Saturday, November 10, 2012

~ Online shopping ~

Do you regularly shop online?
Amazon, Net a Porter, J Crew, Land's End, Ebay?

When our children were young I'd order clothing for them from the UK store Mothercare and the denim overall powerhouse Osh Gosh B' Gosh in Wisconsin, mind you it was done slowly via "snail mail."

In the late 70's and early 80's we did not have personal computers...
we had land lines with long cords and digital photography was just on it's way.

Now we have IPhones, IPads and MAC laptops.

I have dipped my toes in the waters of online shopping...
(ever so slightly and with a safety net of convenient return policies offered by Lands End.)

Many bloggers shop online and I feel their influence has nudged me into this territory.
Being mindful of consuming and a green footprint I have culled my clothing and purchase far less than I used to buy.
Frankly it's much easier this way....
fewer mistakes, easier to see what is in the closet and getting dressed is a breeze.
Accessories are the reason I can be content with less...
adding a splash of colour, a bangle, brooch or shoes can change the way a simple outfit or garment looks.

A new coat and a dress were ordered...
you might recall that dress I so loved that Chester "attacked and shredded" while it was hanging in the closet.
I had to relocate all my longer garments to the higher rod and only leave the rugged denims and sturdy things in harms way.

The new coat is a down one for our winter chill.
It is a slimmer line and has a cold rating 600 power which is lighter and warmer.
The older I get the more I want to be warm and cozy...

Lands End
Long Parka

it does look puffy
I bought it in a large size.

Zipper closure as well as snaps
and a peek at the lining
it's purple

built in hand warmers!
they were a surprise
use them or not it's up to you

interior zippered pocket 
perfect for keys and a cellphone

Now for the dress...
it's not black like the former one
it's charcoal grey.

It has very little hanger appeal
(it does look like a sack)
but trust me it's a keeper.
Ponte knit in a weight that skims and doesn't cling.
( Spanx are not necessary!)

I am not nor never will be a fashionista
( you are not surprised are you?)
and I do not follow the latest trends
I wear garments that fit and flatter my curvy frame.
Garments MUST be workhorses that can be accessorized and worn in a variety of ways 

This simple basic dress ticks all the boxes.

add a scarf
 a vest or a sweater
(or not)
a brooch perhaps
wear it with boots
flats or heels

There is a "self belt" included which I will probably never use.
I own some interesting belts which I feel will personalize it.

side seam pockets
which are virtually invisible
and do not any bulk

The dress has a shaped waist and top stitching on the V neck.

I've been thinking of all the things in my closet that I can wear this with 
now feeling very positive about the colour choice
where I normally choose black I think this departure is a prudent one.

~ ~ ~

I'd like to steer you all over to The Beauty Boomer today where Poppy is showing off her latest Worth dress
and she's working hard at the gym with her trainer
whittling and honing her shape.
She's an inspiration.

I hope you'll agree that we need to dress and accessorize well regardless of our size.

~ ~ ~

It's a sunny day here today and the leaves are looking spectacular.
There's a mug of hot tea on the table and Chester and Pepper are snoozing on the bed in the sun.

I implore you to adopt an 
"Attitude of gratitude"
Enjoy your weekend

~Be Well~ 



  1. I do love online shopping but balk at the broker fees and return shipping. I am in deep smit with the ON/Gap/Banana Republic online stores tho - free shipping and free returns! And it's all done within Canada so no brokers! Wahoo!

  2. Hostess, I practically squeed when I saw the purple lining in your new down coat--then I saw you linked to me and I really did squee--thanks so much!

    Love both pieces! I agree about keeping cozy and warm. I wore that brown ponte dress through dinner and movie night--(so nice to wear a sheath that I can curl up in comfortably) and the cashmere shawl felt so warm and soft, I practically purred.

    I also love your new gray dress. I absolutely agree about dressing up basic pieces with accessories. It's not just practical; it's fun!

  3. I only seem to shop online nowadays. For me it saves temptation as I mainly shop on eBay and have very precise searches e.g. brown trousers from Maxmara in my size. What's not to love: eco-friendly, cheap, and no rushing round the shops.

  4. I shop Lands' End quite a bit. My latest purchase is also a black down parka, though not the one you have. It came in Talls! There are a lot more Tall choices this season, which is a big deal to me. I also shop eBay and Etsy for accessories.

  5. I find myself shopping on-line for Christmas and just braved ordering from Marks and Spencer, a store in Dublin. I'm always a bit squeamish about ordering on-line for fear it won't arrive in time. This year I am shopping local mostly to support our upstate merchants.

    I stopped in the Land's End section of our local Sears this week and was impressed by the look and quality of the merchandise. It is great that you can order from Land's End and return to Sears, so I am checking what I might find for Mr. K. He's a tough one to shop for and many things have been returned over the years.

    Love the grey dress. I have some great scarves and shoes that would look terrific with it.

  6. I do over 90% of my shopping online. I regularly shop on Amazon, eBay and Etsy and random other stores. I have for years. I guess you could say I like looking at things on the computer more than I do in a store. I just got two new beautiful rings on Etsy for myself for my birthday - LOL and a lovely Coach bag on eBay for pre-Christmas.

  7. I too bought all my baby things 24 years ago from Mothercare in UK. The quality was excellent and lasted through my 5 sons. I started buying from Landend at the same time and have ordered at least 8 times a year since.
    It is great to shop at home when you are in the mood and Landsend has never let me down with their excellent return and damage policy.
    Wendy from White Rock

  8. I don't buy any clothes on line, but someday I might. So far I have found most things in local stores...not surprising since I seem to exist in exercise clothes and gardening gear.(-: I love your new dress, it's very pretty and looks wonderfully comfortable.

  9. I shop mainly online and can find things quickly (like an oversized ivory sweater) without going to many stores, which is so time consuming. I dress very casually, and in a sort of "uniform" that revolves around denim jeans.
    I do go to a store for shoes though, as I want to make sure they're comfortable, and the sizing is all over the place.
    Love your gray dress, very chic and elegant. I wear a lot of gray and actually find it more versatile than black.
    Many painters paint their canvas a shade of gray, before beginning their painting, as it's such a neutral ground and the other colors are "truer" against it, than they are against white.

  10. I am in love with that beautiful basic grey dress. It sounds like a keeper.

  11. Over the few years, I´ve realized, that online shopping is possible, I have " bought " four pairs of shoes, I would have bought them from Hki, only they lacked my size(;.
    One sweater and two bags, which were not available otherwise. Now more, no less.
    It is exciting to look at all what´s on sale, luckily my credit card has a limit; ).
    Your purchases seem sensible. You can work them up and down in plural ways!!

  12. grr. supposed to be: NO more No less, sorry (:

  13. I've never considered a down coat, but having seen yours makes me think about it!! And a charcoal grey dress that looks comfy enough to curl up in! Love it!
    I'm going to have to do some online shopping!!

  14. Most of my shopping is done online now and I find the selection is better. Most US and UK stores now ship to Canada, which is a big plus for us! (Laura Mercier excluded).

    Your wedding rings are beautiful! I like the built-in hand warmers with the jacket. Good finds!

  15. What a good idea the built in hand warmers are.

    I buy the odd item on the net,but NEVER shoes or boots! Ida

  16. Nice picks, Hostess! I'm turning more and more to online vendors, to get what I want in my size. At 5'10", size 14, it's hard to find pants otherwise, and LE for example, hem for free.

    eBay is terrific for hard to find cosmetics! I have bought shoes and boots online, it helps if you know the brand.