Friday, November 30, 2012

Musings and the winds of change are blowing through The Humble Bungalow

Thank you all for your warm wishes and wonderful comments on my blog yesterday.
You made my blog anniversary something special.
I am very grateful.

Random thoughts are zigging and zagging while I sit calmly sipping my tea.
"Be still my mind" I mutter aloud,
 and yet there's no silencing the voice within...

Retirement has been very much on my brain of late.
I think that there is a change blowing in the wind.

I've been working for the same school district for almost 25 years!
Mother's health is gradually deteriorating, her mind is getting muddled and she is confused about her banking, investments, and worries more often about simple daily routines.

Plus I have been getting almost every cold and flu bug going around in our vast school.
I am home sick today with the stomach flu.

So I'm pondering a change...thinking out loud today here on my blog.
I could work part time doing something completely different that feeds my creative soul...

What might be available for an older woman like myself?
Or do I simply retire and take care of my family, home and garden at a slow pace?
I love to potter about in the kitchen and would love to join a fitness class and get back into Yoga.

There is a sense of reinvention brewing...
I can feel the vibration of change in the air.

I'd need to be much more frugal
 but in the end would it not all balance out?

Luxury is not buying the latest Hermes scarf or the most popular designer hand bag.
Luxury is a gift, a gift of time that money cannot buy.

 Merriam Webster defines luxury as:

a condition of abundance or great ease and comfort : sumptuous environment

something adding to pleasure or comfort but not absolutely necessary

an indulgence in something that provides pleasure, satisfaction, or ease

Devoting time to an elderly parent, tending to a wonderful husband, reading more books, painting and perhaps taking a writing course or volunteering with The Art Gallery or in a soup kitchen.

My wardrobe is small and consists of mostly neutral shades.
I think it would transfer very well into a casual lifestyle....
Lunching, volunteering, taking Mother out and fitness/Yoga classes I'd certainly have plenty of options in my closet.

It was mid week when I snapped this shot and my outfit is very casual.
My days are very busy and active at work so I don't opt for dry clean only garments
plus anything that rides up or shows off too much flesh is not going to make the cut.

Gilmour mushroom toned tunic top
black ponte knit leggings
black boots
(very affordable and pedestrian ~ Hush Puppies)
Burberry wool scarf
Sherman pin
(Gift from MIL eons ago)

The old washer and dryer are going to be vacating any day now as the tiler will be back on the job
The new LG's will arrive after the tile has been completed.

This brooch always gets comments.

Chester likes to get in on the action!

Change is inevitable
life does not stand still.

“Stepping onto a brand-new path is difficult, but not more difficult than remaining in a situation, which is not nurturing to the whole woman.”
― Maya Angelou

My thoughts today...
embracing honest feelings and listening to my heart.

Be Well.


  1. I understand exactly how you are feeling. Same wavelength here for me. Beautiful and apt quote by Maya Angelou! Stay cozy warm as the wind blows and I hope you feel better very soon.

  2. Luxury isn't"stuff"--it's serenity and time for what's important. I wish you well in your discernment.

  3. Congrats on your blog anniversary! Very pretty brooch!

  4. Follow your heart. Mine led me back to work. There's a time for everything.

  5. I'm having the same sorts of conversations with myself. Life is such a gift and it behooves us to think carefully about how we spend its hours. Time with family and friends is a huge draw!

  6. I´m bold enough to suggest you a retirement.
    You have so many things going on all the time. Your relationship with your mother is a special one.
    Or, you could do the school job at times, when someone is needed temporarily, but only if it fits your own schedule.
    You have enough clothing, so the standard of your living would not drop, in fact it might even be higher, not having to buy all the work clothing; you would be able to concentrate on something special, if it pleases you.

  7. Lovely blog today. Changes are difficult. Sometimes life presents us with situations and decisions need to be made. I understand, and wish you the best as you think this through.

  8. I confess to have missed the last couple of posts of yours, but I WILL go back and read them.....

    Today, I'm particularly pondering the definition of "luxury" that you posted. How calming and stable it sounds! I'm sure you'll embrace whatEVER changes you encounter with personal grace and unmistakeable style.

  9. Hostess I missed your blog anniversary, congratulations!
    What a lovely post. So true that time is the ultimate luxury. I've convinced my husband to stop working weekends and it's really been so lovely for all of us. We will have a lower income this year but we are planning accordingly. I wish you the best in making your decision, this is an exciting time for you!

