Sunday, November 4, 2012

Steiff horse down, a cat chat and studs.

Grand daughter Isla might be surprised to hear that Chester has been into her toy basket.
He's been digging deep and has found his new favourite toy.

It's the Steiff horse.
I am finding this wee fellow underfoot on the floor all over the Humble Bungalow.

He is cuddly and cute
 and is small enough to be carried by Chester.

Down for the count

I surrender...

My Steiff Teddy
Thankfully too large to become a cat toy!

Pepper on our bed
her favourite spot to snooze.

Chester is Trouble with a capital "T"

But what's not to love?

I have to resist rubbing this soft belly.

The Saks Fifth Ave sweater

Black dark denim jeans
Gloria Vanderbilt

these have kept their dark wash despite numerous washings
(I turn them inside out and wash in cold water)

I so love the gnarly bark of this Garry Oak Tree.

Signature style = Diamond studs
always wear mine
if I add a hoop or another dangle I move the studs up...

as seen here a year ago

Relax a bit...

I think the cats have the right idea
naps help to improve their disposition
as do some fun toys 
regular feedings and oodles of TLC.

I still want to rub that furry belly!

I've got a post in the works
we were out of town and have just returned....
stay tuned while I get my case unpacked, 
laundry washed and purchases sorted.


  1. That cute little Steiff horse makes a good plaything for Chester. I like those silver drop earrings. Very pretty.

  2. Now there's the difference between dogs and cats - our Rory would have had that sweet little horse chewed in 1000 pieces!
    It was lovely to get together last week - we'll have to do it again!

  3. When I still had cats, I used to regularly rub my face in their bellies. Most of them handled it with equanimity, but I would get the occasional horrified look.

  4. I just love my 13 yr old Siamese cat. I can't imagine being without pets, especially my cat. At night he cuddles up just as a teddy bear would. I also have 4 Cairn terriers, but they just don't cuddle the same way! They like to go at the end of the bed keeping watch out the window. And the German Shepherds love to cuddle us outside whenever they can!

  5. I have signature earrings as well -- pearl studs. There's just something comforting about wearing something wonderful every day! Cats and more gentle on toys than dogs -- dogs like to chew!

  6. I find that spotty kitty tummies are completely irresistible. I love big hoop earrings, but I like to wear a variety, so they aren't quite a signature for me.

  7. How I wish I had not been such a coward,and had my ears pierced,ear rings look nicer in pierced ears than clips.You are one brave dude with your double piercings!!! Ida

  8. I can't believe how much I still love stuffed animals. I want that horse and teddy bear. As a child I collected Steiff, and spent a lot of time organizing my display, making sure everyone had a chance in the front row at times. Obviously I was nuts, even then.

  9. Please. please rescue that Steiff horse! Save it for Isla.
    I have all the Steiff´s stored in a pink large bag. They are too precious even for precious Morty.
    Ida, wish I were you. I had my ears pierced way too early. Today, I´d have them pierced a bit differently.
    Looking at the bellies of your cats, I ´d like to rub them too!

    1. Mette,don't understand,your diamonds look fine.Ida

    2. The piercing should have been placed a bit higher and symmetrically. Now they are not. Guess who pierced them?
      My mother- omg!!

    3. Oh dear! My ear piercings are not symmetrical either and I had them done by a jeweler who did most everyone I knew in our city, mothers and daughters alike.

  10. Your adorable kitty has very luxurious taste in cat toys! Steiff stuffed animals are such classics-I have good memories of them always. Love how you wear your diamond studs. I used to have a second piercing in my ear and wore a tiny diamond stud in it but it always bothered my ear. I really like the look though.

  11. I love those drop silver earrings! I haven't a pair of diamond studs but I think I'm long past due. Still have a few stuffed toys kicking around and in the cedar chest. Like old friends you're always happy to see.

    1. They are timeless you'll love them!
      Gift yourself some...

  12. I just want to nuzzle those furry kitty bellies! But I would probably get a swat across the nose, wouldn't I?

    I wear my diamond studs almost everyday which makes me wonder why I bother keeping all my dangly and hoop earrings that are taking up space in my drawers. I have a second hole in my left earlobe only that I rarely ever use. Maybe I should start wearing a stud in it again....see what the husband thinks of it.
    Hope you had a great trip!
    xo, A

  13. Let the Steiff horse play with The Glove!

  14. Oh that's too cute: a kitty and his horse!

    In the early '80s, I had two holes in each ear but where I live that look, like shoulder pads, has expired- except as worn by 20-somethings; however, they favour far more multiples and of course piercings in other areas of the face.