Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hasty post OOTD

The slumber of fall has crept in and settled ever so slowly...
it's possibly fatigue, the flu or that desire to cocoon and hibernate.
Bedtime beckons early and in the name of sanity and beauty rest I listen and do.

So it's a hasty morning post that finds me snapping a few shots of my OOTD.
A cozy chill chasing remedy to the early morning damp...
which can be likened to a foggy patch of gloom.
(it sounds so much better when Tabitha speaks of it on her Scottish soil!)

Don't you love her way with words?
and that wit...

black leggings
black tunic top 
dark blue long wool vest

laundry hanging in the background and a sneaky kitten Chester!
My hairdresser did a bang up job layering the ends of my bob
it's got way more curl and I am loving it.

Sherman butterfly pin
a gift from my MIL many moons ago

As I said this must be a hasty post
duty calls...

Now off you go and have yourselves a delightful day and keep your chin up.
Hugs from the Hostess


  1. You got a gift from your MIL? On the 'wall of wedding photos' I'm not even present, everyone but the bride, and yes that did cause quiet the argy barry with the hubs!

  2. Look at how cute you are! Love the flippy ends of your hair.

  3. Love your hair. Really suits you

  4. Indeed, you look girly in the pictures!
    We had a really gray day over here today too, by 1.30pm it was already starting to get dark. No sun.
    Early to bed and so far..

  5. Enjoy your cocooning -- you look lovely!

  6. You hair looks great, really sweet and fun. Love the butterfly too.

  7. Love your hair and that beyond gorgeous pin! Someone must be a very good daughter-in-law!
    We must be on the same wavelength, I have begun 'cocooning' as well, find myself getting to bed earlier and earlier this last month and the foggy grey skies I have been waking to make me want to stay in bed way longer than I should!

  8. I hope you are not coming down with something. Feel better soon!

  9. I like you in leggings & boots.Ida

  10. Love your shorter layers, really lets the curls do their thing. Hope you're feeling better, and Happy Cocooning.