Wednesday, March 30, 2011

White Wednesday...

Something rather experi- mental...prepare gets silly!

I have seen quite a few blogs with themes of white
which happen to fall on Wednesdays...
maybe you have seen them too?
They are of few words...mostly images of whites.

white spring hyacinths

Hamilton, the King of Irons

white roses in a matte white Weller vase

J. Peterman white Tee
about to be flattened and smoothed by Hamilton the King of all Irons

beachwalk blooms

Moonsnail and oyster shells

Fish bone washed up by the tide

Romneya coulteri

Smilacena racemosa

white tulips

Meissen platter

Humble Bungalow bathroom floor
Clawfoot leg sporting Last Season's Nickel

So what do you think
about my stab at White Wednesday
a not so serious post?
 always room for improvement...
(isn't that why WhiteOut was invented?)

Hope you have a great day :)


  1. beautiful white images. i think i like!


  2. White is so refreshing. Are you happy with the quality and fit of the J. Peterman tee? Their catalogues are tempting...

  3. Well I don't think this post is at all silly Hostess.
    I adore a glorious white palette, I must send you some photos of the house we are renovating...lots of white!.
    Now this might be a silly question Hostess, but do you enjoy ironing? Do you listen to music or watch TV to allieviate the task?

  4. I iron my t-shirts, too. Sure makes a difference.

  5. Janet- Happy that you approve...I hope that you caught the RED in yesterdays post!

    Sue- The Peterman Tees are basic, they launder well and fit me fine but I am a curvy gal so if you are thin you might want a Tee with more shape...I use these for layering.

    Deja Pseu- Serenity cannot be overrated!

    Anne Marie- I dislike ironing but it gives me such a feeling of accomplishment when I do it...I play music...loud serious rock n' roll tunes!
    I'd love to see the images of your home how exciting!

    LuxeBytes- I read in one of my French books that Parisian women are very meticulous about ironing their Petit Bateau tees! It feels much more pulled together if they are not rumpled...I wonder, besides you and I, how many other women do this...

  6. I love the 'all white'look and you have posted some lovely images. Somehow with me as much as I try color keeps sneaking in.(-: Really pretty post.

  7. La Vie Quotidienne- I see your garden and it's a riot of colours...and your gorgeous chintz china...the lovely vignettes that you create...Adrienne I think you embrave all the colours!

  8. Love it,love it, Hostess you have a great play on words!
    Really are there people who do not iron tees..hee,hee. Just joking! Ida

  9. ida- I must admit I do not iron some of my tees...they are the finer guage knits which hang to dry! (my black Elie Tahari is one example)
    As a you dress p to weed your patch? Just curious!

  10. Same clothes as I use for domestic servitude!!
    Jeans,tees with long sleeves + depending on weather a jumper and cardie,wellies,gardening Summer my old straw hat! Gardening ahoy! Ida