Monday, March 28, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

Homecoming is sweet...
all that is familiar and cozy awaits...

Our getaway was filled with mostly sunny skies
and was completely relaxing...
Mr. HB works very hard and puts in long hours... so to be able to take him away
for some well deserved rest is such a gift.

I hope that you can get a sense of the peace, quiet and serenity of this magical place.

Sunny tulips 

The rustic cabin...
was our home away from home for 5 days.

we spent time in the evenings 
cozy and warmed
by the fire

Rocking chairs
arts and crafts style

private sun drenched deck 
with a hot tub
red comfy chairs
which looked out across the sea

 crashing and pounding of the surf 
was heard all day and night
it lulled us to sleep
perhaps it was the fresh salt air and the beach walks

The Beach House 
with firepit
ample seating
and a great view beyond...


mossy rocks

  sandy playtime

rocky outcroppings

enormous mussels


who could resist that face?
this little Miss stole a cookie from the Steller's Jay
and she hung around quite awhile hoping for more!

Steller's Jay
eating a westcoast trail cookie

bright blue feathers

looking south to Washington State

foamy seas

 a lovely sunset

Stepping away from it all to nourish and rebalance
meant no phones or internet
no demands
 time to reflect

beach combing
 listening to the waves
padding about in boots
blown by the wind
drawing in the sand
searching for stones
thoughts meander and wander
  natural beauty
offers up many gifts...

Hostess style


shades of green
with one rogue mauve pebble

something to remind me
of a holiday spent 
in a place of rugged beauty...


  1. That looks like a getaway straight out of "Sunset" magazine! How tranquil and cozy for you both. I hope you keep the "'hostess' in the sand" photo on your sidebar. I think it goes just perfectly with your blog design and colors.
    My husband and I took the RV up to Orcas Island, Washington then over to Victoria five or so summers ago. It is such beautiful landscape there - truly unforgettable. The sunset we saw while on Orcas was brilliant.

  2. Welcome home, Hostess and what a wonderful break you both had.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  3. Wait. You went on vacation and you didn't take The Glove? Who was writing on the sand then? :).

  4. I adore your wildlife, too cute!

  5. Utter perfection Hostess especially the cosy bedroom chairs bathed in sunlight.
    I bet Miss Pepper missed you.
    Welcome home.

  6. Wow, wow, wow!! Fabulous Leslie...both you and the holiday. What a great spot...your photographs and words are wonderful and I love, love, love those chairs and that red colour :)

    Best wishes :)

    Jeanne xx

  7. Delightful; I can see from these beautiful photos how restorative five days would be!

  8. Absolutely beautiful, dear Hostess!
    Such peaceful pictures - nature at its best. So you are strengthened 'and ready - and willing - for whatever life throws up in the grand mystery, the great adventure of your ongoing life', as my dearest friend Stephen Russell (Barefoot Doctor) so nicely puts it.

  9. Leslie,

    This looks like perfection! Wonderful photos of nature and enjoyed your descriptions the souvenirs to remind you of your wonderful week.

    xo annie

  10. Adrienne- Sounds like a memorable holiday...Sunset magazine does have some great travel ideas. We went to Orcas about 5 years ago too!

    SSG- We need to keep the relaxed mode going now...I see that you are getting out your warmer clothes just as we are putting ours away.

    LPC- I should have taken the could have been waving from the beach :)

    Paula- That little raccoon was adorable...the staff discourage feeding her as she needs to learn how to forage for herself!

    Anne Marie- Lovely daughter was here to cat and house sit but Pepper did miss us...she's been into mischief as usual!

    Belinda@WildAcre- It is and was...glad that the pictures could capture some of the serene beauty.

    Jeanne- The red chairs are great...all the benches and chairs were red as were the gates...made me rethink my all black theme!

    Duchesse- Sometimes we need to slow down and just listen...for me it was like a 5 day yoga retreat....with books!

    Britta- The Barefoot tell us more!

    Annie- Thank you was difficult packing up and leaving...the souvenirs are a gentle reminder that peace and serenity can be found wherever we are as long as we take the time to be mindfull.