Wednesday, July 13, 2011

White Wednesday flowers....

I have often toyed with the idea of a dedicating a spot here in the Humble Bungalow Garden for only white blooming flowers and plants.

I heard about the white garden at Sissinghurst Castle many years ago when I was active in the local horticultural society. Members would make pilgrimages to gardens far afield then return with carousels full of slides and guide a captive audience through their journey abroad. It was so easy sitting back in my chair for a few hours and dreaming that I was walking through those lavish gardens myself.

Stephanie Barron has written a book titled  "The White Garden"
a mystery richly steeped in history and Sissinghurst Castle is the backdrop for the novel.
Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West are characters in this story...I must try and get my hands on it!

Pure white blooms are so elegant.
Radiant brides of the garden.

Strolling in the garden after dark, lit only by the moon and the stars, white blooms glow.
Often when sending flowers I choose all white bouquets as they suit any decor.
Sympathy bouquets in white seem appropriately serene and peaceful.

Climbing Iceberg roses
with Lady's Mantle
a frilly filler

I bought this vintage crystal vase years ago in a local antique shop.

It has a few minor chips on the rim so I arrange the flowers carefully to conceal these imperfections
it has a slight yellow tinge which I think gives it character.
It is very heavy with a sturdy base
so it can handle a lot of flowers without the danger of tipping over.

On an a Arts and Crafts plant stand 
in a corner of the dining room
a white orchid
in a Weller jardinere
a taller Weller vase
a Bretby 3 handled vase 

pink tinges the scalloped edges of the rose petals
a day or two in the hot sun fades this pretty pink 

This rose reminds me of Sally Holmes
she was a vigorous creamy rose that I received on the occasion of my 40th birthday from dear friends
sadly she got hit hard by the frost this past winter and died
she is missed 
I think of her every time I go out on the front porch as she climbed up one of the pillars
put on a dazzling display.

What flowers do you love?
Are you particularly fond of a certain shade or do you like to mix things up?
Have you made a pilgrimage to any fabulous gardens far afield?

Hope that your Wednesday is wonderful!


  1. My dream is an all white garden. I've ripped a lot of existing plants out of ours over the last 14 years but whenever I go to the garden centre and ask for something in white, you'd think I'd asked for a triffid, it's always ooh no not in white we don't have those, white flowers are weak.
    I WANT a green and white garden!

  2. Beautiful~ I love white your antique vase, too!!!

  3. In my old house, I created a white garden, and must admit, next to the rose walk, it was my favorite garden bed. Go for won't regret it. I miss my Sally Holmes, too! Is it true, you cannot plant a new rose where an old one used to be, because of some soil contamination? Perhaps, if that's true, a beautiful clematis should be substituted to ramble up your pillar?
    Oh, if you're looking for a new read, grab one of the Kate Morton books. Mesmerizing.

  4. I love an all white garden. In early Spring, mine (such as it is) blooms with lily of the valley, white bleeding hearts and Solomon's seal. If I had more time to devote to my flower gardens, I would have roses, but in my experience, they are such needy plants! Perhaps when I retire...Another garden bed I would like to have: the fragrant garden. It would have nicotiana sylvestris for sure.

  5. Love your bouquet. The filler is so pretty. And yes, I have planted a little bitty white rose garden. Four rosebushes so far, and now I'm dreaming of more. Have the David Austin catalogue in hand. Any others you recommend?

  6. Oh, I do love your white bouquet. I need to get out and deadhead my Iceberg bush to prompt the next round of blooms. I've always oohed and aahed over brilliantly colored roses, but there's something about an all-white or near-white bouquet in a clear or silver container that's just so elegant.

  7. I love white gardens and white flowers but it is so hot and sunny here that white really gets washed out. A white garden would be perfect for your environment. I love your combination above with the Ladies Mantle (something else it is too hot to grow here, sigh!)

    Yes, I have been to Sissinghurst and many of the other fabulous gardens in England. Sissinghurst is my favorite, there is just something about the combination of ruins, the tower, the lore and the plantings that are magical.

  8. Love white gardens and hope to visit Sissinghurst one day. I love roses,
    peonies, hydrangeas, garden phlox, lavender, cosmos, and lots more!!
    Forgot to mention that I am also a Julia Glass fan.....will have to add I See You Everywhere to my summer list. Have you read The Whole World Over???
    Another good one by her.

  9. I use to live near Sissinghurst & have visited often besides the white garden it has many other 'rooms' my favourite is the cottage garden.

    The UK has many beautiful but Kent has the best!!My Home County!

    Great Dixter I prefer to SH & the bonus is the old Hall house.Another hidden gem is Hole Park House gardens (I might be biased as it is owned by friends).

    My roses are a sad sight beaten down by the rain, I felt like weeping as I dead headed my Mayflower it had lost all its petals.Zephyrine Drouhin is fairing better climbing the old stables. Highly scented mmmmmmmm

    Have you any Agapanthus? mine are just starting to flower I have 5 of my favourite plants.
    Like you I always have white orchids around the house,love your flower arrangement of Iceberg/Ladies Mantle contrasts so well against the dark wood. Ida

  10. My favorite white flowers are the night blooming jasmine we used to have in California. On a summer night they scent the air with the most intoxicating scent. Not sure they would grow in your area, but they are perfect for a warm weather white garden!

  11. Those white orchids are beautiful!

    I like purple and orange flowers in the garden. I'm partial to lilacs, lavender, hyacinth, hydrangeas - anything bluey-purple. I particularly love orange tulips and day lilies.

  12. The flowers I like best, are wildflowers.
    I am very picky about the flowers I carry inside. White is my favorite color for those too.

  13. I like white flower ! thank you for sharing us

    Send flowers

  14. I discovered you by way of Pondside and I'm certainly glad to stop by for a visit. The flowers are lovely.
    I read in your bio you have a fondness for David Austin roses...
    I planted one several years back in memory of my beloved yellow lab Duchess. It is heavenly with a fragrance that permeates the garden.

  15. LPC- Any David Austin that fulfills your fantasy would be lovely. I like climbers and hardy repeat bloomers that are highly fragranced... Jude the Obscure, Abraham Darby, Gertrude Jekyll, Molyneux, Graham Thomas, Charles Rennie MacIntosh are a few of my favourites....have fun!
    FYI- I cannot see your image on Blogger just a question mark.

    pavlova- I have that one ready to read when I finish I see Your Everywhere...she has amazing talent!

    ida- I have 4 agapanthus 2 blue and 2 white but they are not blooming just them in tubs! They are stalwart performers and like to be left alone!

  16. Sue view from the great island- I had a white fragrant jasmine and it was so hardy that it wound it's way tightly on the porch pillars and when we had the house painted it had to be sacrificed in order to paint.

  17. Miss Maddies- Welcome...I hope that you'll be back...
    I think planting a rose is a fitting tribute to a beloved dog, a reminder of many years of faithful companionship.

  18. Gretchen-Thank you, I will make note of Kate Morton and search for her novels in the bookshops.