Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vancouver weekend highlights part 1.

It was a wild and wet weekend that we found when we took the ferry over to Vancouver.
We had arranged to meet friends for dinner one night and do brunch with some other friends on the Sunday.
In between we were on a mission to buy a few things that are not available locally
I had written a list so I would not forget anything.
Lists are necessary these days as I seem to suffer from sporadic memory recall.
(especially when I go grocery shopping!)

Here's how our hotel looked upon arrival.
Robson Street was under a deluge of rain and puddles were deep and unforgiving.
(I did not bring boots)

New oven mitts from Williams Sonoma
Diptyque candle from Holt Renfrew
~ ~ ~
 Hostess signature style in black and white.

Nine West red ballet flats!
My heart beat a bit faster and I was all aflutter when I spied these shoes.
They have been on my wish list for over 2 years!
(I'll wear them with red lipstick)
if you see me wearing these you can be assured there will be joy in my heart and I'll be stepping lightly.

Leather flats
(a tad under $100)
I surveyed the red flats at Holt Renfrew and they were lovely...
Prada, Lanvin, Ferragamo's 
 I cannot justify spending $500 on one pair of shoes.

Our scents were getting low so we stocked up on those too.


Mr. HB's Terre d'Hermes
Chester is checking out the goods.

Hostess's choice
 Voyage d"Hermes
I've worn this one for several years now.
Crisp clean with top notes of citrus.

Chester employing his "nose" 
he sniffs anything new that comes into The Humble Bungalow.

He was a naughty boy last night.
He knocked over a can of pop that was on the counter top
it exploded and completely saturated the rug
covered the floor
the fridge, stove and dishwasher with a sticky icky mess.
I nearly lost it...
(I sort of did) 
as it was after 8 and the kitchen had been cleaned 
we were weary after working all day
and were ready for a relaxing hour or so of PVR'd programming.

It took many cloths and lots of water and cleansers to clean this up.
Chester was banished to the hobby room while I grumbled and fumed
 rolled up my sleeves and got down on my knees
and worked up a sweat tackling this job.

 Mr. HB saw a side of me that I am not proud of...
sorry honey.

As soon as we let Chester back upstairs
he cuddled up beside me on the couch and gave me lots of kitten cuddles.
Soothing ~ calm.

Oh I almost forgot 
we also went to IKEA and found some new slip covered love seats,
 Xmas wrap, candles, and some kitchen gadgets.

I'll post a picture of the new love seats when they are delivered and in place.

In the meantime I've got to get organized in the kitchen and both cats are on the prowl for their dinner.

Stay tuned for more weekend highlights
until next time...
Be well

~ ~ ~ 


  1. I got absolutely soaked on my long run in Vancouver Saturday morning -- and then was out driving back from the shower in it Saturday early evening. It was torrential, wasn't it?!
    Still, looks as if you didn't let the weather get in the way of your shopping!
    Sorry about Chester's mess -- last thing you'd want when getting home Sunday evening and getting ready for the week ahead.

    1. I had quite forgotten how much it rains in Vancouver, much heavier than here!

  2. It sounds like the weekend was fun and productive. You hit all the high notes for me!.........scent, new seating, delicious meals with friends - all the best things. We're enjoying the wild surf on the Wild West Coast for a couple of days. No shopping, but some wonderful meals and deep relaxation.

    1. Oh your getaway sounds wonderful. I love walking along Chesterman Beach watching the surf and the mist that shrouds Frank's Island.

  3. Bonus weekend finding the red shoes worth the 2yr wait!Ida

  4. Oh that ambre candle gives off such a richly opulent scent, excellent choice!

  5. Love the ambre candle too - so luxurious and wintery. I don't understand how everyone wears ballet flats, when they live in places that have cold and wet weather? Do you carry other shoes, or what? I've always been curious.

  6. I don't wear my flats if I am planning a lot of walking in the rain. I protect my leather shoes with water repellent protective spray to minimize damage. I wear my boots a lot of the time.