Saturday, July 9, 2011

Blogger how timely, you've hidden my followers, so here goes nothing!

Blogger glitches have arrived here in the Humble Bungalow...
my followers have disappeared or perhaps have run fleeing to the hills.

Well maybe I am blogging to an audience that is not there!
What a great time to push the envelope and my comfort level
and try to practice my new attempt at acceptance.

It was recently suggested by Janet and The Suburban Princess that I model the new LBD...
so with that in mind I thought I would dive right into the deep end
I know how to swim but
it will take every ounce of courage I can muster.
(I feel the same way that I did when I was 6, standing at the edge of the pool...I was fearful and shaking)

I asked Mr. HB to take a few pictures of me in my new LBD
this bamboo dress makes me feel happy when I have it on.
(apologies to Sophia Loren)
see previous post for more on that

I am struggling with posting this image
Many other bloggers seem to be so much more at ease in front of the camera
mater and janet  and deja pseu are all women who make it look so easy.

Observe if you dare
(you might not even be there)
which could make this post so much easier!

I can do this...
I can do this...
I can do this...

You see before you
an older chassis
buddha bellied buxom belle
wearing a Bamboo LBD by Gilmour

This vessel carries me through my daily round
I am seriously grateful to be alive!

I did it!
baring my face...
 there is a much younger and smaller figured woman 
living in this skin.

glad  that's over with...

Now please join with me and have a bright and cheerful weekend!

The giveaway happens on Monday so pop back and see if you are the winner...
I hope Blogger will have sorted out the follower issue by then...



  1. Stunning! Oh, and yes, that's a terrific dress, too. Brave, indeed, yet don't forget, your (apparently Blogger-hiding) friends here think you're pretty dang amazing. What great skin you have, and that porch screams for a glass of iced tea in your hand, dressed in that lovely find, to admire your garden and greet the neighbors, both local and on the internet. Hooray for you!

  2. Absolutely lovely. Simple, elegant, timeless dress.

  3. You look curvy and fabulous and I would love your posture, I think I'm getting a dowager's hump.

  4. You look great in the dress; it looks like a lot of fun to wear. I love the silky, swirly texture of bamboo. Thank you for posting the photo. Carol

  5. Ok, the much younger, smaller woman living in your skin... I know her sister. She lives in mine!!!
    First of all, I adore the LBD... I'm thinking I must have it. It really looks wonderful. Does it run true to size?
    Your facial shots are just adorable... You look as comfortable as I do when the camera is turned on me. My daughter will take a photo of me and say, " what are you doing????? Just relax!!" I'm thinking.... relax? Really?

  6. You look great! I love the dress it is just what you descibed ~ both elegant and comfortable looking at the same time. Thank you for sharing this with us...I don't like my picture taken either. I always kind of wonder...who it that!(-:

  7. No need to feel reticent having your photo taken...You look lovely. I see a healthy, vibrant woman, and don't all of us 50+ women feel like we are younger women in a mature woman's body?! Becky

  8. Dear Hostess, you look LOVELY!!

  9. i was hoping you'd model the dress~ it fits you like a glove! i really get nervous posting pictures of myself as well, especially in the realm of fashion blogging, it takes confidence and it builds confidence with positive reviews from complete strangers


  10. You are beautiful - I really love the widow's peak (if that is the correct name for it) that dips you front hair line down in the centre. I am to be 71 next week, and I love being an older woman, as should you. I read your blogs whenever you post, admire your writings and seldom comment, but I am here and know that I appreciate your writing. You have a smile that goes on forever. Smile often!! Peg

  11. You have such an adorable face!

  12. The dress is just as you described - and no wonder you love to have it on - it looks perfect.....I love the hat too!

  13. You are lovely and the dress is beautiful!

  14. Your skin is so dewey - I envy women with dewey skin.

    The dress is very flattering...thank you for showing it to us. I have an LBD I have been hesitant to photograph myself in. You have given me the courage to go ahead and take the plunge - next week...promise.

    That hat is so chic!

  15. You look gorgeous and such a lovely new dress. XX

  16. The dress is stunning on you, and the bangles and flip flops give it such a casual elegant chic!

  17. I hear you sister. I too look in the mirror and think "who is that" You look fabulous in the dress. When you first posted the dress picture I thought " I wish I could see it on" Thank you!

  18. The dress is beautiful, and you look wonderful in it. So glad you were brave!

  19. You look lovely!! Thanks for sharing yourself!

  20. you look so very pretty leslie. it is hard being on the other side of the camera isn't it?
    love the dress too and thanks for sharing!


  21. You are STUNNING and I am so glad to meet you!

  22. You are brave and beautiful! I am photophobic to the extreme and admire
    your courage. so look so tres chic in the LBD....
    PS. Located the dress...will email you...xx

  23. Thank you for filling the wish of so many of us!
    It is now ( having seen you ) so much more easier to do this blogging. I think that you look happy, relaxed and charming.
    The dress looks fine on you and you carry it with pride.

  24. Hostess not a day over 30 in the 2 full face shots,you look so young,happy & relax,love your dress & the photograph so well lucky you...mine always look like a prison mug!!!!!

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Ida x

  25. Oh Hostess, you have no Budda belly. This is from one who does have one for sure! You look great in that black dress. I held off for months even starting to blog because I was afraid to show myself! Everyone has been so supportive and kind. We ARE all in this together!

  26. Lovely! I follow you via GoogleReader, so don't show up on the chart...keep blogging!

  27. What a dress! Absolutely perfect on you, and love the hat. You have a beautiful complexion. Flaunt it, baby!

  28. Great dress, and you rock it! And you sly thing, I had no idea you were a fellow member of Club Du Monde au Balcon.

  29. Poppy Buxom- I know...I have inherited my Irish grandmother's genes, as. she was a bit topsy turvy too! I am exactly her height and I would have to guess at the rest :)

  30. Hi. I haven't left a comment since telling you about planting snowdrops "in the green", but I have been calling in regularly! Sorry for not telling you so. I adore your dress sense. I would love to open your wardrobe and know that everything would work together. Mine is chaos in comparison. Your LBD looks wonderful, and with the hat as well - just brilliant!

  31. You look lovely in that smashing black dress. Thank you for showing us your bright and sunny face, too!

  32. Dear Hostess of the Humble Bungalow,
    you see: Yes, you can! The picture looks great - and now that you have plunged into the water, it will be much easier next time - you remember that too, from being 6.

  33. As everyone has already said,

    1. You have a beautiful complexion and welcoming eyes. Not everyone has that!

    2. Rock your curves, girlfriend! Emphasize that small waist and bring focus to your pretty face. May I suggest some shoes with a little more height - they will elongate your legs. Raffini and Ariat make wedges that are very, very comfortable.

    3. I love black and white, too, and sometimes I make the outfit pop with one piece of color. I would think a shot of pink, in a bracelet or a pendant necklace, would add another layer of feminitiy to a great dress.

    We curvy girls need to acknowledge that we are hot babes, and there is no reason to hide behind baggy clothes!

  34. Hi, I just found your blog and am so happy I did! Looking forward to reading everything...

  35. You look fantastic! And thank you for the link to Janet's blog -- I've added her to my reader.

  36. You are radiant! And how I wish I could come sit on your porch!