Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shoe buddies...

Summer is a time for walking barefoot in the sand
or wearing sandals
showing off pretty polished toes.

putting our best feet forward
here 3 generations of our family
are all wearing sandals
and baring our toes.

Do you have a favourite pair?
I know I do!

Our darling grand daughter Isla is almost walking!
She has been teetering and taking a few tentative steps 
before she realizes that she is accomplishing this feat all by herself
and then she promptly sits down.

Speaking of toes, she likes to stand on her toes
like a wee ballerina
it is so cute to watch her arching her feet
wee little pink toes that are kissably perfect.

Conversation slows when she is around
we all watch and marvel 
with her every move
it is enough 
just to be in her presence 
she brings such joy 
to our family
in our Humble Bungalow.

 I discovered a great shoe assortment at the children's shop on the Avenue.

It was quite an adventure
there's so much to choose from
everything from
Bolch ballet flats
soft leather Mary Janes
even Hunter Boots !
all manner of styles, colours, and designs...

When my children were young there were only a few standard styles
Buster Brown made a sturdy and reliable leather shoe for girls
 Mary Jane's
they also made a shoe that was considered a boot
 for boys.

We bought new shoes every six months back then as their little feet grew so fast
my MIL took us shoe shopping
she didn't have many shoes herself but took great pleasure in buying shoes for her grand kids.

bronzed baby shoes
these were their first shoes
son's on top
daughter's below 
a cute bell on hers

As I perused the selections 
I found myself picking up various pairs and studying their construction
touching the soft leather
getting excited at the thought of Isla wearing them.

I am hoping that one day I will be shoe shopping
with Isla
maybe she'll love shoes as much as I do.

I like the idea of being known as 
The Shoe Grammy.

It sounds better than being 
The Bag Grammy!

having said that
I'll be whatever she wants me to be.

Grammys aim to please!


  1. Adorable post!! Love it my granddaughter and I like to do mani/ pedi together!

    Art by Karena

  2. I adore my two little grandsons, but I can see that a granddaughter is something special!

  3. There is nothing as sweet as little toes...they even smell wonderful. I like you sandles too. What fun you are going to have.(-:

  4. The Shoe Grammy :-)

    That's so sweet. I love the shoe twins photo too.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  5. feet are so cute. And your little Isla is quite the fashion plate in her metallic sandals - just like her chic Grammy.

  6. There is nothing quite as wonderful as "kissably perfect" babies toes :-).

  7. "Shoe Grammy"...I think i like that. The just about walking age is so adorable! Enjoy!

  8. What a sweet post those darling toes in the metallic slip ons made me smile.

    I always had to wear Clarks sandels in the Summer & lace up sturdy shoes for Winter nothing fancy to buy anyone else remember those?

    Isla will have a great time shopping with her special Grammy...happy days. Ida x

  9. Adorable. Cannot believe that time has flown and she is almost walking! Like you being the shoe grammy - think I would like to be that too when the time comes. I expect you are a marvellous Grammy. xx

  10. Awww, so cute! And who better qualified to shower shoes on your darling little girl? Go, grammy, go!

  11. Naturally the smallest pair, the innocent pair, is the sweetest!
    What bothers me most, is that wearing sandals, your feet get really dirty. Sigh.