is one phrase that sums up a Vancouverite....

  14. My children know that one place they must spread part of my ashes when I'm gone is Stanley Park! They then are free to run through the city, go to VI and the Essex to take tea, and make as much fun as they possibly can, much as I did in my teens and twenties. Vancouver is spectacular.

  15. I ran past the Boathouse on my way to Spanish Banks Saturday morning -- I got absolutely drenched, but before the rain started it was splendid (and even with the rain, it was mild enough to be pleasant).
    We haven't tried the Boathouse yet -- I think I've had to grudgingly let it grow on me first . . . wasn't sure what I thought about a commercial enterprise right on/at the Beach, but it's settling in nicely and I love the look of the interior -- did you enjoy your meal?

  16. What a lovely place to eat. It must have been a wonderful day.