Friday, July 8, 2011

A new LBD...and thoughts for today.

Oh I do love a figure flattering wisp of an LBD!
Coco Chanel gave us the original and her classic vision is still alive today.

I have recently purchased a summer version in soft and sumptuous bamboo.
It feels like liquid against my skin.
The very minute that I put it on I knew.
I opened the curtain of the dressing room and the clerk smiled.

Made by the Canadian company "Gilmour" a line that I highly recommend.
Almost every piece that the company makes fits and flatters plus the retail prices are quite modest.
I look specifically for their pieces and ask my favourite local boutique to call me when they have a new shipment.

I bought this one in Large
as the Medium clung greedily to my wobbly bits!
I do not want to look like the "Michelin Man"...
(I wonder if there is a female version a Ms. or Mrs. Michelin)

The art of camouflage is the order of dressing that I employ these days.
I am not ashamed of my body, after all it is the vessel in which I reside and it carries me through my daily round.
I am coming to terms with my figure...expectations, reality and dreams muddy the waters.
Ultimately it is acceptance that I am seeking.

This dress accentuates the positive and minimizes the negative
is easy to wear that I am going to be wearing it a lot because it makes me feel happy,
and what's not to love about feeling happiness?

I wore it with the wide self belt wrapped twice around my waist
donning casual black flip flops and I felt very feminine....
I had the new Kate Spade bag on my shoulder, an armful of silver bangles, my sunglasses
and there was a bounce in my step.
Fleetingly and dreamily I entertained the thought of channeling Sophia Loren...
(a great actress, with an hourglass figure who always looks lovely and I regard highly)
The time has come for role models that are older and wiser...

The Thoughtful Dresser
by Linda Grant is an insightful read
I could not put this book down!
Linda is a very gifted writer and she started it all with her blog.

A dear friend leant it to me a few days ago and I read it in one day...
if you like fashion it is a must read.

Her insight is keen and if you are in your 50's 
you might identify with her experiences like I did.

Jude the Obscure 
resident royal rose
apricot supreme in petal formation and frothy with fragrance
The Humble Bungalow Garden
has been elevated by it's profusion of blooms.

Have a dreamy day
and be kind to yourself and others...





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  1. A little black dress really does have magical powers...I'm still searching for one to replace a flowy, crepe, off the shoulder number that was handed down to me by a close friend when I was in my teens. I don't know what ultimately happened to the dress, but can picture every detail of it even now. The Thoughtful Dresser sounds interesting, I'll pick it up, thanks!

  2. What a stunning rose.

    The dress looks lovely, I love how artfully you've arranged it.
    Oh and I don't know anyone who employ the art of camouflage, I woud never wear a bikini - never have - or anything tops that stop just at my tummy area - we women are sneaky!

  3. It sounds scrumptious. I don't think I'd find anything like it in the Government St clothing store that specializes in hemp clothing, though. It sounds like a trip to Vancouver!

  4. Bamboo is a wonderful fabric, and perfect for a full-skirted LBD. That book sounds interesting too.

  5. i love the dress leslie, would love to see it on you!

    and your apricot roses are stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. How I use to love wearing belts but they no longer suit me....the dress really looks very feminine..have never had a lbd, black drains my skin can only wear on my lower half. Ida

  7. These days I own so few clothes, that the one black dress I have, will have to serve as the LDB as well.
    I too would like to see the dress on you, before my final verdict; )!!

  8. I love this post. And what a great LBD. It must look amazing on you. I love the image of you in the dress, the sandals, and the stacked silver bangles. You are filled with so many qualities that I admire: confidence, joy, and acceptance. Maybe these are the secrets to getting older. I am doing my best to attain this state of mind.

  9. Loved yesterday's post....well-written message that I need to heed!!!
    Today...I covet your LBD. .... Did you get it in Vancouver? My husband will be there next week and perhaps I can persuade him to procure it for me as I think
    I would adore it and wear it all summer! Many thanks. ~Michelle

  10. Bamboo is just sooooo niiiice :O)

    So MissSophia, let's see the dress on!

  11. Pavlova- Please email me so I can tell you where to find it! Your Blogger profile does not have any contact info on it :)

  12. I loved Grant's book and like you, read it VERY quickly. This new dress sounds wonderful...and where did it take you?

  13. FInding an LBD you like is always something to rejoice. I had one made my my seamstress - what a long and laborious task it was for her. I just picked it up earlier this week and am looking forward to wearing it one of these days.

    I will look for the book you mentioned at my library. Thank you for the tip!

  14. what an inspirational post about the joys and wonders of how a lbd can lift one's spirits!

  15. Thank you so much...I sent you an email. xx

  16. What beautiful roses, Hostess.

    Three cheers for body acceptance and perfect LBDs!

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

    PS - hope blogger behaves for you soon... It's been stuffing up for me too.