Thursday, July 21, 2011

The domestics just got more glamourous!

Domestics in this old bungalow are never done.
Which makes it often difficult to sit and relax
particularly when I spy
dust bunnies and cat hair gathering on the dark wood flooring...
If it were a dull grey day I would not notice but they are
illuminated by the warm afternoon sunshine...

Our cleaning gal has been on leave and I am not keeping up her standards.
I now see dirt where I have never seen it before.
I had no idea that we were so messy and I consider myself organized...

I honestly do miss her weekly visits.
The good news is that she is coming back very soon!

I decided that I needed to do a more thorough job 
that meant buying some newer 
fresher and better tools...
 Oh! look at the lover-ly prep inspired label 
 Boston Warehouse has glamourous products
the gloves have polka dot frilly edging
prints and flowers 
in a rainbow of colour
I could have bought the entire stock of gizmos
and revamped my dull utilitarian cleaning cupboard
it could stand to be made over!

Broom in black and white!
(Pepper approves)

She "helps me" sweep...
which takes much longer
I do appreciate her "being on the job"

I replaced my worn out scrubber
with this new one
it's in a happy lime green colour.

Let's dress up domestics a bit!
I wonder what Elizabeth Taylor would say about these...
do you think she ever pushed a vacuum
scrubbed pots?

Remember to wear your gloves when doing heavy work
your hands will thank you for the protection.

Speaking of protection...
 it's a good time to discuss SPF
we need to save our skin from the sun's harmful rays
 chemicals cannot be good 
baked by the intense heat of the sun
so it is a safe solution 
that I seek...
and have found

Organic Mineral Sunscreen
SPF 30
recommended by a girlfriend
 complexion is looking radiant these days
I think this might be part of her secret!

Break time is over...
I am off to massage the tub with a micro fiber cloth...


  1. Great tips, these always help us demestic goddeses when working at home!!

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my Giveaaway from of a wonderful painting by Mary Maxam

  2. I am loving the high degree of glamour in your house at the moment, Hostess!!

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  3. I need a revamp of my cleaning goods. And I'm CLUELESS! Do you know what the basics are for elegant, tasteful, eco-responsible cleaning?

  4. You write so well. I really enjoy reading your posts.
    My housework is never done either. In my house, it is not cat but dog hair. The dogs hate the vacuum and it is hard to get them all outside so I can do it. I wish we had hardwood floors. They would be so much easier to keep clean (and least in my dreams they are!)

  5. I love cleaning, I am madly houseproud.

  6. Any mineral makeup has natural spf in it :O) So no cancer causing agents to worry about.

    I love your earrings!

  7. LPC- I am not an expert on the basic "green" supplies.
    We have an array of Method cleaners for the toilet, granite countertops, stainless appliances and wood floors and furniture. I have one basic Martha Stewart all purpose all surface cleaner too.
    Micro fiber cloths, water baking soda, vinegar and elbow grease work well too!

  8. Re Elizabeth Taylor: I know someone who used to be her "walker"--she would accompany ET to the bathrooms of public places. So...I doubt ET ever wielded a broom.

  9. "Domestics in this old bungalow are never done." The same is true here in my own bungalow, which is part of the reason I struggle to keep up with blogs :-)