Thursday, March 3, 2011

Silk scarf a Seattle find...

Hermes scarves are my favourites...
I cannot afford to buy a wardrobe of Hermes scarves exclusively.

Numerous scarves,
in various sizes, colours, patterns and weights  means that there is a scarf for every occasion.

A frugal alternative to Hermes and other higher end designers is to seek out silk scarves in thrift and consignment shops.
I have been surprised to find scarves in mint condition for very reasonable prices...I often think that they must have been gifts and never or seldom worn.

This large scarf was an unexpected find at the Antique Mall near Pike Place Market in Seattle.

The Mall is a wonderful place to browse in as there is something for everyone.
It's a great spot to dodge the rain and spend an hour looking at things from days gone by.

There are full glass cases with a wonderful assortment of trinkets and treasures.
From Chinese porcelains to paintings, and estate jewelry to World's Fair memorabilia...
wicker and teak, tasteful and's all here!

In the back of the space it opens up to some themed rooms or open areas where you can find
Mid Century Modern teak and glass, Country wares, Shabby Chic furniture and a fewVintage clothing stalls.

silk scarf made in Como Italy
the company has been in business since 1882
I was not familiar with the brand
I purchsed it because I liked the weight and feel of the silk
 the delicate evenly stitched hand rolled edges
and it's large size.

 The soft banana yellow and black mix well with my wardrobe.

The crisp intricate floral pattern reminds me 
of the Arts and Crafts prints that William Morris designed.

Seattle is a great city to visit
if you go make sure to pack an umbrella and a rain slicker!
It's a very beautiful city by the sea
and make sure that you go and explore the Pike Place Market.


  1. I love the colours and design of that gorgeous scarf. it's graphic yet subtle. Very nice!

  2. Lovely, charcoal and ivory is a favourite combination of mine.

  3. How lucky you are, the blend of the dark and light tones is perfect. Much better than the Hermes with the black edging that always reminds me of a necrology. Great find! Eddie Ross would love it, too. He is a big fan of Antique Markets.

  4. Beautiful. I too like the mix of different neutral shades, and that sort of intricate but subtle pattern.

  5. What a nice scarf! Just the perfect size to be tied your way!

  6. That scarf could have been made for you -- someone shopping with a generous budget and a wide array of silk scarves could not have done better, knowing the colours in your wardrobe, your hair and face colouring, and, especially, your love of Arts-and-Crafts Movement design. Clever you to spot it.

  7. That's a GREAT find!! The scarf suits you so perfectly. Yes, I think scarves can be untapped treasure in vintage/thrift stores.

  8. I love it! It's a great find, and thanks for the reminder to check out the antique malls.

  9. Dear Leslie, A very fine scarf! I love finding new sources of beauty and excellence. This brand seems worth looking for. There is some romance about its origins in Como. I always imagine that would be a very lovely place for a second honeymoon. My youngest who has just peered over my shoulder likes your scarf too. love Lindaxxx

  10. Hostess we share a love of scarves, my wardrobe houses quite a few. Pashminas are another of my go-to accessories.
    The Saldarini is gorgeous and a worthy addition to your collection. I did request a peek at your thrift finds so thanks for sharing, keep them coming!
    I'm often amazed at the items people discard.

  11. Very pretty...I love the colors. I think you found a wonderful item...enjoy!

  12. What a great find, Hostess!

    I finally took a photo of my hair for you. Sorry for the delay.

    Take care,

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  13. Beautiful scarf Hostess,love the way you have tired it in your first photo. Ida

  14. That scarf is definitely "you" and what a fun way to shop!

  15. I have been so busy celebrating my birthday that I did not get back in time to address each one of your lovely comments before I went off to bed...
    thank you for your thoughts and compliments on the scarf...
    I will post some more thrifty finds soon!

  16. Gorgeous! Love it. Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

  17. Such a great find. I love this scarf on you!