Sunday, July 24, 2011

Star gazing...

In an effort to put the recent world events in perspective I must have a heart to heart with myself.
I can so easily get overwrought with worry about the state of affairs over which I have no control.
I read Dr. Andrew Weil's book many years ago and he suggests having a no news week.
We are so connected by radio, newspapers and the internet.
Facebook, Twitter and Blogger all link us in the social media.

In an effort to relax I am putting negative events out of my mind for awhile and focusing on the NOW.
The reality that is here at this moment in time...
not thinking ahead,
nor looking back,
just being,
focusing on what is before me.

Cowichan Bay Sweater 
hand knit by Arlene
a First Nations woman 
who spins and dies her yarns 
before knitting tribal patterns 
that have been passed down through the generations.

Cuddling with Pepper
pets help us with stress
unconditional love is what they offer.

No make up on
bare faced
humble hostess
not putting on airs
sharing a simple moment in time
encouraging you to be who you really are 

thank you for stopping by as I 

share my innermost thoughts and insights



  1. Oh you look so cosy there, I love your sweater, that's exactly how I look when I'm sailing - no make up and huge jumpers - ahh!

  2. These days are probably best spent away from the news. Very saddening.
    Your cat is adorable!!

  3. What a gorgeous sweater. So very special. You and Pepper look happy and cozy there. Pets *definitely* help lower stress levels.

  4. Lovely - you, Pepper, the sweater and your thoughts on the news....It's a delicate balance between being aware of current events and feeling sorrow because of them.

  5. How nice. What a beautiful sweater...I long for wonderful knitware like that and it simply is never cold enough here to wear it in comfort.

    It seems that you are able to take Pepper with you on the wonderful! What does she think of it all...?

  6. Great sweater!
    I could use a no news week too - I am a news junkie among other things.

    Hope you get to have a relaxing holiday!

  7. Good to stop and be, and mourn.

  8. What a great cuddly sweater sadly can not wear wool.

    Like you spend most days about the house & grounds make up free..well sunblock of course.

    Happy Summer days Hostess. Ida

  9. Belated happy anniversary! I love the photos of you and Pepper snuggling.

    I wish you a peaceful day.

  10. Beautiful sweater. I have a weakness for bulky knits, especially Norwegian.