Monday, July 4, 2011

Bread pudding!

What do you do with leftover bread?
Make croutons, slice and grind into crumbs or feed it to the birds?

I had half a loaf of brioche which was quickly on it's way to stale.

So I decided to try my hand at making a bread pudding.
I went through a few of my favourite recipe books and was surprised to see not even one listed in the index.
Bread pudding sounds like comfort food to me and is the kind of thing my Grandmother would make.
She was very thrifty and did not waste wantonly.

So I did what any modern cook would do I "googled" bread pudding.
here's the recipe I chose to use.

It went together in a jiffy and I had all the ingredients on hand.

it made enough to feed a crowd!

I would suggest serving it with 
some Greek yogurt, 
whipped cream or
 a scoop of French Vanilla ice cream

and now...
invite the neighbours over for a cup of tea 
and enjoy some friendly chit chat.

Happy 4th of July 
to our American neighbours!


  1. I can answer to this one in a second - we dry the bread and give them to our horses!
    Seriously, your recipe sounds just fine : )!

  2. Bread pudding is my second favorite dessert...right after strawberry rhubarb pie!! My go-to recipe is ages old, and involves soaking raisins in dark rum until they're bloated like reconstituted grapes. What's not to love about a comfort food with custard and rum? Mmmmm! Enjoy...once the Annapolis area cools down a bit, I foresee a pudding coming...

  3. My HB loves Bread pudding,bit too hot for it today 23c!!!your pud looks delish....what we call comfort food to eat in Winter.
    Does your HB like puddings? Ida

  4. I'm embarrassed to say I've never eaten or made bread pudding, but I've always been intrigued. Maybe this is a sign that I should finally give it a does look delicious.

  5. ida- My HB did enjoy this pudding and he LOVES English trifle!

  6. My MIL used to make bread pudding and it was awful. Years later I tried it and found it delicious - I think the baker of the second batch had a recipe much like yours. Who knows what was in my dear MIL's! :)

  7. Bread pudding is one of those desserts that I remember from my childhood, and always have a comforting feeling when I eat it. So delicious.

  8. How funny you should mention grandmothers, mine used to make an outstanding bread pudding, that I was never able to replicate

  9. I am a huge fan of bread pudding. Yours looks really delicious.