Saturday, July 16, 2011

Shedding tears...

I cried when I heard the news...

I have been going to the same hairdresser for many many years...
Her name is Christine
she takes care of my hair, but more than that we chat and share
it's a relationship that involves a lot of trust
it's rather symbiotic.

I sit in her chair every 6 weeks, give or take
and she has the power to change, rearrange and transform
she does so with skill and a remarkable talent
wearing a smile and an energetic spirit
and never lacks of interesting tidbits which she relates with great animation

I went to see her last Monday
a vase of freshly picked garden flowers in hand
expecting my usual color, cut and friendly chit chat

she was not there...
and a teary eyed receptionist greeted me

Christine had been at her doctor's that morning and she had been diagnosed with Cancer.
She spoke with me on the phone.

She had called into the salon to give another stylist who would be doing my hair
the colour details and products that she uses on my hair
I could not imagine how she had the strength of mind to remember those details

she sounded distraught and rightly so
the harsh news so fresh and raw
it's overwhelming
what could I say?

It was just a few weeks back she ran the relay for life, a cancer fundraiser in our area
her clients stepped up to sponsor her team
(they raised several thousand dollars)
she ran on an unseasonably cold and rainy day
her dedication strong
and completed the race

her skill and determination will serve her well

surgery is scheduled soon
and depending on the pathology results
there may be radiation or chemo
or maybe both

my thoughts go out to her
and I will do what I can to help

she must think of herself on this journey
gathering around her those that love support and care
focusing now exclusively on healing
listening to the medical practitioners and scientists that will be guiding her
having faith when faith seems illusive
there is always hope
even if it is a dim light in the dark night

The skies have opened up and torrential rain is falling
rain is forecast for the entire week

it's as if
the sky is weeping


  1. I'm so sorry to read this, Hostess. We are all so connected to the people that move in and out of our lives and when one is in trouble, like Christine, you feel it too. I know that cancer care in this city is the best in the country and it sounds like Christine will be supported by a circle of friends, clients and acquaintances.
    The rain here is torrential. The ponds are rising, the roses drooping and I am staying indoors.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend who has cancer. I know you will be there in whatever way she needs you to be. When my FIL was in the middle of chemo/radiation, he looked forward to his friends stopping by to say hello and just be there, even though he was a mess. I can see you dropping off lovely bouquets from your garden as a reminder that you care and are cheering for her recovery.

  3. Oh--you have visually expressed the shock so well. It is early...and it may be that all will be well. It sounds as though she has kept herself in a good place--the run and the sensitivity to her clients. It may be a time for you to somehow return the service she has shown.

  4. So sorry to hear about your friend/stylist. I hope she reads your blog and can see how much you value her friendship. Caring and compassionate friends just can't be beat in times of trouble.

  5. How can it be that the tale of an unknown woman getting cancer can bring tears to my eyes! But it did. Mrs.HHB,you write so beautifully and touchingly.And we ARE all sisters under the skin. Good luck to your friend Christine(I know my hairdresser is a friend!). I hope all is well in the end.

  6. Oh, I am so sorry for is so full of unexpected disasters ~ in an instant everything can change. I hope that she will be able to get good treatment and recover soon.

  7. Dear Hostess, I am so sorry to read this news and wish your stylist a healthy outcome to her cancer treatment. My close friend has been going through this trauma, with many weeks of exhausting treatment followed by major surgery. We traveled north to see her last week, like you with flowers from the garden. She saw her surgeon two days later and was given the ALL CLEAR. Cancer treatment is improving all the time and I wish your friend every success.
    With love, Rosemary.

  8. What a shock! It's clear that this woman is likely to have some solid support as she moves through a difficult time -- she's spent a lifetime giving and serving, and it sounds as if she's already generating concern which will translate into caring action. I hope that this caring will bring both sides some solace.

  9. Bad news come as a shock. Being able to inform another stylist all the details concerning your appointment, were done in the state of the shock. You are an emotional person and I am sure, you will do whatever you can to help and support her.
    This is a shock for you too. Being a woman, maybe close her age, you can´t help fearing, that it could just as well been happening to you.
    I´m standing right beside you.

  10. The empty bench sums up your feelings so well..wishing your friend all the support she will need at this time.Ida x

  11. My prayers go out to her, she is a lovely person. Cancer touches us all it seems at some time. I am a survivor, she will be too.

  12. Hostess

    I don't know what to say. This is such a powerful post.

    Wishing your friend and her family and those close to her strength and hope.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog