Monday, July 4, 2011

Giveaway! Vintage French Recipe Cards, a book, and beads.

I am cleaning, sorting and donating clothes that I no longer love to charity.
Simplifying my choices and streamlining my closet.

The washing machine is going full tilt and the sun is pouring in through the window
the birds are singing and the roses are radiating their loveliness...
Gratitude and Joy are evident in this simple routine.

So I thought why not host a giveaway!
I am in the mood for fun.

You might win these circa 1969 Vintage French Recipe Cards...

Cook like a French Mademoiselle

The recipes are French but do not worry if you cannot read French
as they are written in English!

While you are cooking French cuisine
you can read all about French Chic mademoiselles in
"All you need to be Impossibly French" 

and I'll toss in these beads...

The giveaway is very simple
Leave a comment telling me what topics that you enjoy most here on
The Humble Bungalow Blog 
become a follower or remind me that you are following...

If you post a link to The Hostess of the Humble Bungalow on your blog 
I will be so grateful that you will have 2 chances to win!
Please let me know when you comment.

Good Luck!
Thank you for stopping by!

Please check back next Monday July 11th when I make the draw.


  1. I enjoy the pictures of food, clothes, and, especially, that bead necklace. I even tried to figure out how difficult it would be to do the solid, plaid looking bits. (Pretty hard.) I will try to post a link to your blog, but I already have a column that links to you whenever you post something new. (That was easy to figure out - other links are hit-and-miss for me.)

  2. I enjoy your pictures of food and cooking, as that is my favorite past time. I also love any information about your vintage finds and your wonderful daughter! But I am biased!

  3. I enjoy all of your posts, but I think those relating to cooking and clothing are my favorites. I tend to dress in a lot of black, white and gray myself (although I do wear other colors) and you always seem to present outfits in these tones that are anything but boring. Very inspirational.

  4. What's not to like at your bungalow? I'd say my favorites are about the wardrobe. I'm not very adventurous but found myself in Nanaimo last week trying on an outfit from Sandwich that a few months ago I'd never have considered. I look at what you put together and learn a little. Yes, I bought the pieces and I love them!

  5. I'm new to your blog - in fact I found you today through A Femme d'un Certain Age. I see you live in BC, as do I. I just became a follower and I'm off to explore your blog.

  6. Have to say I do enjoy your cooking recipes Hostess.... and how lovely to have a chance to win your generous giveaway. Would particularly enjoy the book, I know. xx

  7. I particularly enjoy your black & white fashion posts as my wardrobe is also predominately B&W. I also enjoy your recipes, and your posts on gardening. A woman after my own heart! Thank you for taking the time to blog...I truly enjoy reading your blog. Becky

  8. I love your flower posts, especially your David Austin roses. I have a very shady yard n Florida, so I have no hope of growing my own.

  9. What a wonderful giveaway; thank you! I've been a follower for awhile, and I enjoy your picture of Pepper, but also your wardrobe ideas. I'm always stumped on how to mix and match separates so that they looked "pulled together," and I appreciate your postings on clothes. Thanks again.

  10. Your blog looks like you, and therefore I like it. You like to show your things, and I think that we all like to look at your things.
    I miss interactive blogs. Blogs, which create conversation, blogs that dig deeper.
    But - most of us just wish to send our wow´s. Personally, I would wish for something more..

  11. This is so easy! All your posts make me smile, but of the subjects about which you post, my favorites are your roses and, of course, Pepper!

  12. I am a new reader and so enjoy reading your blog! I love all of your posts, but have particularly enjoyed your travel and shopping ones, as well as your cooking and housekeeping ones. Thanks so much for writing such a beautiful and interesting blog. - Allison

  13. I just found your blog and was drawn in by your "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall" post. I am enjoying reading your entries very much. I think there will be many topics that I will find interesting.


  14. I am a new follower and glad to have discovered your blog. I am a fellow BCer and love the Chanel quotes. Thanks for this giveaway I would love to win!


  15. Hi Hostess -

    I am a new follower - love your musings - especially today. I am also a 56 year old trying to get a proper perspective on this portion of my journey. A new haircut and color yesterday put a much needed spring in my step. Your travelogues of Seattle have me wanting to go and trace your path....Enjoy your day on the west coast. It is a lovely day here on the east coast - summer has arrived in the Maritimes :)

  16. I'm a new GFC follower. Enjoyed reading about your "humble" bungalow, "mirror, mirror" and had a lump in my throat reading about little Stickley.
    I'm 54 with 2 grown children and live on the opposite coast, in NB. Visited Victoria a couple years ago and immediately loved the west coast. I'm happy to have found your well writed and entertaining blog.