Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday random-ness...or what I do when the washer and dryer are going full tilt.

Spring is making her entrance very slowly in these parts...
the sun has been shy
I think she's hiding behind the clouds.

The gardening has been spotty as the grass is still boggy
the beds are waking up after the winter slumber
the weeds are poking their heads up with an alarming speed.

When I cannot be pottering about in the garden I go shopping
foraging to the garden shops for seeds...

the loveliness 
Sweet Peas

Bungalow Sweet Peas 2010

Our raised beds will be getting a full work out this summer
as the cost of food continues to rise.
I am envisioning a Victory my dreams...

"Though I do not believe that a plant will spring up where no seed has been, I have great faith in a seed. Convince me that you have a seed there, and I am prepared to expect wonders." 
 Henry David Thoreau

the seeds
arranged neatly in rows

which are disheveled now that Pepper arrives
she's so nosy

I found this silk scarf on the recent road trip for pennies

it was laundered by hand in Aveda Shampure
and now needs a quick ironing before it is ready to wear.

I am currently reading this book
I cannot get enough Paris...
Paris in the Springtime 
sounds wonderful to me...

is there a place that you dream of visiting?

Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. 
Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.

- Gloria Steinem

I bought this top to wear with my black leggings
I know...
more black and white to feed my habit.
I have so much that will go with this
it's very light and will be cool
when the heat goes up
which could be any day now
in the meantime...
I can add a long cardigan or a pashmina

Remember to have fun with scarves
 tying them in a variety of ways
just adds to the fun...

do you have a favourite way of tying your scarf?
I am always looking for more.

exploring more Parisian pursuits...

au revoir 


  1. You are as bad as me with black and white!
    Oh I started the first garden tidy of the year yesterday, it was a grey day and a miserable chore.
    Nowhere I dream of going anymore, I travelled a lot on my own before I got married so now if we manage two trips a year that's more than enough for me

  2. Count me in on the black and white (and grey) team. We're dreaming of Italy right now, and yesterday I downloaded three guidebooks to the Kindle.

    Our garden is very waterlogged right now, record breaking rain yesterday and more on the way. The ground is so waterlogged that the strong winds we had last night uprooted two 70-year-old elm trees that ring our neighborhood park. I'm always so sad to see the loss of a beautiful mature tree.

  3. Oh hostess, would that the rain might cease. Then I could mow my lawn - the most needed of tasks.

  4. Did you have blue sweet peas last year? That seems unusual to me, but very beautiful too.

    I don't have much room to grow flowers and veg in my back yard, and now I've got a big dog who is out there too. I need to build some kind of barrier to keep him away from my flowers, and I need to do it soon. Bonus if it keeps his feet from getting muddy too!

  5. You're so fortunate to have a garden. How I'd love to have one. I too am dreaming of Paris lately; springtime always does that to me. Going to San Francisco in early June though, and for me, that's almost as good.

  6. You actually have stylish seeds, did you know?

    I once said from the bottom of my heart, queuing up at charles de gaulle airport: we can come to Paris whenever we feel like it ... Paris is just 2 hours away. Ok, lets say 3 with the transfer to the airport. :-)
    Right now I dream of visiting Sicily in early spring, together with my friend B who speaks Italian fluently and will turn everone's head.

  7. Tabitha- Good for you to get out and get on with it...I'd love to see your garden.

    Deja Pseu- Nature can be harsh...that's sad about the elms.

    LPC- I hope that your weather improves...the grass must be very green with all that water....and I suppose the reservoirs are filling up.

    Northmoon- Yes we had mauve, pink, red, white and even blue sweet peas...their scent is intoxicating!
    Your dog must have good taste if he likes flowers :)

    LuxeBytes- San Francisco is fabulous...
    I am very grateful for my's good exercise and fresh air, and the time spent toiling is very meditative.
    Perhaps you might consider a windowsill garden.

