Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Brooches and Pins over at Une Femme

Une Femme asked us to join her today and show some of our favourite brooches and pins.
I chose two of my favourites, both are vintage and sparkly, made with rhinestones by the Canadian company Sherman.

Mother has many demi parure sets given to her by father for various birthdays and Christmases. These were sold through Birks a Canadian jeweler that is still in business.

My husband gave me the clear one and my MIL gave me the pink one.
I do like a bit of bling for evening, especially over the festive holiday season.

Care to join une femme today?


  1. Beautiful brooches, hostess. Sherman pieces are very collectible. I did not know they were made in Canada.

  2. I love these brooches. Gorgeous! So pretty on black too.

  3. My mother also had a little butterfly brooch...maybe they were popular at the time. These are really beautiful.

  4. Fun bits of sparkle especially for the holidays!