Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bonjour Happiness!

Jamie Cat Callan's new book Bonjour Happiness is delicious...
I have not quite finished it yet...
and honestly
I don't want it to end
I am savouring every chapter and taking notes.

Her book has come into my life at the exact moment that I desperately needed it...
her words feel like a life preserver and I am hanging onto every word for dear life.

She interviewed many French women
while living in France
writes about their conversations
shares "secrets" about French women 
all the while she gently guides us on our search to finding our own personal
"joie de vivre"

Honest, clever, entertaining, poignant, and personal
are a few words that spring to mind
when commenting on Jamie's work.

I hope that you'll enjoy reading it.

Pepper doesn't like it when I read too long
she gets into mischief

it's not unlike the early days of motherhood 
when I would have a phone conversation
the days before portable phones 
with only a short 6 foot cord
 my radius of supervising was limited

the children would unravel the T.P.
crayon on the walls
start asking for a snack 
that would necessitate saying goodbye and ending the call

5 minutes just for me
were few and far between
now it's the opposite

those days were such a rich and simple time
 I now look back on them and shed a tear

any guesses as to what this might be?

I can tell you what it used to be...
my bookmark!

Now it's Pepper's plaything
she has bent it and left it lying on the bed
after she got bored with it...

I heard some rustling sounds coming from the dining room and thought that I had better investigate...
I caught her in the act...

Pepper is testing out the First Nations Baskets
one was too small, one was too big and one was just right!

she does have a guilty look about her

she had to jump up on the dining room table
leap through the air to land on the buffet 
and then another jump up to the shelf

Not unlike this kitten
who could be Pepper's sibling

I needed a pick me up today...
(I know it's not on my new eating regime)
some days are of the sad variety
a little self indulgence is called for

luckily for me not many
sad days.

Thank goodness for Jamie
she is perking me up...
that and the fact that I went for a very long walk in the rain
it was truly a challenge to put down her book and put on my raincoat
I felt better breathing in the salt air and listening to the waves as they crashed upon the shore.


  1. So the book obviously isn't a novel? I would love to read one line form the book, as long as this is ok with the copyright.
    The chocolate looks delicious.

  2. Dear Leslie, I am glad you don't have too many sad days. Sometimes I have low energy days and going for a walk, forcing myself to get cracking on dinner, reading a funny blog or talking to my girls about some such nonsense helps. I always love posts about Pepper - she sounds like such an engaging being. Wishing you sunshine. Lindaxxx

  3. I remember being tied to the phone! I ended up getting a 12' or 15' cord, but it ended up tangled all over the kitchen floor below the phone that hung on the wall. Whatever did we do before we could carry our phone in our pockets? I would join you in spirit in a walk on my beach in the rain, but it is only 37 degrees here in the east. Too cold pour moi. May happier days be ahead for you.

  4. Adding that book to my reading list! Hope the gourmet chocolate did its work. Pepper has mischief in her eyes; cats, dogs, or kids, they want our attention and will escalate to get it!

  5. Sorry to hear you have been having some sad times, I hope they can pass soon, but in the mean time chocolate, walks, good books and kittens sounds like a good combo to cheer the spirits!

  6. Blogger just SO ate my comment and tried to get me to start a Blogger blog! Anyway, I hope you feel better and I'm blue too and let's vow not to eat too much chocolate as a result:).

  7. Thanks for the book recommendation I will look for it at the library. It sounds as if Pepper is going through those difficult 'teen' years.(-:

  8. Paula- Pop over to Amazon they more than likely have that peek inside her book option.

    Linda in Chile- Thank you for your sunny and cheery comments...the sky here today has sun and it is such a tonic for the blues!

    Couture Allure Vintage Fashion- Welcome...I just popped over to sneak a peek at your blog. You've got some fabulous vintage images!
    Thank you for the wishes...:)

    Deja Pseu- I was very restrianed with the chocolate...only 2 squares...but I did enjoy them!

    Belinda at Wild Acre- Whenever I am sad I always remember that to know joy one must know sorrow...and chocolate is good for a woman's soul.

    LPC- Oh sorry to hear that you are blue too Lisa...maybe we need to put the kettle on and brew a pot of tea...I still have some chocolates left and I would be happy to share!

    La Vie Quotidienne- I see that you are back from Carmel...and your Beleek tea set looks very luxe! Pepper is a monkey...I mean a teen that's for sure!

  9. I really want to read that book...

  10. Faux Fuchsia- Tracey Cleantis from La Bellet Rouge has written a bit about her dog Lily in it too...I will treasure this book and most certainly reread it.
    I'll be very interested in your opinion of it FF.
    Hope that you have your feet could be any day now!