  8. Spring is taking it's time this year isn't it? Hopefully it'll be here soon. I love Sweet Peas! We've gotten some started and plan to put more out soon. I love picking all one color bouquets even though I always plant lots of colors.
    Paris sounds wonderful! I was only there once and it was fall, but I still loved it.

  9. I've always dreamed of visiting China, and my dream will be lived when I head to Beijing on May 30th. I'm dreading the long flight; but there's no turning back now.

    I've waited years to plant a garden at our new house; so I hope I can at least, get some things planted before I leave.

  10. I love the black and white combos, Hostess!

    I am dreaming of Honolulu.

    Hope all is well with you

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  11. I love black and white, it is my favorite color combination for clothing. Your new scarf is very pretty. Speaking of Paris...I made reservations today to visit Paris in June, I will be taking my grandaughter with me. It is going to be our 'great adventure'; she has never been to France.

  12. Paris, of course.

    Your sweet peas are beautiful. They are one of my favourite flowers and the scent is unparalleled.

  13. You must be in motion all the time, getting so much accomplished in a single day. I am in envy, once again.
    don´t have any scarf tips, as I mostly use them only for the warmth of them, usually around the bare areas.

  14. Alaska! Been dreaming of visiting for many years ever since the TV series Northern Exposure. A return visit to BC would be extra nice as well.

    Of course I adore your new top and the scarf is lovely. Heat and humidity has returned to us (enough already) it's supposed to be autumn.

  15. I dream of Florence, ah a tuscan summer is calling me! great blog i love it.

  16. Dear Hostess of the Humble Bungalow,
    'dreams in little packages" I call the seeds I have already bought (sweat peas of course, and morning glory, and...). I must always remind me that I don't have the place for hundreds of little seedlings :-). But the sum comes out, people come out and sit in street cafés - and I bought beautiful sunglasses (have of course a few, but as with scarves: you cannot have enough)

  17. You are lucky to have the space to even consider a Victory garden! Even a few tomato plants are so satisfying. And you sweet peas, so lovely.

  18. I think I quenched my thirst for travel for now. I dream of sunny days in here in the wine country - hanging out in the backyard, playing with the dogs and getting a bit of a tan on my legs.
    I am a one trick pony when it comes to scarf tying. I must check out how you tie yours for some scarffy variety!

  19. Catherine@AGardenerinProgress- Our seasons are in sync...I love white bouquets with a smattering of chartruese...but with sweet peas I do them all together. Happy Spring Gardening!

    The Duchess of H- What an exciting destination! I hope that you will share some thoughts and images on your blog.

    La Vie Quotidienne- Oh lucky you! and how special that you are taking your will be a memorable trip.

    Fiona- What is it about Paris that is so enchanting?

    metscan- It might seem like I am a whirling dervish but I do take time for tea, to read and to blog!

    Anne Marie- Alaska...would you take a cruise ship perhaps?

    Britta- You must look very sophisticated in your new sunglasses...and how very chic to sit at a sidewalk cafe watching the world go by...dreams in little packages...lovely!

    Duchesse- I so agree tomatoes that are home grown have such a unique and sweet flavour...some people in our neighbourhood have cleared their grass and have mass planted veggie gardens...those are true Victory Gardens...I am not that amibtious!

    Adrienne- You reside in a wonderful must be like being on holiday every day!

  20. that blog you do- Oops I missed you...
    I see snippets of Florence and Tuscany in movies...
    Under the Tuscan Sun, Enchanted April, and more recently Letters to Juliet...set in picturesque Italy...
    I hope that you will get the chance to travel there one day.

  21. Paula- How great to be so close to Paris...a trip to Sicily with a friend who has command of the language...well that sounds grand.
    Stylish seeds...let's just hope they sprout and grow well!

  22. Sweet peas are my absolute favourites Hostess... Your Paris books look brilliant especially that 'Chic' one. Enjoy! x

  23. Ilove your black and white things. Very soft graphics (black and white can be a bit dramatic), but most of all I love your scarf! Beautiful colours - lovely touch of red and cerulean. What a find!