Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weekend recap...

Summer weekends in the rain onboard the Chris Craft is a time for cocooning with a great book a mug of tea and a cozy blanket.

Vintage 1957 Constellation
 original for the most part

Our weekend getaway
I like to think of it as our floating waterfront cottage!

The stresses of the city leave the minute we step aboard.

Life on the boat is easy.
Domestics are quickly finished
meals are simple and tasty
slumber comes swiftly after all the fresh air.

I love the hum of this lifestyle
and could easily fall into a routine of quiet 
where the only clock is an inner timepiece
dictating meal times based on hunger
and bedtimes based on fatigue.

I am halfway through Cool Water
which is set in the prairie town of Juliet, Sask. 
Dianne weaves an interesting story of eccentric characters whose lives are intertwined
with such deft skill that you are pulled into the town life 
and feel like you are sitting amongst them watching from the front porch swing!

Pepper is at ease
she has settled in quite nicely now that the noisy motors have stopped!

Bobbing on the calm ocean she has found many spots to snooze.
She has been brave enough to come up on the back deck and explore
we need to keep our eyes on her as she is fascinated by the water
and we really do not want her to jump in and go for a swim!

Twinkling crystal encrusted Lily Blues
and a sparkling rippled sea.

A floral bouquet painted for the sole purpose to remind me of my garden
(one of my early works)
when the garden bouquet wilts 
I still have these...

The rain has stopped for now
and there has been some sunshine
there are grey clouds gathering
I plan to finish my book and start in on another.

I enjoyed Isabel's novel A Vintage Affair 
I am looking forward to this one.

My wardrobe for the boat is very minimal and practicality not fashion sets the tone.
If I were to give my nautical attire a theme it would be active wear.
It all fits into a medium size sturdy Lands End tote.

Lands End tank tops
one in in navy and one pink 
both with white polka dots
white Joe tank tops
quick dry pants for kayaking
a waterproof anorak cream with grey accents
 that folds into a pocket size 
a Lululemon hoodie in grey and cream
Buffalo grey cargo pants
a fleece jacket by Royal Robbins
a grey and white jersey dress
2 bathing suits
one black with white polka dots
one black and white print
flip flops
Sperry deck shoes
nightie and warm socks.

I need to close for now and catch up on some blog reading...
before I get back to my book!


  1. Wonderful. I love days spent on boats. They are the most relaxing things.

  2. Your bouquet painting is lovely. I lived aboard a boat for a while back in my twenties (though considerably more "primitive" than your lovely vessel!). I loved the calm and the rhythms of nature, and getting up in the morning to watch otters playing in the water!

  3. I also love being on boats, I used to love sailing with my Dad, we would eat and drink and laugh and even had to be rescued once by the coastguard which was quite exhilarating. I am amazed that Pepper goes too that is the best!

  4. Oh, the sleep one would get on the gentle rocking of water. I'm envious.

  5. How nice that Pepper comes on the boat with you! I hope she doesn't jump in the water, though. I hope she stays a good kitty, napping below decks.

  6. How special to own a Chris Craft. If I ever became a boat owner that is the type of boat I would want.

    It think it so cute that Pepper comes along. We tried to take our kitty in the RV for one of our lengthier trips, but he would not have it. Too noisy.

    Enjoy your respite and your books!

  7. It sounds heavenly!
    So right not to let the grey skies and rain put a damper on your weekend. You know how to make the best of it.

  8. Dear Hostess,
    have a beautiful time on a sea or river! It sounds so romantic - and alluring (like Walden Pond :-), really, I enjoy it too when things are simple for a while. So the best wishes to you Britta

  9. You really seem to enjoy sailing and boat life. You three (!) at the boat can really have quality time together, enjoy :)

  10. I just love your boat. How wonderful. I was curious how Pepper was doing with sea life! Glad to hear she likes it.