Monday, July 11, 2011

Lazy day; a prescription for happiness in an otherwise busy world.

Ah I am sighing and breathing in deeply yogic restoring breaths of fresh air.
Soothing simple comforts...
I took Mother to the Doctor today...he thinks she might have COPD.
Google that and you will not sleep!
Puffers, X-rays, Pulmonary diagnostic tests...

I need a pedicure!
a day of rest
and some OPI
Be a Dahlia Won't You?

blue skies
the tall acacia tree blowing in the breeze
the scent of the honeysuckle overhead wafts my way
as I sip a warm mug of tea 
and give myself some time to be still
and be grateful

to soak in natural beauty

to dream...
en Francais!

get inspired
en Anglais...

to marvel
(the Cerinthe Major is in bloom!)

Cocooning at home 
is such luxury
it's a gift.

Guests are arriving...

simple fare


not quite the 100 mile diet!

Canadian OKA cheese
Okanagan cherries
Bath UK crackers
a glass of wine
some great conversation

Thank you for stopping by for some quiet moments 
listening to the Westminster clock as it gently tick tocks...
in The Humble Bungalow.

Mother has  had a few tests
and we are on stand by...
I hope that she passes....

if she does not
we will face the day with bravery
and only share with the intimate circle...
you know who you are...

and fingers crossed she will be fine!

Tomorrow is another day....


  1. Oh my father had that from mid 50's onwards, he had such a struggle breathing some days, it used to break my heart to see him bed bound strapped up to the nebuliser for days on end, poor soul but he never complained. He was so Stoic even though he suffered a lot in life. He was shot in the back in the war - we used to joke that he must have been running away!

    I love crackers and olives but hold the cheese for me.

  2. It's torture waiting for medical test results, but you seem to have the right attitude. It's nice that you are nearby to help your mother through it, I was on the other side of the country when my mother discovered she had cancer. I hope her result are good ones...good luck.
    I am intrigued by the charcoal I reading that right?

  3. Holding a good thought here for your mother. A lazy day, just enjoying the garden and friends and treats seems just the thing.

  4. Oh, COPD is certainly a worry. I hope her tests go well.

    Take it easy today!

  5. Oh dear...I hope that she will be okay.

  6. I am familiar with COPD through my husband's profession as a firefighter/paramedic. He can often identify someone with COPD by just looking at sorry to hear that your mother may be suffering from that. At least her condition will not go untreated.

    After a hectic and stressful last few days, I found peace and comfort in your post (besides your mum's health issues, of course). I need to make a pot of tea, read a book and do some yoga stretches today.

    You have adorable little feet, by the way. xo

  7. Hopefully the doctor is wrong as they often are.

    You might like TeaTime magazine...I recently found it and fell in lurve! Deep smit!

  8. My father-in-law has COPD. It's tough, and you and your family are in my thoughts.

    Your post made me want to curl up on your porch and share a glass of wine with you while contemplating the beauty of nature. What a lovely, soulful, and chic way to de-stress from life's many stresses.

  9. I hope your mother is's so hard to wait patiently for test results, but you seem least your words are calming in your post today and I'm sure this attitude is helpful to your mom.

    xo annie

  10. Best wishes to your mother,thinking of you both.

    Love your red toes my red is almost the same colour....they make us happy every time we glance down.

    Sending a warm hug Ida xxx

  11. ..the warmth of a gentle, heartfelt embrace to you..

  12. I'm sorry to read that you have reason for such anxiety - I think we have had the same sort of day.
    Not to make light - but to make us all smile and because it's where I was today - hospital waiting rooms have much in common with airplanes...bad seats, bad air, bad food, questionable seat mates........but without the consolation of a lovely destination at the end of the day.

  13. Hoping all the best for your mother. Strength and health.

  14. Have been through this with my father. My mother will be another thing entirely. It's hard to believe that time of life is really here.

    On a lighter note, I'm distracted by your beautiful flip flops. Boy, do I need someone to take a sandblaster to my feet!