  10. Congrats on your blog anniversary. Regarding decision to retire it's a big one and reading between the lines I think you're veering strongly towards yes and why not. You would clearly have no problem filling your time with your many and diverse interests. Financially less of an issue for you at this stage and you can't put a price on freedom and peace of mind. I wish you all the best with your decision and as a reader who enjoys your blog, many more years of blogging whatever you decide

  11. Congratulations on the anniversary of your blog! So sorry I missed the post yesterday. Utilizing our time in the most meaningful and purposeful way are important things to ponder. It has been on my mind a lot as well so I appreciate you opening up the subject on your blog. Weigh out all of your options, pros and cons and listen to your heart.

  12. retirement. when we bought our little 'ranch' it needed a drastic overhaul. we decided i would 'retire' and manage the home. 15 years later sweet husband retire after a 57 year wonderful bout with his company. yikes! our whole world a wonderful way! truly the biggest change for both. you will find this phase the most fun of your journey so far. i could write a book about the change in both of us!
    best of luck!

  13. When I began to ponder retirement four years ago, financial stability was my first concern and it stalled my decision for a year. But when it is time to go, you truly know and the call gets stronger. Since my retirement, I have experienced nothing but abundance- an abundance of time to follow long neglected avocations; an abundance of peace because I am no longer at an institution's disposal and, yes, an abundance of money. Actually, although I retired on a civil servant's salary, I have enough and in the long run, it is an abundance.

    I wish you peace as you make your decision, and when you do, step forward with confidence. You will be doing what you know is right for you. Best wishes.

  14. For me, the idea of retirement is scary, another step into an older age? But I work as a painter, and can set my own pace and hours, so I understand that I'm in a very different position. I need and crave the structure though, and the feeling that I'm still challenging myself. I think I always will, but that's my own particular nature. I can imagine though that after working for the same school district for 25 years you might want a change. You're such a thoughtful person, I'm sure you'll do what's right for you.

  15. I retired last year (several years before I thought I would) and I have never looked back. Giving myself the gift of time has been the most generous thing I have ever done for myself. I am happier, my husband is happier (something which I did not foresee), and I have realized how unimportant most "things" are. Listen to your true self and you will do the right thing.

  16. I read about some guy who was always going off on one hair brained adventure after another. What he said about that life style stuck with me: "Death is only one of many ways to lose your life". I am 77 years old, a research scientist and still working full time with no desire to quit. I came to my career at the age of 40 when I entered a PhD program and embarked on a quest to make a significant discovery. I did. I require meaning and structure in my life. Whatever your decision it will require insight to achieve a good out come. Best of luck to you. Ann

  17. Last year I got cold after cold, cough after cough, and then, routine blood tests revealed a Vitamin D deficiency (and I live somewhere with lots of sun) and since taking this supplement I have never had a stronger immune system. I usually get hay fever and swollen eyes in spring, but not since taking Vitamin D. I only mention it dear Hostess in case it might help you fight the bugs.

    I had no idea what a difference it would make.

    As for retirement it is your call, although maybe you have already made a decision. Which ever way you go I am sure you will be happy because you have the (rare) gift of being contented with your lot.

    Warmest good wishes to you


  18. Just catching up -- I've been new baby distracted! But I really want to congratulate you on 3 years blogging . . . and to say that I also contemplate retirement from time to time. I'll be curious to see what you decide.

  19. It is a tribute to you that you have so any thoughtful readers. So much to learn from these insightful replies.

  20. I encourage you to think about all this, but decide only you feel well. Decisions made under the burden of illness are often not the best. You will know.

    It always surprises me that some people think retirement is "doing nothing"! To me, it is simply deciding for myself where I will allocate my time.

  21. Sounds like retirement might suit you quite well .... but if you can't make up your mind, then wait a bit and something will happen to make it up for you. After working 9 to 5 for almost 50 years, I retired, and now I find I have trouble keeping up with what day of the week it is ... one day is just like another. Also, I have a tendency to put off doing things until tomorrow because "I don't have to get up and go to work in the morning!" On the other hand, I spent two glorious weeks in Paris in October and I certainly can't complain about that. Best to travel while you still can. Good luck!

  22. Happy Blogiversary! My thoughts on retirement? Don't over think it; and if you're at a comfortable financial position? Why not?
    I retired at forty and enjoyed it tremendously! I'm now fifty five, and starting a business. I never thought I would work again; but I was struck by a passion and inspiration, and I'm running with it.

    You only live once, and you never know where life will lead you!

  23. I am not sure how shopping became a form of entertainment. I don't even like it that much. Driving isn't that much fun either. I'd rather go for a walk or listen to music.