Monday, March 7, 2011

Tea and a little creativity...

Lots of domestics are underway...
I am on my 4th load of laundry
and the bed linen has been changed.

I have stopped for a well deserved cup of tea...
and a little foray into creativity.

Tulips with a hint of colour

camera tricks

Weller arts and crafts jardinere
the detailed tooling captures my fancy

subtle and suggestive

sturdy feet help support the weight

I purchased this piece from a thrift shop
and had no idea it was a Weller at the time nor did the dealer
it is a thrifty find which has become a treasure to behold.

I am wearing these to keep my spirits light
actioning brisk tasks in domesticity.

On a bright note...
the Garden issue is here!

Look at these great new garden gloves by Ethel
as seen in Martha Stewart Living

Laying around
on the Humble Bungalow bed 
playing with the Hostess's Pearls...

These Ethel warrior rose gloves were a gift 
from my BFF on the occasion of my recent birthday
just in time for the pruning season!

(I wonder how the glove will feel?)

perhaps a wee bit jealous?

I hosted a belated birthday brunch with the family
here in the Bungalow...
I had a great time playing on the floor with grandaughter Miss Isla
and so nice to have my family gathered 'round.
My mother came as well and she was very quiet
as she took it all in...
emotion can well up and tears can so easily spill
when ones heart is full to bursting.

Mr. HB and lovely daughter poured mimosas
I made fruit salad, 
lamb sausages with mint sauce, 
hash brown potatoes, 
scrambled eggs
smoked salmom lox with dill
these amazing
mouth watering tasty pancakes
topped with a small dollop of creme fraiche

Do try these
they are a winner.

Break time is over 
the tea has re-energized me so...
now it's back to the chores.

What strategies do you use to keep your spirits up 
when moving through your domestic chores?


  1. Pot of tea, like you. And music. I listen to older music that I enjoyed in high school and college that neither my husband nor my teenage stepdaughter want to hear. It gives me energy and puts a smile on my face. And my family isn't around to endure my bad dancing!

    Beautiful crystal bead necklace - the photo is great!

  2. Leslie.. I am very JEALOUS of your Ethel warrior rose gloves! May you never put a hole in them :) I spent a few hours at the British Museum today, your urn would have fit in perfectly. Lovely :)
    Sounds like a wonderful birthday event...looks like a great recipe too.

    My strategy to get thru yours is to visualise the end result and how good it will make my feel. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't :) Music never fails...and an empty house and no computer!

    Jeanne xxx

  3. Oh how I aspire to look as wonderful as you dear Hostess when cleaning duties call. Quite frankly I look a mess myself while doing housework, maybe because I tend to fling bleach around and am afraid I will spill it on myself. Our days are only now becoming cooler with the onset of autumn so domestic duties are easier to contemplate without breaking into a serious sweat!
    Music in the background helps me get in the mood for cleaning.
    Loving the rose gloves (keep them out of 'gloves' sight), The Weller, brunch everything. So wish I could escape and join you for a cuppa.

  4. I should be doing some domestic work myself, but have reserved tomorrow for that when it's supposed to rain. The birthday brunch sounds delicious! Glad you had a nice day with your family.

  5. I listen to books on tape, on my ipod, while I'm doing chores. And while I'm folding laundry, I watch a movie.

  6. Tulips are one of my favourite flowers.

    Great photos!

    SSG xxx

  7. What a delicious sounding brunch. Your new garden gloves are so pretty I would hate to get them dirty. The Weller piece is amazing, so beautiful Lucky you!

  8. Dear Hostess thank you for the pancake receipe just in time! here it is Shrove Tuesday Pancake day,our small village school is having a pancake race for the friend is keen to try your Lemon Ricotta out.
    Belated Happy Birthday to have a beautiful family what happy memories you are all building up.
    Such a glamours cleaner you put me to shame.
    Have a happy day. Ida x

  9. My answer to the question is: Nothing. I focus on the result and that keeps me happily on the mood ( except the cleaning of the oven, which is a terrible task for me ).

  10. Dear Leslie, I do love your posts, particularly the return of the yellow rubber glove. Did you ever see the ladies on 'How Clean is your House?' ? They used to have rubber gloves with all manner of decorations. My girls were fascinated by this show. I have always thought that it was only by continuously and steadily putting things away, culling, decluttering and cleaning that we avoid the very sad states of the places depicted. I am a complete dag: my housecleaning music of choice is 'Hot August Night' when Neil Diamond was a spunk. I am glad you had such a lovely day with your family. I am happiest too when I am with mine. Lindaxxx

  11. Adrienne- Music would be a great idea...and dancing, now you've inspired me!

    Jeanne- These gloves are such a luxe gift...I believe that they are available online if you want to splurge on a pair.

    Anne Marie- We'll have to have a virtual tea party...bleach has been the ruin of my clothes so I don't use it anymore...except the VIM bleach which is a thick cream.

    Catherine@aGardenerinProgress- You are much smarter to wait for a rainy day to get domestics done!

    Mrs. M- I do not have an ipod...I might be the last person on earth not to have one...I only recently purchased a radio!

    SSG- I love Parrot tulips the you grow tulips?

    La Vie Quotidienne- I will try to keep these gloves other garden gloves look so grubby...are your gloves clean?

    ida- I hope your friend likes the pancakes...I saw your post and the pancake flipping feats of both you an your hubby!

    metscan- Your attitude is positive and focused...Faux Fuchsia has hired a man to do her might be something to consider if you dislike the chore.

    Linda in Chile- I have never seen that show on cleaning...I have seen fancy gloves here too...some have marabou at the cuffs...staying on top of cleaning and clutter is so important!
    My family is my life's calling...they are most treasured and beloved.

  12. Dear Hostess of the Humble Bungalow,
    to play with the camera is fun - and I love black and white pictures. I can change my coloured photographs to Sepia - but that is not the same. Going to a lot of photo exhibitions I see the play with light and shadow in those earlier photos - and adore them.

  13. Pancakes and pansies - what a cheer up pic.