Friday, March 18, 2011

Two words...

The two words are...
road trip!

What did we do before google maps?
I know there were those cumbersome strip maps that as the navigator one needed 
to follow
give advice on
 well ahead of the needed route changes...

can you say oops more than once!

I prefer these print outs
as we do not have a GPS in the car
although one day
 I might purchase one...
I wonder if they come with voice options of Sir Paul or Colin Firth

I have no sense of direction whatsoever!
lovely daughter (a non driver) needs to advise me on the route to the big box store area of town
I so seldom frequent it 
we have fun exploring the variety of wares when we get there...

I can lose my car in a large parking lot
it's true!
(and it's happened on more than one occasion)

I dug this big tote out and have stuffed it with all and sundry
cellphone, book, camera, a bottle of water...

sensible serious walkers
I'll be putting some mileage on these babies...

Have a fabulous weekend whatever you get up to
wishing you peace, joy, and contentment.
In Gratitude

Pepper's great Nana is on the scene 
armed with food and treats
a feather toy
is expecting lots of pats and purrs...
I hope that you behave!


  1. Have fun and bring home some photos. I love google.maps, too!

  2. Have fun!

    My GPS has language options...I gave it an english accent and call it Jeeves :O)

  3. be safe leslie and remember where you parked.


  4. Hope the trip is going well lots of fun,eating and walking. Ida x

  5. Dear Leslie, We love a roadtrip too. There is nothing so lovely as to be beside your beloved (albeit not the times when he is grumpy because you can't work out where you are supposed to be) with the road before you. Drive safely and have a lovely time. Lindaxxx

  6. Are those Josef Siebel walking shoes? Do you mind divulging what they are? I'm looking for a comfortable pair of walking shoes that look a bit more stylish. Thanks. Mary

  7. I have returned safe and parking problems!

    Mary- These shoes are Josef Siebel...I posted about buying them a few weeks ago. They are very foot friendly...I have other Siebel shoes and they last a long time so they are great when considering the CPW...
    (cost per wearing)
    Happy Shopping!