Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sloane Teas ~ a gift from Donna, aka the duchess

After my recent blog post on making the perfect cup of tea I received an email from Donna from Ontario who blogged as The duchess of H for awhile.
Her blog chronicled the construction of their vast home which took several years to build...
it looked like a mansion when I last saw her blog.
Donna suggested that I might like to sample the exquisite Sloane Teas that are artfully blended by the talented sommelier Hoda Paripoush.
The Sloane Tea company is a Canadian company and has a wonderful website. Check it out it's very friendly.
You can read more about Hoda here.

Imagine my surprise when a day or two later the doorbell rang and the Fed Ex man handed me this package!
It was the day I lay in bed with the flu so it was a wonderful treat to brew a pot of restorative tea,
a tonic for my soul.

Thank you Donna I am really enjoying the Sloane Teas!
Look for a card and a little something for you in the mail soon,
I'll try to get the package in the post tomorrow,
you are so thoughtful.

I have the perfect pink tea cup to go with the tea tins.

Silver Mist
Orchid Oolong

Heavenly Cream
Persian Palace

I've sampled and savoured the Persian Palace
brewed 4-6 minutes
and served it without milk to maximize the flavour and aroma
in a bone china cup and saucer of course!

The Orchid Oolong is much milder and very refreshing
I'd be tempted to serve it iced in the summertime.

 Heavenly Cream is luxe and smooth, very balanced.

I'm looking forward to brewing Silver Mist next.
The Persian Palace is my favourite so far...
Donna thought I'd like it because it's blended with rose petals!

The packaging is lovely
such pretty tins

embossed ribbon 
adorns and ties up the assortment 
 this would make an exceptional Holiday Hostess gift.
Please let Hoda know that you heard about the teas from The Humble Bungalow Hostess.

~ ~ ~

The duchess takes her tea with Laduree macarons 
which she keeps fresh in the freezer.

How do you take your tea?

I hope that you have a wonderful week and remember to take some time to rest
sip a cup of tea perhaps
and reflect on all that is good in your life.

Be well.


  1. I want to get my hands on that tea for the tins alone! They are so lovely.
    I have never heard of this brand and am off to explore Sloane Tea!

  2. To answer your question, sometimes I take my tea without anything in it and sometimes I take it with a drop or two of cream or almond milk and a little bit of liquid stevia or really depends on the tea.

  3. What a lovely gift!
    I take my tea with milk or with nothing, depending on the tea. Tea can be refreshing or comforting, which is what makes it, for me, the perfect drink.

  4. What a lovely surprise for you!
    I´m more into coffee, but drink tea in the evening - under blankets naturally. As such.

  5. Love my tea with milk and a tiny bit of sugar. Going to Boston Friday and I think I will stop in to Anthropologie for a tea cup for me! I have given them as gifts in the past, but never treated myself! Your pictures have inspired me.

  6. My favourite by far is from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. It is an order online item, but when I know someone going to Vegas I ask that they hunt me down some tins. Tropical Passion with a little bit of sugar and a splash of milk! And I hope that you a feeling better.

  7. Such pretty tea tins. I take my tea with a bit of sugar, and sometimes milk.
    Have a wonderful week, Hostess. Stay dry!

  8. Hi Lesley,

    I'm so happy you received the teas, and you're so kind to post about it.

    I became a fan of Sloane Teas after meeting Hoda at a trade show, and sampling some of her exquisite blends.
    I have to admit, I was very surprised to find this level of quality in Canada. Hoda studied with a master tea sommelier in Paris, and I'm in awe of her talents in creating such subtle, and elegant blends.
    I'm a bit of a tea snob, choosing the finest pu-er I can secure from my connection in China, or my favourite selections from Mariage Freres; but I find myself reaching more for the Sloane Teas as late.

    I have to say; your cup and saucer is a perfect match to the tins!

    Enjoy, in the best of health and spirits,


    1. I am so glad you did this thoughtful act. I am not surprised Canada has good tea. I love Canada.


  9. Beautiful tins. Not much of a tea drinker here. Coffee in a mug.

  10. Oh, and hope you're feeling better as well.

  11. What a fun gift! The packaging is lovely. I hope you are feeling better and I have taken your suggestion. I just made myself a cup of tea and am enjoying a little relaxation time. And yes, reflecting on all that is good in my life!

  12. Beautiful! My dad came from Yorkshire, so I tend to take my tea fairly strong. A few years ago, we switched to a smoky blend that I put together from Russian Caravan and Lapsang, usually Murchies. This blend I always have with milk, no sugar, and always in a fine bone china mug (not cup and saucer) that I'm pretty specific about finding -- and devastated if/when it eventually breaks.
    Hope the tea has cured what was ailing you. What a delightful gift from a blogging friend.

  13. Right now I'm having a cafe creme. I was watching Anthony Bourdain in Paris and found it humorous to compare the cup of cafe creme in Paris and a vente size latte so common here in the U.S. No wonder there is road rage. We are all hopped up on caffeine! lol

    My coffee is in my wedding china. I hope people quit gluing china cups and saucers together and putting them in the garden. lol They are too pretty!


  14. Lovely and very thoughtful gift from your blogging friend. I myself enjoy having a cuppa everday and the flavors are different depending on how I'm feeling in the moment. Right now I'm enjoying a big pot of homemade ginger tea. Very simple: couple of slices of ginger added to a pot of boiled water, add half a freshly squeezed lemon juice and a couple drops of honey. To top off my tea infused experience I'm watching "Howards End" via DVD...Miss Redgrave, Thompson and Bon Ham Carter are so exquiste to watch :)