Monday, November 26, 2012

Pillow talk ~ Hostess Tips for Stress Free Holiday Shopping

Do you remember the film Pillow Talk?
The vintage rom com starring Doris Day and Rock Hudson.

Mother and I spent many happy hours watching films with Doris Day and Rock Hudson when I lived at home.
Father wasn't a big fan of this genre, he preferred James Bond or espionage films.

Mother and I went for a drive this past weekend and did some shopping at Mattick's Farm.
Homebody has sumptuous imported linens and Danish porcelain pieces. It's my new favourite spot to shop for gifts and home decor items.

I managed to find a pillow for our new love seats.
My back aches if I do not support it with a cushion,
it's because I am short and my feet cannot touch the ground without the extra padding!

Belgian Linen 
in an off white shade
the cover is removable for laundering

Chester is giving it the sniff test.

checking the construction

I think he approves.

Over a cup of freshly brewed tea I made out my annual Christmas Do List.

Things to make and bake and take.
Scottish Shortbread
Rum Balls

List of hostess gifts and ideas...
linen tea towels and napkins
jams and jellies
fancy vinegars
olive oils

List of people that we buy gifts for, mostly family and friends
 ideas jotted down beside their names.

Things I need to do...
buy, write and mail the Christmas cards
order the turkey
buy the Christmas crackers
get the tree
buy a wreath for the front door
buy some poinsettias
plan the menu for Xmas dinner

Decide on the table cloth and napkins for the turkey feast.
If a new colour is in order buy the cloth and napkins ahead so there is no last minute panic shopping.

 I try to shop ahead close to home 
in smaller shops nearby 
to avoid stress of parking lots and crowded stores.
Walking to the shops is a bonus and I'll frequently indulge in a seasonal treat ~
an egg nog latte from Starbucks.

When I bake, write cards, or do the wrapping I put on my favourite Christmas CD's.
I'll light an aromatic candle and sip a cup of tea or perhaps a wee sherry.
It's so much more pleasant and helps me get into the spirit of the festive season.

I'll keep my shopping list in my purse and make notes as I shop
that way I can keep track of who I have bought for and therefore do not over buy.
I could use my IPhone too but old habits die hard!

Make and plan ahead some meals for nights when energy is waning.
Aim to get to bed earlier to avoid falling ill.
Hydrate with plenty of water
breath deeply and mindfully.
Try to give yourself ample time to accomplish your tasks
rushing just makes one frantic and nerves can get frazzled so quickly.
Be kind to others and don't let the rudeness of others get you down.

Try to schedule in some pampering at the Spa 
or set some time aside 
a few hours at home for a restorative facial 
and a relaxing soak in the tub.

I savour and enjoy getting ready for the holidays
making it easy and enjoyable is how I manage to make the most of the pre-season busy~ness.

 I almost forgot
Remember to smile!

Best wishes


  1. Lovely tips. Local shopping is a favourite for me as well. I find people are so rushed they forget to be gracious and polite to those helping us make those purchases. That extra compliment or niceness is so appreciated by the shop keepers.
    Thank you for the lovely reminder.

  2. Wonderful list! And thanks for the info about the new store at Mattick's Farm. I haven't been out there for a long time. Sounds lovely.

  3. Your Christmas planning sounds delightful! I wish walking to local stores was an option for me. I look forward to seeing how your holiday celebrations come together.

  4. Sounds like you have it all under control! My Christmas planning is much more chaotic and last-minute. I haven't been to Mattick's Farm in years - I should go.

  5. Mum and I always need cushions behind us too to because of our stumpy little legs.
    My goose is ordered, it's such a yearly treat, though I like mine when it's cold and on its second third day.

  6. May I ask what is 'bark'? HB loves his rum balls/truffles.
    Same here great list maker makes me feel so organised!

    Agree keep smiling.Ida

    1. Bark is a chocolate confection which I make and often add dried cranberries or almond slivers. It's easy to make and delicious to eat! If you check out the tag "recipes" on my blog it will be there. Lat year mette asked for something easy to make so I posted the bark recipe.

    2. If Mette can make it am sure I can (smile)sounds yummie will take a look at the recipe,thanks Hostess.Ida

  7. oh your list sounds perfect! i'm not much of a list maker but i should be. i imagine it relieves a lot of stress, esp at this time of year.

    i'll think i'll make a december list! xo

  8. You're such a good planner! I have not even begun to think about Christmas to-dos.
    That pillow is lovely. Do you worry about the kitties scratching it? My cat scratches everything...even our leather couch.

  9. I felt myself getting happy and in the spirit just reading your plans! Thank you! My treasured day off is today; I have a few local errands to run then I'll be back to get Christmas going chez nous! I'll make my tea and reread this post to start!

  10. I haven't seen them do any scratching on the love seats as they have two cat scratchers in the same area...
    if they made it their new target I'd be very unhappy :-(

  11. I love your cushion. I, too, have to use one since my chair is actually to deep for me.

    You make Christmas preparations sound so enjoyable. Thank you for sharing your list! I need to complete mine and will check against yours to see if I have forgotten anything. I am 3/4 through with my shopping, and it is time to stop and assess. I often overdo it with regard to presents for my children and grandchildren. I've even found gifts after Christmas that I have forgotten! Not so this year.

  12. Was thinking that a beautiful French toile fabric in either charcoal and cream, or a dark green and cream would make lovely cushions for your new love seats, and give you a touch of France as well. Hope you don't mind my suggestion?

    1. I did discuss the French styled pillows with Mr. HB and they are not to his liking.
      I decorated our guest room in French toile as I do like it a lot!
      Your suggestion is most welcome Kathy!

  13. Eggnog latte, I adore that! Wish they offered it all year. Must go now to have one. Have fun shopping.

  14. I say: Well done with the pillow choice. Simple = beautiful.
    I have no " to-do lists " even on my mind. I´ll try to get through Xmas as simply as possible. Not my favorite season, due to the many horrible Xmas times in the past, which are now fortunately in the past.
    I can´t but admire your enthusiasm.