Friday, July 29, 2011


One of the things we enjoy living close to the ocean here in the pacific Northwest is the wildlife.
Birds, porpoise, seals and whales are sighted frequently.
Often though our cameras are not in hand...but when they are it's an opportunity to capture the image and share.
It is always a delight when wildlife is sighted and somehow feels like a gift,
as if Mother Nature herself was saying "surprise"!

This little seal popped his head up and looked at me before diving down to feed on some fish.

Two swans swam by...

They seemed quite eager and friendly
I think they were hoping for food.

When I was a child 
I was at the edge of a pond in a park and one rushed up to me and bit me.
I still feel a sense of unease when I see them and keep a safe distance away.

we fed them some bread

and then they swam off into the sunset.

There is not much going on here...
as you can see by my post.

there is
plenty of reading 
relaxing and good food.

al fresco lunch
my girlfriend calls this a "picky plate"
little bits of this n' that
easy peasy

Pepper's actioning some serious napping!

 What are you doing these days?


  1. Waiting on roofers: didn't turn up.
    Waiting on the gardener: didn't turn up.

    So basically in a giant huff now after being trapped in the the entire day.

  2. Oh, that food looks amazing! One thing I miss about living in the Pacific Northwest is the proximity to such awe-inspiring wildlife. Here in Annapolis, we see the standard fare, and with the heat, plenty of jellyfish!

  3. My husband and I traveled around Vancouver and Victoria several years ago in our RV (it's actually my dad's but we use it way more than he does). We stayed in an RV park across the bay from downtown Victoria and took a little taxi/boat into the city centre everyday. We saw all sorts of wildlife and remember some bird houses that stood up from the water. They were for Purple Marlins, I believe. Such fond memories of our stay in B.C. I hope to return one day.

    We have no concrete plans - will visit my FIL sometime this weekend, but other than that, not much and I like it that way!

    xo, A

  4. I will be spending the weekend at home...getting stuff done. I am making chili right now and then need to clean the kitchen and then get one with upstairs rooms. I keep planning to tackle one project each day but hubby keeps telling me he is on holiday so he is around the house and distracting me.

    I hope you are enjoying yourself!

  5. A 'picky plate', that looks delicious, and just how I enjoy eating. We had the writing group round for lunch today. Everyone brought a contribution to the meal so that it was effortless entertaining - you could call it a 'picky lunch'. Now I feel a bit the way that Pepper looks!

  6. "Picky plate," that's a good one. Lovely pictures! One of my favorite parts of living on a boat was getting up in the morning and watching the otters playing just off the side. Swans, don't like them, though. They can be MEAN suckers!

  7. I love meals like that! A little bit of everything, satisfies my indecision about what to eat and my desire for variety!

    Often my Saturday lunch after going to the local market is to put together a plate like that. Somehow I enjoy the different parts more when they are separated rather than all together as in, say, a sandwich or salad.

  8. What fun to see the swans and the seal...what did Pepper think of all this animal activity. I am still on watch with my grandchildren while their parents are in New York City. I am also making drapes...but today I sneaked out for a manicure and pedicure.(-:

  9. Grilling salmon, using up mint:).

  10. I'm off to my mother's cottage tomorrow. Lots of wildlife around up north. Sometimes too much; there was a bear in the cottage earlier this year. We won't be leaving the cat food out anymore! He hasn't been seen since the neighbours scared him off.