Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stop, Look and Listen....

A few weeks ago I entered a blog giveaway...
Adrienne of  The Rich Life on a Budget  generously offered gifts from Luxuria.
I find it hard to believe, but my name was chosen randomly!

The ring that Adrienne gave away is from Vanessa at Luxuria
please do pop on over and look at all her sparkly Bling!

Good things come in small packages!
I love the grossgrain ribbon bow 
and look it's in my favourite colours
black and white!

Adrienne has her own blogger cards
a nice touch...

As is her habit
Pepper had to supervise

She is licking the tissue paper
the tip of her tongue is just visible if you look ever so close.

Playtime continues...

The ring fits perfectly 
and in case you are interested the colour is Fume
it is multi faceted and really sparkles 
I am also planning to use it as a scarf ring
because of it's size 
it makes a statement and will not be lost in a scarf.

I am thrilled!
Thank you Adrienne 

Pepper loves the bow
she's got her paw firmly planted
and she doesn't want me taking it from her
I'll let her play with it to her hearts content.

Yesterday I meandered in the garden 
in the sunshine with my camera...

enjoyed a morning walkabout with her camera
she has roses blooming
it will be several months before ours will even hint at flowering.

King Alfred daffodils

succulents have taken over the bird bath
this is what I call a happy accident


I love these but have forgotten the names!

another variety unknown

English primroses 

English Country Living 
a springtime theme
I'll be sipping tea while perusing this luxe magazine.

Spring-ing into
In Style UK
can't wait to see what they are forecasting...

I will be offline
for the next few days...

I plan to
 read some books

 watch some DVD's

live simply

listen to the sounds of the birds
look at details - absorb beauty
breathe in the fresh air
 eat simple wholesome food
ponder and reflect

Take care,


  1. Leslie,

    I'm so happy and relieved your ring arrived safely. It looks stunning on your hand, and what a great idea to use it as a scarf ring.

    Have a wonderful time reading and watching movies and pondering life. Please let us know about the books and films you enjoyed. I'm always keeping an eye out for both.

    xo, A

  2. Enjoy your break! I've only got hellebores round here myself...

  3. enjoy your time off leslie. so happy you won the beautiful ring. and thank you for the mention of me and my garden. hellebores are beautiful. why don't i have any?


  4. I was just about to say how much that package was made for your house!
    The ring is wonderful, how lovely to win. And so funny - I buy all the US versions of mags - the grass is always greener.

  5. What a beatiful ring! It really suits you.

    Your succulents in the birdbath remind me so much of my grandmother's yard. She loved her camellias, but also succulents and grew unusual varieties. Enjoy your holiday with books!

  6. Congratulations on winning, you have a lucky streak! Have a marvelous, restorative time.

  7. Being offline is like taking a holiday isn't it? Enjoy your ring. The colour is beautiful and it suits your hand. Hugs to Pepper, even though she doesn't look like she would enjoy hugs much (in too much of a hurry!)

  8. That's a good idea: telling others a incommunicado time is ahead. I love reading so much and it feels like luxury when I go to bed earlier so I can read a bit. Congratulation, nice to see you "gifted" :-)

  9. Your red/pink Hellebores are so pretty.

    Enjoy your retreat.

  10. A stunning ring Hostess, lucky you.
    Enjoy the peaceful break!

  11. Nothing like reading a good book with a beautiful ring to catch the eye now and again. Have a lovely escape.

  12. Gorgeous ring, Hostess!

    Have a wonderful break.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  13. It's fun to win something isn't it? I was so excited to win the book! Love the ring and the Helebores, I have a yard full!

  14. I can't think of anyone better to win this gift. Congratulations! Enjoy your blogging break I look forward to your return.

  15. Beautiful ring and wrapped perfectly for you! Your Hellebores are so pretty. Enjoy your books and movies!

    xo annie

  16. Such a beautiful ring. I remember seeing it as a give away. Love your blog. It's new to me, so I am going to truly enjoy it while you are taking time off. I wonder how different InStyle UK is to InStyle US? (one of my favorites) I may have to check into that!!
    Enjoy your time, and I look forward to learning more about you....

  17. Enjoy your lovely books and DVDs and a few days of relaxing... What a lovely ring - congratulations on winning the giveaway, Hostess..xx

  18. Dear Hostess of the Humble Bungalow,
    enjoy your books! And your me-time!